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Description of Solitaire

The classical Solitaire you played on computer, now you can play it on your phone!

You will see all the classical elements but with more new features, such as a time reminder which is designed for helping users to manage their time on this game. We know it's fun, but don't get too addicted!

Now, get your brain exercise and dive into the new mobile Solitaire with all the beautiful backgrounds of your choice!


+ Multiple language choices

+ Can choose whether one or three cards are drawn from the deck at a time

+ Can Choose playing by left hand or right hand

+ Multiple choice backgrounds and cards with different face styles.

+ Click & Draw function, when you click on one card, it can automatic move to the right place

+ HINT can guide to move next

+ Auto save incomplete game

+ Unlimited UNDO

+ Can be timed for additional points if the game is won.

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More Information Of Solitaire

lable: Card - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Aged Studio Limited

User Reviews


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Kathryn Wesserling 2020-08-10

Changed up to 4*s. They listened! No more shutdowns because of certain ads. Thanks. Prior: Changed to 2*s...It took 8-13x shutdowns to start new game (twice!!!) Getting worse! I would rate 4-5... IF I didn\'t completely have to close the Solitaire App every single time the ad for consolidating mortgages or loans appears. I can live with ads, but not having to close and reopen the App 2-13x in a row. There are no timers or \"close\" or \"X\" options on these types of ads.
Hadiya Muhammad 2020-05-15

I\'m a solitaire connoisseur! And I love, love, love this very simple, no frills solitaire app! I don\'t need or want all the bells & whistles, bunny rabbits & dragons!! Just give me the 3 card draw, a tap play, auto finish, a few choices of backgrounds, a timer & I\'m good to go! Now I can delete my other solitaire apps! Yes!
Dawna Kent 2020-12-25

Love that there are no gimmicks, treasures, bonuses etc. Love the easy plain backgrounds, so far no annoying advertising. The only thing that bugs me, and I may get used to it, is the old glitchy style graphics.
Vicky Amesbury 2020-02-20

Nothing wrong with the game but virtually every time you start a new game there are long ads that you can\'t skip. I get that they use ads but you should at least be able to skip them if you\'re not interested.
Rowena Maiato 2019-09-11

It is ok but ever time a bad pops up, the game freezes. You have an option to get rid of add but they still keep popping up. Very annoying.
Linda Boston 2020-12-13

My very favorite and I play it Every Morning...first thing...keeps this old brain working. Thank YOU 😊 love it and my Favorite ❤️ of ALL TIME. Great for older brains. Doctors should recommend people play this EVERY day. Keeps these OLD Minds working. Plus we have Fun, Fun, Fun! Have a great day. Hugs to ALL.
bette lynn 2019-09-15

Good game no stories to tell in the game straight forward ithink they are realizing that we just want to play the game with out any thing else going on
Nancy Chylla 2020-07-28

I love playing Solitaire; I\'m actually addicted to it. MyGrandfather taught me to play this . when I was 5, today I\'m 80 and still playing it whenever I can. I find it challenging, fun, & calming to me. I usually play it every night when I go to bed since I\'m a widow. When I wake up in the morning, my game is still with me. This is one game I just love.
Elsie Pettus 2021-02-11

Easy to move cards & once you have much of the placing of cards, you don\'t have to go to the very end. It acknowledges that you win. I like the stats & timing. Too. Thanks!!!
Malcolm Mc Donald 2021-02-09

I enjoy playing the game. However it is VERY ANOYING to have \"new version\" messages almost *every* day. 😡 Please stop sending update messages which cannot be ignored. 👎 If the multi updates continue I will uninstall this APP and install another brand pf Solitaire.