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Description of Solitaire Showtime: Tri Peaks

Enter the magical world of SOLITAIRE SHOWTIME! Not your average classic solitaire game, play solitaire tri peaks with a twist! Join our SUPER CUTE CAT & BUNNY in a fun solitaire card game for free!

If you love spider solitaire and are looking for new brain games for free you have come to the right place! Showtime Solitaire is an exciting tri-peaks solitaire and solitaire golf game mix. Better than spades and more interactive than mahjong – SHOWTIME solitaire tripeaks is a magical game that will take you through amazing worlds.

Play with friends and team up in clubs to play together and earn rewards. Our solitaire clubs allow you to work as a team and earn rewards. Similar to rummikub, solitaire showtime allows you to join or create clubs.

Start your magical solitaire game with a lot of fun! Play free solitaire game after game, and relax your mind. Solitaire is a great way to stay sharp just like hearts, mahjong and word search. Mental sharpness is something that we all struggle with at the end of the day, so play solitaire free of charge. This solitarie app is not like the standard solitaire game. At solitaire showtime, you will have a blast and get a chance to play solitaire with friends.

- 100’s of free solitaire to play

- Lots of unique Solitaire card game layouts

- New fun Soltarie game twists

- Play with friends in teams and earn rewards

- Complete your collection and boost your gameplay

- Easy to play yet challenging to master - let's see if you can win!?

Solitaire showtime is similar to Klondike, pyramid solitaire, mahjong, classic solitaire and free cell solitaire. If you have enjoyed playing gin rummy, freecell, pinochle, spit, spoons, three peaks, spit, taki or yaniv then solitarie showtime is the free solitaire game for you!

Get a center stage seat to solitaire magic and play the exciting free card game SOLITAIRE SHOWTIME! DOWNLOAD and play TODAY!

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:24.0.0 Publish Date:2021-11-27 Developer:Jam City, Inc.

User Reviews


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KC Tatum 2020-04-07

Helps don\'t work. Help requests don\'t work. Club chat works 1% of the time. Don\'t say reach out, because many of us have done this without response or a fix. Just fix it. Update: uninstalled.
Kelly Belair 2020-02-26

Way too many glitches, DO NOT USE REAL $$ as you are 90% chance of wasting it. Coins aren\'t rewarded when promised, daily missions come n go with empty treasure chests as a reward for all your time spent playing this game. Levels passed cannot be re-played to better a score. You get 1 out of 3 stars, that\'s your final answer lol no re-dos. Paycoins to play every level, yet coins you win or should be rewarded for watching ads, are disappearing, or not received. Graphics missing white main screen
Imran Shafi 2020-08-09

I love this so much since I\'ve downloaded it 4 or 5 month I think. I\'ve got my daughter playing it as well and she loves game too. But since app was updated. A few problems have come up because of the update. 1st, I\'ve lost all my recycling stuff, it went white, and lost awards at the end of the month., 2nd sticker book cards have disappeared and new month sticker book has not appeared still. When are we long due so see this? Are we all going to be awarded something ?
marnie esposito 2020-08-10

If you win a level you should be taken through to the next level without it costing coins. You don\'t win enough coins compared to the buy in cost. The card collecting is an utter waste of time. I collect easily what could be a full book but all I get is duplicates constantly. The missions hardly ever get past the 2 picture in the progres bar and after watching adverts for extra coins you don\'t always get the extra coins credited.
G-Money 2020-08-10

This is a greedy game! It\'s fun to play but it\'s also set up to make you spend, spend, spend! I watched me win levels but lose all my money in about 6 - 7 levels because you have to buy extra cards 2 - 3 times on most of them as you got into the 60s. I won my levels but kept losing my coins! BS! I\'m don with this game because I\'m not here to enrich these excessively greedy fools! I just lost my coins for the last time and couldn\'t buy extra cards so the coin store popped up! Nope!
Diane Brooks 2020-07-30

Such a fun and relaxing game so far! Nice game play and so far nice rewards. All of the solitaire games that I have played and are playing cost too much and eventually push me to buy coins, but I will just delete them and try another game. Please don\'t do that with this one! Also asking for a rating when only a few levels have been played is not good! Everyone should play about 20 levels to see if the game is legit!
Isabella Campanile 2020-08-31

Frequently you don\'t get your bonus coins after watching the ad or even after watching two ads. Very annoying. No one wants to watch the ads in the first place. But you do to get more coins, so it\'s super frustrating that this happens & so often. Other than that, I really like this game. Lowered stars cuz problem is not fixed & getting worse.
Penny Miller 2020-05-23

Do not download this game. It is rigged to force you to pay to play. It takes 2000 tokens to play each level. You only receive a free play after playing at least 10 games at 2000 tokens per game. The game is rigged so you cannot complete a level without using 4500 to 6500 tokens to use a wild card or deal an additional five cards (depending on the level).
Treesa Voss 2020-08-06

It\'s delightfully different. Fast. Fun. Keeps ya guessing. Can\'t wait for the next level. I would imagine the bottom is going to fall out soon. Then we\'ll see how fun it is🙃 I\'m going to hang in there for a while and see🤩. I\'m hoping this update fixes the agitating little glitches that have been annoying enough to Uninstall. Thank you for fixing what we go to, to try and put a little escape from these troubling times in our every day lives. Thanks for a little much needed fun!
shiloh bausman 2020-03-18

Used to enjoy game. Disappointed that winning hand doesn\'t result in enough coins to play another hand. Reward for winning should be enough coins to keep playing. Had to uninstall because of too many glitches. Game frozen on same screen after sticker tournament ended. Cannot play game at all now!!Fix the glitches and let me earn my coins back for hands qon and I might be back!