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Description of Solitairica

Solitairica takes RPG combat and challenging rogue-like progression to a fresh new place—the world of solitaire!

Gather your weapons and prepare to battle the armies of Stuck. In the land of Myriodd, all of the hearts have been stolen by the horrible Emperor Stuck, and you are the latest warrior brave enough to try to return them, saving the world from total heartless destruction!

With the guidance of the great Kismet who will teach you the power of solitaire and the four great energies—attack, defense, agility and willpower—to battle your enemies... you could finally be the one to save the realm.

Each player’s journey will be a unique challenge, with a horde of ever-changing enemies and a wide variety of items and spells to explore. Battle your enemies with brute force, or cleverly constructed builds with devastating combos, and defeat the Armies of Stuck!

Key Features:

- Introducing a brand new turn based solitaire combat system.

- Procedural enemies that combine hilarious and dangerous traits for endless variety.

- Heaps of items and scores of spells to combine. Millions of builds to try!

- Challenging and dynamic rogue-like progression.

- Four great energies to master: attack (destroy cards), defense (counter and armor), agility (peeking and quickness) and willpower (healing and the arcane).

- Collect wildstone each journey to upgrade cards and unlock new decks, which change the way you play.

- Deck upgrades include Ace, King and Queen cards which provide powerful boosts during battle.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.1.14 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Righteous Hammer Games

User Reviews


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Cameron Gislason 2017-01-15

Fun BUT I played this extensively for two days and had fully upgraded the starter deck. I went to unlock the second deck using my hard earned in game currency only to discover that there is a $0.99 fee to use in game currency to unlock a deck. You can of course opt to unlock each deck without playing for FIVE DOLLARS! What a ripoff, I have uninstalled it.
Joss Hernandez 2017-10-31

I love the game. It\'s graphics are great and I love the monsters you get to battle. The game is complex enough to be challenging but not challenging enough to make someone rage quit which I think is a nice balance. My only disappointment is the fact that you need to buy the game in order to purchase the other decks. I have enough wildstones to purchase the next deck but I can\'t unless I buy the game. A lot of games have the \"purchase to remove ads and get bonuses\" but at least they still allow you all the features of the game for free. I wouldn\'t mind if I had to complete certain objectives to unlock the next deck like win all 18 battles to unlock the next deck or something. I just want the game achievable for those that don\'t have money to spare.
KJ Mercer 2017-04-04

I\'m really enjoying the game but the value proposition of unlocking the game is unclear. What exactly do the unique decks get me? Why can\'t I buy hard currency to buy decks? why do i have to pay one dollar to spend the currency ? im baffled. i like it a lot and would happily pay for a full game unlock.
iGGy eo 2017-05-11

Love it! Bought it! Let me start by saying, it\'s not random chance, you have a deck, count the cards!! Really if you love the game when you first start, don\'t waste your time, just buy the full version. Paladin and Wizard are amazing, the Rogue is tricky, as agility needs more damage cards, which makes the Bard probably the most crafty but difficult of the bunch. So much time dedicated to this game.
Liv Claire 2017-11-25

Really cool spin off of a classic card game. The only complaint form me is that in game it says you can buy another deck with \"wildstones\" basically gems but then takes you to a screen where you have to pay real money. So does is cost both in and out of game currency? If so this doesn\'t make much sense please make it one or the other.
Ovidiu Lucian 2019-09-26

The idea is nice, but the game doesn\'t really reward the player. 80% of times it\'s just dumb luck and no strategy, as you depend on the cards in your deck and the order they get generated. Also, is there supposed to be any difference between the classes? Besides the starting abilities, all the items and spells are the same, so nothing new. Bought the full game to support the devs, as it\'s still hard work behind it, but I start regretting it now.
Cameron Lake 2019-08-09

I installed this game a few years ago based on a suggestion from the GiantBombCast. Since then, this game has been a staple on every mobile phone I\'ve owned. Fun and engaging, it seriously can give hundreds of hours of playtime.
Phillip Mangiaracina 2017-01-04

Simple and fun, sometimes frustrating It\'s got a nice set of abilities to use and exploit to give you an advantage, but no matter how far you think ahead and plan, a couple of bad draws can end your game. Still, it\'s easy to learn, takes some time to master, and has real replay value. A good solid buy!
Ben Kellogg 2019-10-24

It may be a little luck based but you can tell the developer put a lot of personality into this game. I like the gameplay a lot, character design is unique, and they made a freaking solitaire game into a RPG... and it works!!! There are a whole bunch of different play styles you can try by buying spells in the shop (no, not with real money). But there are dlc decks to play with and those a fun too! Give it a shot. I have had this game on my phone for 3 years, and it is always fun to play.
Jon Wilkinson 2017-08-13

Misleading. This is not a free game. It\'s a free tutorial. Once you pass the tutorial they expect you to buy the game to continue. I like the idea, but hate being misled. I\'d raise my rating if they were honest, or made the game free like it was advertised.