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Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

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Description of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Race & run in the dazzling sequel to SEGA’s hit endless runner game, SONIC DASH. Run & dash your way through the world of the hit new TV series, SONIC BOOM, with Sonic and his friends! Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom brings all new and exciting running action to the endless runner games you already love.

Run through new and amazing 3D worlds, fun challenges and endless game play. Choose your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character to be your runner. Play and run as a classic Sonic character like Sonic the Hedgehog himself, Tails, Amy, Knuckles or Sticks the Badger, Sonic’s newest friend!

Run and jump through amazing levels with epic graphics. Sonic Boom has tons of awesome levels and running courses. Dodge the hazards, jump over obstacles, and race your way to victory!

Sonic Boom has tons of gameplay for both, kids and adults! Keep running to unlock new characters and choose your favorite runner! Sonic the Hedgehog and all of his friends are ready to race!


- RACE with up to three characters in new Team Play mode! Swap runners mid-race to earn high scores!

- UNLEASH new special running powers - Sonic’s Dash Ring Magnet, Knuckle’s Slam, Amy’s Ring Hammer, and more.

- CONQUER new courses, obstacles and beat out Badniks.

- DASH on new fast-paced race tracks in and above the beautiful Sonic Boom world.

- MASTER new Swing & Tilt gameplay with the super charged Enerbeam; tilt your device to swing the runner towards the Rings and Orbs.

- COLLECT, evolve, and run with magical Sprites.

- WIN special prizes in new Events and Daily SEGA Challenges!

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Terms of Use: http://www.sega.com/Mobile_EULA

SEGA’s Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is ad-supported and in-app purchases are not required to progress. Ad-free play is available with an in-app purchase.

Other than for users known to be under 13, this game may include "Interest Based Ads" (please see http://www.sega.com/mprivacy#3IBADiscolure for more information) and may collect "Precise Location Data" (please see http://www.sega.com/mprivacy#5LocationDataDisclosure for more information).

© SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGA logo, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, SONIC DASH and SONIC BOOM are registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. or its affiliates.

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:3.2.1 Publish Date:2022-05-30 Developer:SEGA

User Reviews


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Benjamin Eisenbraun 2020-05-28

I love this game, but hate it at the same time. In part because some of the challenges and missions are too difficult, especially the missions involving enerbeams. Also, the high price of characters is too high. I wish they could be lowered to a better price. And I wish some of the challenges could be a little easier. Also, the dash effect doesn\'t fit at all; Sonic and friends run way slower than they should.
Super Mario Logan 2019-01-06

This game is packed with many Characters,Challenges, and even opportunities to unlock early characters. This game is full of many advantages to take. If you can\'t unlock a character, you can buy rings to buy and play with that character you want. Graphicwise it is better that the original in my personal opinion. I have much love for Sonic and his friends who befriend him after buying these guys to complete your Sonic Dash journey to success!
Cang Tran 2020-09-21

Game is great. I like it better than the first tbh. Graphics are good, controls are good, even the music is good. The only thing I\'m concerned is the characters. I\'m not saying the characters are not good. I\'m saying that this game has came out about 4 years ago but there\'s still no new characters. I\'m starting to think that Sega forgot about the characters or just not worrying about it. But anyway it\'s a great game
Maicol Hernandez 2020-06-15

Awsome. Better than the first Sonic Dash game. There are many challenges and doing all of them to earn prizes is very addictive. The graphics look ASTOUNDING for a phone game. Microtransations are not needed at ALL so don\'t bother spending money. An improvmet is that all the characters have special abillities! Sonic can bring Rings to him when Dashing and Knuckles has a Ground Pond. (Just to name a few) If you are lokking for an awsome aouto-runner, SONIC DASH 2: SONIC BOOM is for you!
Dave Rau 2020-07-13

I liked the previous Sonic game (Sonic Dash) more than this one. This game is fun but compared to the previous it is more repetitive and gets boring faster. There\'s not nearly as much to build or improve, for instance the only way you can improve your characters is to increase the amount of points you can earn, and points are useless so what\'s the point in building characters? Also red stars are far too easy to spend accidentally.
Bentley Opinion 2019-05-23

Overall, this game is good. It still needs some improvements though. Like being able to use dash in mid-air or during switching lanes, dash effect should be pausing while on a slide, shield not being removed while dash is active, username changes taking effect, allowing players to use just one to two runners. We\'ve seen many games that has the same gameplay such as Temple Run, Subway Surfers etc. but if you want the game to stand out among the rest, it has to be the best.
Rossie White 2019-06-01

Occasionally, I still have the problem about my character suddenly disappears after jumping on a spring. And recently, sometimes the game is unable to conenct to server although my phone is connected to the internet so I can\'t play any of the events. Also, the game crashed when I revived either by Boom boost or Tails.
Fay the best 2020-06-30

I used to hate it but only ONE challe ge made me love it so much.Definatly better than the first one! Please try to make it better!But can you add lots of more Sonic characters such as metal sonic,sonic.exe and more so ot just not Sonoc,Amy,Knuckles,Tails and Shadow?Also can you make like of you have 1000 normal yellow rings you get 10 red star rings for free.
Swapna Dutta Pan 2019-05-19

The game and the graphics r good but it has too many glitches.1)When i play events such as the shadow run it shows wrong number of mines destroyed.2)The eggman scramble has the same problem.3) It shows wrong number of rings and red tokens collected by me.4) When i have already buyed characters like the shadow, it shows that haven\'t buy it but my no. of red tokens gets 0.Plzzz fix these glitches and i will play again.
C C Engineer 2020-12-03

This game is enjoyable and I like the Sonic Boom character\'s not gonna lie. I hope this gets a christmas update. If you hate ads just turn off your wifi. Also the game doesn\'t require wifi, how much more can you ask? I play this game everyday on the bus and at home. I love this game better then Subway Surfers. I will forever be thankful for the devs that worked on this game. So, If you want to have fun and have a good time play this, I recommend this.