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Description of Solitaire

We stays true to the classic Solitaire (also known as Klondike Solitaire or Patience Solitaire) gameplay.

Solitaire is funny, addictive and challenging brain games. Gameplay is very simple to start but hard to master.

Our game is the most easy-to-play with clean and intuitive designs. Meanwhile, we have added many beautiful themes and Daily challenges for you.

Just single tap or drag and drop to move the card, and use the shortest time and moves get the highest scores. Simple and addicting!


♠ Customizable beautiful themes

♠ Daily Challenge

♠ Unlimited free undo

♠ Unlimited free hints

♠ Draw 1 card

♠ Draw 3 cards

♠ Auto-collect cards on completion

♠ Auto-save game in play

♠ Track your records

♠ Left handed mode

♠ Tablet support

♠ Switch Portrait or Landscape view mode

Train your brain as well as kill time with friends together!

Have fun playing Solitaire!

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More Information Of Solitaire

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.13.221 Publish Date:2021-06-11 Developer:Hit Mahjong Solitaire

User Reviews


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feisty one 2020-04-03

04/02/20: OK, just dropped to 1 star, just give me Solitaire with good gameplay. 03/24/20: GET RID OF THAT MAGIC WAND, it\'s always in the way when I need to move a card it covers, and when I try, no matter how careful I am, it uses that freakin\' wand. Maybe some think It\'s cool, but I\'m not one of them. Really, let\'s just learn to play Solitaire without this silliness.

It\'s very hard to play this game when I have to constantly fight the ads and in app purchases. The very first thing that greeted me, as I prepared to play this game, were flashing ads. It ruins what could be a fun game. I am so disappointed because I really wanted to keep this game and play it often. The ads are constant and many times they cover parts of the screen I need to play the game. Greed ruins the games
Sallie Ziemann 2019-05-02

I really love this ❤️♥️😘 game of solataire! It\'s so much fun, I can\'t seem to stop playing it! Thanks 😊👍 so much for a wonderful game as, this is!
A Google user 2019-03-10

too many commercials and advertisements wonnt let you back out of it you have to close it out and start over
DeeAnn McDonald 2020-03-20

I love this game and it is very helpful when I need to take my mind off of a problem and not able to sleep at night. And great entertainment durning daylight hours also.!!Best thing on my phone besides the phone itself. Don\'t ever take it away!!!
Karen L Smith 2019-07-16

I used to watch my mom play solitaire game when I was 9 yeaers old but I was so happy when the games were put on the cell phones, I enjoy the graphics and the music and these games are calming.
James Munoz 2020-08-23

Awesome! Challenging \",Big Time\" You would have to play the game to comprehend! Try it! You\'ll never want to set it down! i know! Believe it! Good Luck! You would have to have patience to try and beat this game! Otherwise! Don\'t even try it! Good Luck and then some!
Patsy Hopper 2019-10-07

Nice Solitaire game, good graphics and fun to play.
Carolyn Dudu 2019-11-25

ever time i have it come on And the addds tising on over my scren and the norma x is so you can dey that you wish to add this game different gam that i am trying to play is so small whrn i try and tuch the x it starts with another advertising ei am not going to play this Solitaire gam agin.This salitaire game it anverties another\'s different game and to get back to my game the x is so small that I cannot Rich the x without starting the game that is being advertised also bfor the Game whould show
Sherry Ozment 2019-02-24

really liked playing this game. havent played solitaire in quite some time and its because the game would never let me win and it got sickening... who wants to play a game and tge computer always seems to win no matter what lol...not me! but this one is different and makes it fun and keep you wanting to ply more! THANKS