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Solitaire in Wonderland - Golf Patience Card Game



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Description of Solitaire in Wonderland - Golf Patience Card Game

Evil card soldiers have taken over beautiful wonderland! It is Red-haired Alice and magician Merlin’s job to take the card soldiers down. They are in desperate need of YOUR help! The fate of wonderland is in your hands. Bring Wonderland back to its former glory and beauty! The story of Alice in Wonderland starts here! Play Solitaire in Wonderland and begin your adventure NOW.

◈ How to play Solitaire in Wonderland - Golf Patience Card Game

Solitaire in Wonderland is a classic golf patience card game. The fundamental rules are the same as the rules of the original golf solitaire game! The evil card soldiers have taken over wonderland. It’s your job to help Alice and Merlin follow the white rabbit and successfully complete their adventure. Each round you play will be a game of golf solitare. The rules are simple! Eliminate all cards on the board by sorting the cards that have 1 higher or lower value than the targeted card. Once the cards are all stacked, you're set to move on to the next level! Never stop playing! There are over 1100 levels in Solitaire in Wonderland! Complete them all and Wonderland will be back where it belongs!

◈ Special FEATURES of Solitaire in Wonderland - Golf Patience Card Game

▣ Fantastic adventure to take on

Solitaire in Wonderland is not just the old boring classic solitaire card game that are all over the app store! It’s a whole new adventure in which you will meet various challenging obstacles. The story involved in the game is something that you never would have seen before! Tired of playing the same solitaire games that are out there? It's about time for you to try out something new! It never hurts! Join Alice and Merlin to start your exciting journey to Wonderland! We guarantee you will never regret it!

▣ Challenge over 1,100 levels!

Are you a skilled gamer? Have you been playing solitare for a long time? Are you worried this game might be too easy for you? Solitaire in Wonderland will be a great challenge for you! The rules might be as simple as the classic golf patience game. Yet, there are multiple obstacles that are waiting for you! The evil card soldiers will challenge you. Do not underestimate their power. Alice and Merlin cannot face them alone! They need your help! It is your responsibility to join their adventure and help them defeat the card soldiers.

▣ Special rewards and events at all times

Play Solitaire in Wonderland - Golf Patience Card Game and endless number of rewards await! As you play Solitare in Wonderland, you will be awarded with many prizes! Play now and find out which rewards there are!

▣ Free to play Solitaire in Wonderland

It’s FREE! You need not pay anything to play Solitaire in Wonderland! You do have the option to purchase items that will get you more items to help you defeat the card soldiers, but this is completely optional. If you do not wish to purchase in-app items, simply turn off in-app purchases in the settings! All set!

* This application requires the following permissions: *

- Read & modify or delete contents on SD card

- View network connections

- Install shortcut

- Vibration control

- Google Play Payment Services

- Search for accounts on device

- Read phone status and ID

- Run at startup

- Data message app delivery

- Receive data from the Internet

- Modify system settings

- Prevent your phone from going to sleep

- Reading and writing badge alarm

[Essential Access Permissions]

- none

[Optional Access Permissions]

- Storage space / Phone / Address book: Storage access permission required to store game data

* How to set and revoke access authority *

- Android 6.0 or higher: Device Settings> Manage apps> Select app> Revoke access

- Under Android 6.0: You can revoke access by removing apps

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More Information Of Solitaire in Wonderland - Golf Patience Card Game

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.6.8 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:CookApps

User Reviews


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lady verona 2017-06-21

Excellent Game, BUT...I win certain levels, I\'m on a very high level since I\'ve played this game for over 4 years!! and when I leave and come back, I loose stars or if I complete a game and get 2 or 3 stars, it doesn\'t show on that game! I have been playing this game for awhile and have purchased many coins, I\'ve had this problem from the start, I put up with it!! NOW I AM just frustrated!! Plz fix this problem, I\'m getting to the point of not liking this game as much as I was did! Fix this or I\'m leaving! I have waited for you to fix this problem, it\'s not fixed! So I\'m leaving
Ann Babygurl 2016-12-15

Used to work! I may as well uninstall it! I am just going to have to uninstall this. It used to actually work until it had an update now it\'s just taking up space on my tablet! So I am tired of waiting for an update... Its been a half a year and still no update... I am sorry but goodbye 😭😭😭😭😭
Anastasia Kalaitzidis 2017-02-14

I have played the game a couple of times now the rabbit just keeps on running. Wont open the game. Please fix. Iam playing on samsung galaxy s6. Have the same problem on samsung tablet. It says Internet connection lost but my internet is connected.
Nancy R 2019-02-22

game don\'t even load and for a long time now! are you even going to fix it!?????
Amy May 2017-01-27

Now it won\'t register that I am asking for or being sent keys. Also I had 180 lives had to uninstall and reinstall thinking that would help. NO, and now only 5 lives. Please fix!!!!!
Sheila Martin 2017-08-12

I have played this game for a long time, in the last month, it won\'t open. ..rabbit keeps running, then it says that I have lost Internet connection. I have uninstalled it and reinstall...no change. I am able to play it on my computer, but not on my tablet. please fix the problem.I reloaded this game on my Samsung tablet and it still won\'t load.
Nicole Spore 2017-03-10

I just purchased 50 gem\'s but I have no gem\'s. I would like them or my money back!!!!! Every time I log into Facebook this game always tells me there is a problem with my internet connection. This is the only game that it happens too.
Sammi D 2015-12-22

My phone did an update and now all I get is a pink screen.... was an amazing game before the update.
Sandra Gosnell 2016-07-19

How do you get diamond without paying for them. I don\'t call this a free game. I don\'t know how to get help to make it through a game. What do I do? I have plenty of coins but can\'t purchase the 3 things to help you out because I don\'t have diamonds. How do I get diamond without having to pay money. I am on disability and cannot afford to do this. We should be able to buy them with the coins I have earned. Please help me out.
A Google user 2019-01-08

Previously enjoyed playing this game, but started having issues with the game as it wouldn\'t load. I deinstalled it last year on my old phone and now however as after reinstalling it on my new phone, I\'m having the same issues! Very disappointing! Please advise and fix the loading issues. Thanks