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Description of Solitaire Play - Card Klondike

Play classic Klondike Solitaire for FREE to relax and sharpen your mind. Enjoy it anywhere, anytime. Make sure to try out our unique Daily Challenges!

"Klondike" is the name of the basic solitaire game most people refer to as simply "Solitaire". The object of Klondike is to move all 52 cards into the four Foundation piles along the top from Ace to King. The main area of the game is called Tableau. Build Tableau piles in descending rank and alternating color. Empty Tableau piles can only be filled with a King or a run of cards that begins with a King.

Check out our awesome Solitaire Game Features:

♠️ Classic Klondike Solitaire Online. Simple rules - sort the cards by their suits.

♠️ Play Classic Solitaire for Free. Not a single dollar is required before or after downloading. Play away!

♠️ Daily Challenge: Complete the challenge of the day and get your daily reward.

♠️ Special Events: You can complete the challenge of any previous day.

♠️ Easy-To-Win Decks. Try it out for a light & casual Patience experience!

Classic and simple gameplay experience with nice perks:

♠️ Customizable card faces, card backs, and backgrounds.

♠️ Press autocomplete when You are at the finish line!

♠️ Unlimited undo options to make up for your mistakes.

♠️ Use Shuffle when you are stuck.

♠️ Use Hint to find out the next move.

Additional features of the card game:

♠️ Auto-save your progress.

♠️ Klondike Solitaire modes - Draw 1 or 3 cards.

♠️ Left-Hand mode, just for you!

♠️ Check your statistics within different draw modes.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:3.1.9 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:Murka Games Limited

User Reviews


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Victor Ypina 2020-12-21

I just started playing this game today and it sucks. Every time when I figure out what card goes next, it\'s very hard and difficult that in fact you use a hint for no reason. Shuffling kind of helps, but you still have to deal of what card goes next. The ads are also very annoying because every when I press undo, an ad pops up no matter what. (ADS SUCK)
feisty one 2020-11-22

11/21/20: deleted previous comments from past install. Something went badly wrong w this install. To start, went into \"Background\" and everything froze, couldn\'t get out of game by any way, not even by trying out w the device back arrow, had to use the device app close. Makin\' me very uncomfortable. Note for myself: NEVER INSTALL AGAIN !!
Jami Hogan 2021-01-12

game is lagging, it takes it a moment to make the move your wanting, fix this issue, and i think itll make the experience better. if the option to slide the card(not just click and the game decide where to place it) to your desired placement were to be added, it would make the gaming experience more enjoyable. being a longtime player of the game if these few things were changed and fixed i woukd give this game a 4.5 star rating rather than the 3. it is a quite addictingly fun game
Larry Chatman 2020-06-12

It\'s a fun game, pretty good win/loss ratio. Maybe include another couple solitaire games in with it to increase variety. (Edit) I have no complaints with the game itself. If you bundle additional games like Spider, Pyramid, etc..etc.. we as players could get a variety of games without actually leaving your app (leaving the app is not difficult but I am lazy haha)
Jeanie Burnett 2021-01-12

I am starting to think this game is a \"fake\" game. You get to $300. & they add more hoops for you to jump through.I am at $534. & I still can\'t get my money. It is sad, because I really like this game. Jeanie B.
Julie Briggs 2020-04-23

Really fun. Just can\'t get enough winners. Keeping me going into play it a few times a day.
Misty Silva 2021-02-03

I\'ve been playing for months & loved the game. The app will begin to open but stays at 72% I agree with everyone else \"It\'s lagging\"
Ezra Robello 2020-08-02

I don\'t know how but, one of the columns of cards went out of numerical order and is \"7, 6, 8, 7\" and not to mention both the 6 and 8 are red cards. It also isn\'t letting me auto finish. Sorry if this comes off as a Karen response. I\'m just genuinely confused..... Other than that, it\'s a pretty good game!
Vashti Hayes 2021-01-01

Addicting game. I love solitaire and the auto finish function. I also like that I can choose only winnable games. Don\'t like setting myself up for failure.
carol barrett 2021-02-14

Ratings would be higher IF the games actually paid, that would make me happy. I have played a long time and unable to collect anything.