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Description of Solitaire+

Solitaire brings you the fun, challenging Solitaire gameplay you love, with a beautiful, modern design. Relax with the classic Klondike or Patience version of solitaire enjoyed by millions of players around the world in this Ad Free top-rated app.

Featuring easy-to-read cards and intuitive tap or drag controls, Brainium Solitaire is the most user-friendly solitaire game available. Choose from dozens of card styles, backgrounds, or upload your own custom photo to create the perfect place for you to escape, relax, and sharpen your brain.


• Ad Free

• Draw-1 and Draw-3 modes

• Classic and Vegas Scoring

• True random shuffling for authentic play

• Portrait or Landscape orientation

• Left-handed Mode

• Game Statistics to track progress

• Customizable cards and backgrounds

• Auto-complete option

• Fun and challenging Achievements

• Phone and tablet support

• Supports Dark Mode

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More Information Of Solitaire+

lable: Card - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:Brainium Studios

User Reviews


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David Walker 2019-03-07

I have tried many Solitaire games and this is one of my favourites. Nice graphics with smooth game play. The only issue I seem to have is sometimes the cards make a noise and sometimes they don\'t, I\'m not sure if this is by design or a bug. Also it would be great if you could put an option in to disable the auto play features. Changes I would like to see: 1. On screen game play time in seconds 2. Move the Auto Complete button so that I don\'t accidentally press undo.
Tonk 2017-08-03

The only minor flaw, and it\'s only my opinion, is that the undo button is hidden in the tool bar, which can slow you down if you\'re trying to beat the clock. Any chance we could have the option to show it on screen, preferably on the bottom left for right-handed people? Otherwise a brilliant game, thank you. Crisp graphics, nice layout, very cheap considering how much time I\'ve spent on it and I love the option to customise xxx
oscar canales 2019-01-30

Don\'t spend your money or time with this game really stinks. Most of the hands dealt are non-winable, so basically I had waisted my time playing with no chance to win. I have used the redo and replay feature countless times, but the result is the same. in reality only about 45% of the hands are winnable.
Garshock 2020-10-10

Frankly, this is an awesome app. Been playing it for years. But for some reason, in the past year, I\'ve only been able to win 1 game. I\'m not sure if something has changed. Out of 180 recent games I only have like 25 wins. On my tablet with a different version I am able to win every other game. Idk why or what has change. Otherwise, this is incredibly smooth and fun. Still, idk why I\'m having such bad lock. Always getting stuck with only like 8-10 u flipped cards and no moves. Weird.
David Winter 2020-11-14

I have played this game many many times over the years and contacted the developers more than once about the low win factor and heard the same response as others about their randomisation. To be fair I have persisted again and again but the game is not enjoyable. Bad mistake by the developers. If you cannot enjoy the game it is not worth keeping. I am deleting it for the final time.
Kenny Ward 2021-01-17

It\'s a great time killer and fun. I play everyday
Ken French 2019-11-04

Extremely pleasant game to play, where the movement of cards is very fluid and no hold ups in game play. Have been playing this particular game for a few years now, and also have it installed on a number of my other devices.
Android User 2019-05-18

Lose 1 star for stats. Clean interface, but no option to turn stats off and they appear after every game. I hope they are not being reported back to Branium. ps thanks for reply, glad no data being gathered. rather than resetting stats I just don\'t want to see them. I play the game to relax, not compete or compare.
Teef Wit 2020-04-04

A Tacky \"Upgrade\" I have used this app for a long time and also recommended to others too, from early IOS to Android. From enjoying a good challenge and monitoring progress, or not, the latest release, which is the same on both platforms is now cheesy and tacky like a kids comic! The controls for making changes has been amended and is not as easy as previously and the controls look cheap. My wife who plays this also gives it a thumbs down as the graphics inhibit play. Please revert.
Jenny Gruesome 2019-03-13

Before purchasing or downloading any app I always look at the reviews and I saw quite a few complaining about how they couldn\'t win any games. So, I bought it and lost the first five, but I always enjoy a good challenge. I suggest for those of you who want to win without trying to solve a puzzle or maybe solitare is too complicated for you, maybe try pokemon go or giga pets. I haven\'t found any bugs or glitches, it hasn\'t crashed, etc. What I enjoy most aside from a good challenge is no ads!