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Description of Solitaire Tripeaks: Farm Adventure

Enjoy Solitaire fun with Solitaire TriPeaks: Farm Adventure, the classic solitaire card game which allows you to train your brain with different solitaire puzzles.

Do you play Classic Solitaire, Klondike, Pyramid, Freecell, logic puzzle or Spider Solitaire? Try Solitaire TriPeaks! Solitaire fans and card game fans will love the free games of TriPeaks Solitaire(also known as Tri Towers, Triple Peaks or Three Peaks)!

Tripeaks: Farm Adventure


♣ Great graphics and amazing beautiful themes.

♣ 1000+ different levels, with more in later version!

♣ Daily exciting events and challenges, you will never get bored!

♠ Fill up your Streak Meter to win free BONUSES and WILD cards!

♠ Tri-peaks Solitaire in your hands, anytime, anywhere.

Never played Solitaire or any card games before? No worries. TriPeaks Solitaire is Easy to play! Simply complete a quick tutorial and you'll learn how to play! It's a casual, entertaining free card game for everyone to enjoy! What are you waiting for?

Download NOW and Enjoy the Solitaire Fun for FREE!

Our official website: http://www.me2zen.com

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More Information Of Solitaire Tripeaks: Farm Adventure

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.1693.0 Publish Date:2021-09-04 Developer:ME2ZEN Limited

User Reviews


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Joyce George 2020-12-03

I love this game, It\'s good for the mine.And it helps you learn to concentrate on your tasks at hand.Plus it helps to pass the time.If I\'m hurting it takes my mind off my pain.You couldn\'t have done a better job than creating this game.I!! Probably pick it to keep me company as long as I live. Joyce George!!! I\'ll have to give you 5 star\'s rating. I\'d give you 10 star rating if it was possible. I\'ve missed you guys/ to. But I\'m back for good. Have a great day!!! A five star rating for this game!
Andrea Granick 2021-01-17

Ok. STOP giving an extra life. Meaning I\'m a subscriber so I have unlimited lives. Giving me a heart is NO reward. It\'s useless and unfair. Once you play you\'ll understand what I\'m talking about. A fun game yet it\'s greedy like all games. After over a year of playing this game and spending money every month I\'ve had it with your greedy game!!! After all the $$ I\'ve spent I\'m DONE!!!! DON\'T PLAY THIS GAME!!!!
Janet Lewis 2021-03-16

Love this game. Beyond the regular tri-peaks game, there is always at least one mini-game, 4 opportunities to win chests, and usually a tournament. . I endure the ads because I always receive extra boosters- what\'s 30 seconds after all, if you like the rest of the game, and they help? And support is great!!!!
Linda Bate 2021-03-08

I have had enough! This game used to be so much fun. I started playing it during the first lockdown and really enjoyed it, it helped during worrying times. I didn\'t mind purchasing now and again. But now! Oh dear! Terrible game they have ruined it with their greed. So difficult now, they just want your money. This is shocking when people are struggling. Shame on you Tripeaks. Your reply is useless! I know how to play the game! I really don\'t need your instructions. READ THE REVIEWS!!!!!
Jim Rothenberger 2021-01-28

Used to love the game BUT Something changed. I read the response from the owners and played some more. A change came through and it was easier for a short while. However, more updates and it\'s now harder to win stars and I\'m good at this style solitaire. Many games no stars or one, haven\'t had three in at least two weeks. Have 8m points so I\'ll try it once in awhile to see if it improves but not spending any more money. Such a shame because this was my daily go to.
Shirley Turner 2021-01-14

Love the game. Do have 2 criticisms however. Often after I have finished a game as usual, I only get 1 star. I understand that if I have needed extra help but often don\'t and still get one. More importantly I am 83, on a very fixed income and cannot keep having to buy to continue playing. Thanks for listening. Have just reloaded for the 3rd or 4th time. Each time I was offered a return fund of 50,000. Not one time, including this time, did I get it. If it does not show up by the time I run out I
Ronny Caldwell 2020-11-27

This really is a fun game once you get into . I especially like the tournament, good competition.This game is very fair, if you play smart you will always win. And if your bank account can handle 10$ a week, then you will play forever. They must have gotten some new creators cause their graphics are stunning. I really like the new graphics, this really is the best game ever. As I have said before, the newer graphics are even more stunning. Great job creaters!!!!!
M Mixell 2020-11-11

I like it. I think the power-ups are too expensive and it\'s annoying that even after choosing 2 or more, you still loose the hand. Also, if you do have a lot of coin, by coincidence, you\'ll start losing the levels and you\'ll have to buy your way out. As they say, House always wins. But the graphics are super nice. UPDATE: I don\'t like the newer graphics. They are slanted towards a funny, cartoonish bent. The older ones were more like rich watercolors/art and very peaceful. Game plays the same.
Something About Beauty 2020-12-18

This game is actually quite relaxing. Not too hard or too easy. Right amount of win to losses and useful power ups, etc.! I\'ve been recovering from surgery from having two tumors removed from my stomach and this has been very relaxing for me while being on bed rest because I actually have found myself playing for a couple of hours on end being so wrapped up in all different modes. Thank you very much and merry Christmas to you and your team and all the best in the new year!!! 🙂💖
becky smith 2020-10-22

After all this time my money 💰 is almost gone. Been playing over a year. I am in the 4000 plus thanks for the back stab!!