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Description of Solitaire TriPeaks Journey - Card Games Free

Join Clair, her dog Lucky, and 10 million Solitaire players on the hottest free card game card of 2021: it’s Solitaire TriPeaks Journey.

Guaranteed to satisfy all your solitaire cravings and a must-have for Klondike card fans, this free solitaire card game is equally relaxing and challenging. Switch up your traditional Klondike card games with a free solitaire game that comes full of unique twists and new playstyles.

Consider yourself a Solitaire Master? Put it to the test. Complete the solitaire card game with lightning-fast thinking and super-smart moves to earn coins and magic boosters.


🤩 Addictive Solitaire Gameplay

Over 6,000 challenging solitaire levels - more added every 2 weeks! Thousands of solitaire card games for free? Yes, please!

👧🐕 Get Hooked Into the Story

Join adventurer Clair and her dog, Lucky, on an extraordinary solitaire journey, playing to find hidden treasures. Solitaire your way through new dimensions of magical gameplay and set out on a wondrous journey full of solitaire games.

🌲 Stellar Graphics & Themed Scenery

Venture through over 20 mind-blowing themes, like the Undersea World, Dark Forest, Grassland, Savanna, Tropical Island, Circus, and more. Complete tons of challenging solitaire card games to unlock new chapters of your solitaire journey!


🃏 Special Obstacle Cards

Dive into levels that feature special solitaire obstacle cards: Bombs, Sharks, Volcanos, Magnets, Snowflakes, and more. These mind-blowing cards show you just how fun a free Klondike card game can be!

🙋‍♂️🙋 Compete in Solitaire Tournaments

Challenge other players on your solitaire adventure. Compete against players from all over the world and earn that top spot in the solitaire tournament rankings.

📒 Beautiful Album & Travel Diary

The Clair’s Stamp Collection grants crazy prizes all along your journey. Win as many stamps as you can and stack up huge rewards by playing solitaire. Discover fun stories in the travel diary, and meet cute additional characters.

🕹️ Amazing Mini-Games

It doesn’t stop there. Complete daily missions and exciting mini-journeys to earn free solitaire bonuses, Wild Cards and powerful boosters.

🚀 Magic Boosters

It takes skill, tactics, patience, and wit to win this solitaire card game! Give your brain a powerful workout, using more advanced solitaire strategies as the game gets more challenging and you progress along your journey. Don’t forget to use powerful magic boosters like the Blitzball, Wild Switch, Lucky Dice, and Suit Match to take your solitaire card game to the next level!

➡️ Download Solitaire TriPeaks Journey

Play this solitaire card game to go on an exciting journey through the magical and mythical world! Free coins, epic cards, power-ups, and more are all up for grabs. Use them to blast through puzzling solitaire levels anytime, anywhere! No Wi-Fi or internet connection is required.

Tons of fun just a tap away! Download NOW and enjoy all the best solitaire card games for free.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.5926.0 Publish Date:2021-09-04 Developer:ME2ZEN Limited

User Reviews


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Denice Johnson 2020-09-03

Right now I am giving this game a 5 star rating. It is, so far, the best game I have played that is liberal with booster cards. It\'s the boosters that help a lot in getting 3 stars per hand. Plus, it also allows you to watch an ad to get an extra boost. There are also challenges that allows you to win even more boosters and coins. So far, thumbs up. Will rate later when I am further along in the game. A week later snd still giving 5 stars. Update _ 1 month later. Still 5 star.
Betsy Alma 2019-05-07

awesome solitaire! this is one of the most fun, joyous, lovely, colorful, cute solitaire game I have ever played. the under water graphics are on point. the bubbles and the sounds make it fun to play. lots of challenges and chests and prizes to keep you playing more and more. however, my only problem is, the boosters are expensive, 4000 coins for one wild card?!!! other than that best solitaire game on deck.
Terry Harding-Springirth 2020-10-07

This is a relaxing game. I really like it. You can get coins by watching a film. And it is 5 times you do it. If you are out of cards you can get 5 and replay. Or just take the 5 or e free cards. Love the scenery. The dog is one of my favorite. The graphics are great and like how it is set up. You have another challenge called names and ladder. That is fun. You can get free coins there as well. Lots of challenges. And fun ways to get free coins. Love the new update and scenery. Come on and join.
Lianne Rowland 2019-04-19

I love playing this game, I like how it can be challenging but also quite relaxing. The new features are really good. There\'s no lag in this game or timely start ups which drive me nuts in other apps. There are options to spend money on things but there are also alternatives which is great for people that don\'t necessarily have cash to spend on games. The only downside to this app and it\'s not a huge deal is that lives take a little too much time to regenerate. There\'s options for this though.
creativenative1950 2019-10-12

No stars anymore...l bought 300 coins for 12.99. They got paid, put my coins on my account and then as far as l know, they took them back!! This is not a \"free\" game as some have said, could be a glitch in the system but if there\'s no change in the next 24 hours, then they can kiss my ass goodbye
Al E 2020-03-08

I find myself playing this more than I should; however, the app appears to be glitching on my device. When I open it on my device, it behaves differently than when my friends open it on their devices. The aesthetic is different for me than it is for my friends, and I see options on others\' devices that aren\'t available on mine. I\'ve tried to check for updates, but there appears to be none. I\'m currently uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that corrects my issues. I\'ll probably delete again.
Karen McCormick 2020-09-16

Lots of fun! Stategic! I love all the different challange levels and the stamps! Introducing the house decorating part of the game has made it more fun than ever!! There are always new side games! Love it!! I really miss the Challange Levels, and i seem to have run out of them. Im in the 3000\'s. I hope they come back, its getting boring without them. Do they come back later in the game? I\'m in the 4000 levels. So boring now! Levels are blah. Prizes are few and far between. No challanges. Boring!
Valerie Nelson 2019-06-08

Great game, graphics everything it\'s too bad there are so many ads. Update the ads are now an option you can choose to watch them for extra lives and money first time I\'ve seen this. So far it\'s my favorite game!!! Try it, for me it\'s the best solitaire game out there!!!
Melissa B 2020-09-21

\"Solitaire TriPeaks Journey\" is Amazing! So many plus\'s! One is instead of having to use a ton of credits each level, in Journey it goes by lives. (1 heart = 5 lives) If you happen to run out of lives, you can earn 1life back every 20 minutes & you still earn credits along the journey in many different ways. You also win alot of game helpers, or you can get them with credits. You can play continuously cuz it dont cost credits to play levels! Also Beautiful Graphics along the Journey!
Lori 2020-08-23

In app purchases happen if you are 2 feet from your device. Then they run you in circles. There appears to be no refunds except through the bank. PLAYER BEWARE also when you get close to the $150 you need to cash out as in $140- there are no monies applied to the games or every 5 or 10 games you get a penny. Also there are very few chances to double anything - ads don\'t work. You eatch and then it says oops something went wrong. Try again later. Complete rip off.