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Description of Solitaire Plus

Do you like to play solitaire card games, such as Classic Solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience), FreeCell Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, or TriPeaks Solitaire?

👑 Solitaire Plus 👑 is a PERFECT all-in-one solitaire Fun & Free card game for you. You can enjoy this INTERESTING card game with creative features like "Star Chest", "Tournament", "Daily Task" and "Backpack".

Based on the classic solitaire (Klondike Solitaire or Patience Solitaire), FreeCell solitaire, Spider solitaire, and TriPeaks solitaire gameplay, it can be customized with beautiful background images, card faces/backs, and gaming animations when you play.

♠️ True to the Spirit of Classic Gameplays

- Based on classic solitaire gameplay, different solitaire games are available at the same time

- It has been optimized the solitaire gaming experience for mobile devices

♥️ Creative & Addictive Solitaire Card Games

- Creative tools like "Star Chest" and "Backpack" are ready for you

- Addictive challenges with great bonus awards are prepared every day

♣️ Delicate Game Design for You

- Card faces/backs, backgrounds, and animations are perfectly designed

- Collecting enough stars in the "Star Chest" to unlock all the great features

♦️ Challenging & Entertaining Games

- Solitaire card games are entertaining and challenging with creative features

- You can enjoy solitaire games every day with MILLIONS of users all over the world!


♠ Daily Task with different levels

♠ Customizable beautiful themes(backgrounds, cards, and animations)

♠ Auto-save game in play

♠ Feature to Undo moves

♠ Feature to use Hints

♠ Left-handed mode

♠ Auto-collect cards on completion

♠ Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 card or 3 cards

♠ Single tap or drag & drop to move cards

♠ Timer mode

♠ Up to 10 top records

♠ Multiple languages supported

♠ Play offline! No Wi-Fi required

Any suggestions or questions? Please email to contact:

📧 support@solitaireplus.freshdesk.com

★★★★★ 100% Addictive & Fun, Download It for FREE! ★★★★★

Don't hesitate to download and enjoy this amazing solitaire card game NOW!

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More Information Of Solitaire Plus

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.2.7 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Queens Solitaire Game

User Reviews


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Elsie Taylor 2020-02-21

This game is a challenge but beatable. The kind of game you can win . A game that is unbeatable is a game not to be played. Its a neverending game. This game is fun, brow raising, whats next type of game. It will keep you on your toes but it will also reward you. Beautiful bright colors, stars and dancing cards, things you delight to see when you win. Keep up the good work. Time to go to work. See ya later!
Patricia Mask 2020-03-25

Way way too many ads!!! Want more stars? Get rid of so many ads!!! Otherwise nice game!!You will get my continued support once you get rid of so many ads!!! If you must have ads make sure they\'re not 30 seconds long!Why is there a 30 sec. ad each time ypu start a day?Aids are too long-deleting!!!
Amanda Wetherington 2020-04-24

Wonderful Solitaire Game. I really love the backgrounds,having such a beautiful scenery in the background while I play just helps build for a happy day. So even though this Corona virus has most of us bound on the inside of our homes.... I can\'t think of anything better to do besides play this. I hope you all will love this app just as much as I do.I hope everyone is being safe and enjoying their time inside. Take advantage of this you have, make memories with family and friends and try to relax
Angel Congrove 2020-04-16

I love how it don\'t have ads after every game! Actually I haven\'t seen any ads yet and I played 3 or 4 games already!
Ripley Rozenberg 2020-05-25

The graphics and sounds are nice. Backgrounds beautiful. I\'m not really a Solitaire fan but I did want the Freecell, Spider and Pyramid games and an all in one seemed the way to go. But something far more significant of anything other than Solitaire. Guess the game makers think they know more than I don\'t about what I want to play. Going to uninstall and find a game where I decide what to play.
Hana M 2020-05-15

This is literally a copy of \"Solitare Classic Fun\" but I like the slow introduction to the other solitare types, the change in look, and ad system better. The ads are less persistant and you can close them when you can\'t be bothered. No breaks in the app. The every-few-days leaderboard is actually fun, because since I don\'t play consistantly I could participate every time, relaxed. Overall just very well done and fun. Only lacks Castle mode
bdiamonddmc 2020-10-17

What the H***!! What happened to this after the last update? You can\'t even play it anymore, it constantly has ads, and you can\'t get OUT!! You play a few seconds, it puts on an ad, then it STAYS there forever. No kidding, you MUST shut it off to get out of the ad and start over. I\'ve tried several times each day for the last few days and can\'t play anymore. Used to be pretty good, now it\'s useless. If it\'s not fixed in the next few days I\'ll uninstall, quitting for today. We\'ll see tomorrow.
Mrs.pieface mozy 2021-02-03

The reason for three is every time one finishes the game there\'s a ad. One gets a option to watch ad and you get free coins, that ad can be short but if you do not pick the coins ad you still have to watch a ad. Way to many ads! I play less games because of ads it gets boring. I do love the many card games in one app and love the fish we feed to the kitty very cute that makes the game unique as far as a card game.
Jill McNamara-Twiss 2021-02-06

Let me start by stating I\'m addicted to this game. I love(d) it. However, and this is a HUGE however, unless I\'m missing something, you cannot create an account. I just started about a month ago. I paid for ad removal. I had 25k+ coins. I had it customized the way I like it. I got a new phone yesterday. It had not even occurred to me that I was going to lose my ad-free purchase, all my coins, and even the customizations. If I could get that back, it would be 5 stars. I\'m so disappointed.
Wendi Schmeer 2020-03-23

Really like this game alot!!! It helps me kill time AND keep my mind active. I reccommend this to anyone that enjoys solitaire games...:)