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Solitaire Tower

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Description of Solitaire Tower

Hey you. Yes, you. The one who is looking at the screen. Keep reading. You are about to find out how Solitaire Tower was created!

One day, four time travellers walked into a bar. They were sipping their drinks and started talking about a game.

Shakespeare was the first one to speak: “To solitaire or not to solitaire? I would love a game in which the balcony is more like a tower and you keep climbing. Deny thy limits, refuse thy boredom.”

And then, Picasso added: “I'd want a game with colours that vibrate. I like my colours like I like my art: always mesmerizing.”

Sinatra stepped in and mentioned: “Tap dancing is fun and tapping on cards reminds me of good old times. And of course, seeing your results in an organised way, like leaderboards and statistics sure makes you sing cause it’s great to be a winner.”

Curie put her two Nobel Prizes down on the table and said: “I am a winner. I like magic. And I’d love to have a game in which you can mix things to perfection. Skills with patience. Passion with achievements.”

While our fellow travellers were talking, the bartender was taking valuable notes. Soon enough he had put together the ingredients creating the most unusual and original mix!

Take a look at the bartender’s recipe right here:

♠ Easy to understand gameplay

♠ Endless levels for you to explore

♠ Immersive and relaxing visuals

♠ Score multiplier

♠ Game statistics to keep track of your progress

♠ Leaderboards to see how your score stacks against other players

And if you want to be one of the great guys talking about our game, send the Bartender your feedback and he'll make sure the recipe always has what you want: community@mavenhut.com.

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More Information Of Solitaire Tower

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.75.5271 Publish Date:2021-08-12 Developer:MavenHut Ltd.

User Reviews


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Shirl Elkins 2019-02-03

If you enjoy playing solitaire you will enjoy playing this game. I just learned how to play solitaire from playing other solitaire games on my phone. All of the solitare games I have played are all different. Some are more fun to play than others but this game Solitaire Towers is definitely one of my favorite to play.
A Google user 2020-02-20

I have played this game for a long time. For about a week I have not received my daily bonus even though I am playing several games daily. Also, I have a new Samsung device. This game as well as Solitaire Bistro loaded but not my current game levels. Will you help with these problems?
Michael Seton 2019-03-07

although i love this game its got one star because once you hit a certain level the game is rigged so you have to purchase magic in order to pass levels and if you dont have the money you then lose all points you earned and drop back down the tower substantially, i would love to rate this 5 stars but its not worth that at the moment
Emrys August 2018-11-09

It\'s an interesting concept but very shady practice. The game sets you up with pre-made solitaire puzzles that aren\'t always solvable which happens in classic solitaire, however the game gives you stars to use that can get you unstuck, but you have to pay to get more. And if you don\'t pay and you\'re stuck, you have to hit the \"give up\" button which sets you back two levels on the tower. It also gives you an obvious handicap for the first 6 levels or so. There are much better solitaire games out there, don\'t waste your time with this one.
Nicholas Coy 2019-01-07

A very simple, fun game. You climb a tower and try to get as far as you can without losing a game. The premise is amazing. The execution is money grabbing bull. They\'ll often hid all the kings and 2-3 cards so you can\'t get any further, then ask for 1.99 to get one of those 2\'s once you get past level 5. If the game worked, it\'d be an easy sell for me. But it\'s just another garbage mobile game.
Jake Starmore 2018-11-28

Often they are impossible without using \'magic\' or as most people call it, money
Rhydocss 2018-12-18

Save yourself and download a different version of solitaire. You will eventually hit a point where the only way you can continue is to pay money or to lose progress.
Kyle James 2019-01-25

Disgusting money grab. Solitaire should be solvable and not require me to pay money in order to finish a round.
John Sumner 2019-02-20

In the words of the computer from War Games: \"The only way to win is to not play.\" This game sucks donkey dick. As soon as youre up to level 10, youre back down to level 3 unless you pay that \"magic\" tax.
A Google user 2019-03-19

Edit: I have come to the conclusion it\'s time to delete this. I no longer play it since they took away the reshuffle and it\'s 70mb at LEAST for one game that could be better allocated for a different game. It\'s sad because I\'ve spent money on this game and used to really enjoy it but they\'ve made it all but impossible to anymore. I\'m about to uninstall this. First, there\'s the purchases that never appear and now they take away the reshuffle! Greedy because the magic doesn\'t give you the card that\'s got you blocked, it just gives you the lowest rank card that hasn\'t been uncovered. so if you HAVE to have the 4 of diamonds but only have 2 aces up, you gotta get through the aces, twos, and threes just to get the ONE card you need to get unblocked. I\'ve about had it, to the point I went from being addicted to haven\'t touched it but once or twice in a month.