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Description of Solitaire

Solitaire Daily is a Fun Card Game to relax the brain, also known as Klondike or Patience.

If you like classic Solitaire, you're going to love this crisp and clear solitaire game!


- One, move cards of a different color on top of a card that is one number higher.

- Two, move cards onto the foundation piles. Foundation piles are started with the ace in each suit and can be played on in sequence up to the king in each suit.

- Three, reveal a card from the deck. Cards can be revealed one at a time for easier game play or reveal every third card for a more challenge game.

- Continue to move cards around in these 3 ways until all cards are moved to the foundation piles (win) or there are no more moves to be made (lose).


1.Fun and classic play mode

Based on the classic Klondike/Patience gameplay mode, Solitaire Daily provides you Classic interface, Original experience!

2.Fun Daily Challenges

Take on our Daily Challenges for a new Solitaire experience each and every day.

3.Various Cards and Beautifully Backgrounds

There are dozens of card face and card back styles for you to choose. All backgrounds and winning animations are perfectly designed.

4.You can play anytime, anywhere

Unlimited Deal! Unlimited undo option! Unlimited Hints! Great bonus awards!


- Draw 1 card or 3 cards

- Multiple languages supported

- Single tap or drag&drop to move cards

- Auto-collect cards on completion

- Play offline at any time

Download now to play this classic Solitaire card game.

Our Solitaire Daily card game will give you endless fun. And the most important thing is that it is a single player card game and available for Free!

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More Information Of Solitaire

lable: Card - Games Current Version:18.2.3 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Big Cake Group Limited

User Reviews


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SinShadowFox 2020-08-25

Finally a classic solitaire game for the phone without any of the gimmicks the other ones have. I don\'t like that the game times and scores you while you\'re trying to play, after all this is a game meant to help you relax not make you stressed out, but as long as I ignore that it\'s actually a fun game. I also don\'t like that you have to unlock card skins/backs/wallpapers/animations with coins but at least it gives you something to aim for. P.S. Don\'t buy remove ads. It doesn\'t work.
Rachel Dudas 2020-01-08

I like this app, it mat not seem as new as most...but one reason is that you can play offline (I had phone problems a while back, it came in handy cause I couldn\'t get any thing else to come up) But I Love Solitaire, it keeps my mind sharp, and it is very relaxing, even though you got to be quick!
Anto Kyuuketsuki 2019-12-03

Fun game, but it\'s just pure advertising if you don\'t wish to pay £6.99 to remove the ads that pop up during games, after games, before games and even with the mini games.
Aleta Mitchell 2020-12-07

I am constantly interrupted during my plays while the timer continues to run. I am unable to bypass when I am uninterested in multiplying coins, and the volume stays on even though I have the setting disabled. Speaking of coins, I am not excited about collecting them because when I would redeem the for the card faces It was always a gamble. It is random what card face you would gain. Backgrounds have nice graphics but the combinations do not coordinate, meaning the background and the decks.
Laura Reply 2019-09-15

I love this game helps pass the time in a enjoyable way..it\'s calming for me... it\'s easy to play....Not bombarded by ads, so thank you to the developers for allowing us to play..
Jo Terhark 2021-02-07

Great solitaire game. Rewards are plentiful and easy to get. So far I haven\'t needed to buy anything which is a big plus to me. If you like to play solitaire, I would recommend this one. There\'s a few ads but they help winning more points so they\'re tolerable.
kelly bluml 2020-09-25

Not sure what people are fussing about. The ads aren\'t that long. I don\'t think you will find a solitaire game that DOESN\'T have ads. Just be happy that the game is free. They need to make money somehow.
Brenna Racquet 2019-12-22

It is easy to play. It\'s fun if you like solitaire. Easy to understand. Almost any age could play this game.
Sheila Paramore 2019-07-31

I am 69 yr old woman who has trouble sleeping and I\'m loving this game! It runs smoothly and I like the way it ends when u win! cute and funny! it\'s free! good work!! thanks Sheila
John Lemieux 2019-10-07

I tried the game for s***s and giggles and I was instantly hooked. It\'s taught to you while you\'re playing, and the next thing you know is that you are HOOKED, and playing until 4AM!!! Awesome stuff, thank you so very much. Thanks! Respectfully, Tina Lemieux