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Description of Solitaire Tripeaks - Farm Trip

Time to take a rest! Let’s play Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire for fun!

Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire is the best casual game for you to kill time! While the rule is quite simple - you just tap any card on the table one higher or lower than the card one the pile to collect it, the gameplay is fun and sometimes challenging - you should decide the order of collecting. If you ever enjoy Klondike, Spider, FreeCell or any other Solitaire card game, you will love this one!

Download and start playing Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire NOW!

Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire is much more than a classic solitaire card game - there are plenty of extra features to explore!

Highlights of Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire

♠ Play, Plant & Harvest: As you play, you plant the crops every time you win, which ripen every hour and give you extra coins. Don’t forget to harvest your reward then!

♠ Always New Gameplay: Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire has unique level design, 4 different modes of level and hundreds of levels currently with more coming soon. There is always something new for you!

♠ Win more reward with streak meter: Collect multiple cards on the table without turning the hand card to complete the streak task and get bonus coins, plus-one card or wild card! What’s more, complete the streak with cards of the the same color or same suit to double or triple the reward!

♠ Classic Solitaire in your hands: You can play Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire without wifi. Enjoy Solitaire anytime anywhere!

Other Features of Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire

♣ 20,000 welcome bonus and massive Daily Rewards!

♣ Easy to start - with the intuitive UI and guidance you will pick up soon!

♣ hundreds of different levels, with much more coming!

♣ Amazing graphics, easy to read cards and smooth animations!

♣ Share with your friends to get rewards every day!

♣ Get more coins every hour with every crop planted!

Download NOW and Enjoy Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire for FREE!

Your crops are waiting for you to plant and harvest! What are you waiting for? Tap your finger and start playing the best Solitaire card game in the world NOW!

If you have any question, please email us to: chenzhao2016mail@gmail.com

Privacy Policy: http://fruitcasino.online/support/tripeaks/policy.html

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More Information Of Solitaire Tripeaks - Farm Trip

lable: Card - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Fruit Puzzle Games, Ltd.

User Reviews


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Clara Johnson 2020-09-28

I recently got into playing these Tripeak games both on my phone and tablet, but these one is the only one I finally found that allow us to get more gold by watching ads, instead of expecting us to pay real money for the gold, all while raising the gold price to play and to use wild cards! Which is why I gave this 5 stars, because I understand the game makers want to make money off their games, but I don\'t understand those who can\'t just be satisfied with getting money from us watching ads!
Dixie Rae 2021-01-04

There\'s so many of these games now they\'re all the same I just pick the graphics that I enjoy the most and what encourages me to continue to play. This one just didn\'t give me the feeling that I wanted to come back and play anymore. Actually something I will say about this game that I noticed is usually they do let you win quite a bit in the beginning but this one didn\'t after the initial tutorial level I was having a heck not using extra cards to get through a game.
Diane Delaney 2020-11-28

A 5 would have been awarded, but again you get so far in this game and then you are informed that the locks have stopped working and you can go no further to complete the first field, what is the point of doing this when you cannot complete the first field, please sort this as so frustrating, I don\'t want to uninstall this, but if the problem is not resolved, then I will have to, why put these games on here if you cannot complete them.
Judith Connett 2020-10-25

Twice now coins have been taken from the game. First time the game deleted about 300,000 coins and left me with 20,000. I managed to get a lot of coins again by watching ads again and had 500,000 odd coins. I was on level 231 today and guess what my coins have been taken again and left me with 20,000. Sadly will uninstall as not good enough.
Leeann Van Beek 2020-12-15

I would Rate this game -100. I have been playing this game for year\'s and it was a fun game, but for some reason when the tournaments come on I never get my stars. I beat the game but doesn\'t give me any stars . I have emailed several times nothing gets fixed. Not worth your time. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I would RATE this game a - 100.
Becky Woodley 2020-08-20

Lovely relaxing game too play and too enjoy, just not sure why there are different amounts of coins you win! When you get all gold stars! Apart from that, its very addictive....come and play yourself and you will soon find out god bless every one
Shannon Wamsley 2021-01-29

so far so good. could be not enough room on my device memory storage, but in the past I have enjoyed these tripesk solitaire games, but they seem to stop functioning well ounce getting to the higher levels. maybe just enormous data I don\'t have room for, but I have takin to deleting them if they start to glitch. so far it hasn\'t been necessary to do that. it\'s good ! 😀
Dorothy Hunt 2020-04-30

Enjoyable game to play plenty of levels with lots of challenges. My only wish is that the bonus was higher when you harvest plus when you complete levels as at the moment when you complete these you get under £2,000 not much to play with really especially when your levels cost £1,500 to play so please higher your rewards as apart from this I really enjoy this game thankyou.
Darryl R 2020-11-23

So far so good. I\'ve tried several of these and this seems to be one of the better ones. Ads and purchases are a totally optional way to advance quicker. The only issue I have is there is no way to bind your account to Google or Facebook for play on multiple devices. Very odd.
Deb G 2020-07-16

Great game fun and relaxing. Thank you for not having lives. I enjoy playing as much as I can and not having to wait on lives to replenish. Changed from 5 stars to 1 star because on level 59 had card(s) off screen therefore could not complete level. Will uninstall game ☹