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Description of Sonos

The official app for setting up and controlling Sonos.

Sonos is the premier smart sound system that makes it easy to enjoy all your content where and how you want.


·Breeze through setup with step-by-step guidance. Add speakers and expand your system any time.

·Stream music, podcasts, radio, and audiobooks from hundreds of popular services, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, Audible, Pandora, Spotify, TIDAL, and more.

·Control your system from any room. Start the music, adjust the volume, and group or ungroup speakers.

·Enjoy free music, original programming, and 60,000+ global broadcast stations on Sonos Radio.¹

·Immerse yourself in music, movies, and more with support for 24-bit lossless audio² and Dolby Atmos.³

·Elevate your home theater experience with special settings like Speech Enhancement and Night Sound.⁴

·Save favorite artists, stations, playlists, shows, albums and songs for quick and easy access.

·Schedule custom alarms to soundtrack your entire day.

·Tune speakers like a pro in minutes with Trueplay and manually adjust EQ settings.

·Add Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to your system for hands-free help.⁵

·Keep your system up to date with new features and services released throughout the year.

1. Available on Sonos products connected to WiFi.

2. Requires compatible speaker and service.

3. Available on select soundars. Requires Atmos encoded content.

4. Available for TV content with a Sonos soundbar.

5. Available on WiFi.

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More Information Of Sonos

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:Sonos, Inc

User Reviews


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jr rr 2021-02-08

The speakers are great. This app is offensively bad. I don\'t get how a company can charge so much for premium speakers then force you to use an app that is so inadequate. The is version let\'s you play anything from your phone. The android version only allows you to play what they want you to listen to. I feel like I wasted thousands of dollars. If you are considering buying sonos speakers and use Android. Don\'t! You will regret it.
Tristan Baharally 2021-02-26

This had one star previously, but since my review in October 2020, the app has significantly improved and is very usable. I have run into very few problems, and the one problem I had was due to bad wifi. I\'m changing this to a five star review because the app has improved for my experience, and I\'m glad Sonos listened.
Root Root 2021-02-28

For the price you pay, Sonos just doesn\'t deliver the quality. Nothing wrong with the sound, but for the past years I had to re-install (or temporary lost speakers in the app) dozens of time. Sometimes I feel I\'m more of an administrator than a music lover who wants to listen to a song. Update: no changes in the stability so far. It\'s so annoying to sit down, start the app, just the find out it can\'t connect to the sonos boxes. Or only after 5 minutes, or only some boxes.
Rowdy Grunt 2021-02-17

This has to be one of the WORST apps in existence for this purpose. The speakers are great, the app is absolutely the opposite in every sense. You\'d think that as expensive as the speakers are, the app to control them would be at least be usable just to control volume; but it sucks for even that basic use. It\'s so bad, that it seems like they did it on purpose. This app sucks on a phone, an iPad, and computer. There is nothing good about it. At all. Period. Fact
Zoronic 2021-02-15

Please, for the love of God, allow me to just stream to the damn speaker. I hate having to go through this unreliable app to listen to anything and it only works with specific services. Youtube Music works in Europe, but when I use it through the Sonos app, it doesn\'t! Thanks! I love that feature! You know, the one where only half the services work and you have to pay a subscription to them to work with the app! Please make more overpriced products and don\'t support them. I really like that.
Zachary Murphy 2021-03-10

Goodness this thing is terrible. Sonos as a whole is an amazing idea and I love the sound system I have. The app, however, is absolutely garbage. Not only is the interface bad, but I recently switched routers. Seems like it would be easy to connect. Nope. Then using the wifi option, it\'s telling me that the sonos devices aren\'t up to date (which I have them set to automatically update). They can\'t update because I can\'t connect them to wifi and vice versa. Terrible app and software
Aaron Hnatiw 2021-03-07

This app is garbage on Android. Doesn\'t connect to speakers or detect the speakers at least 75% of the time. Errors all the time when trying to play songs on a device. Setting up a new device takes at least 10 minutes, most of which is spent waiting for it to deal with errors connecting. The iOS app on the other hand is much better. The Sonos developers have seriously neglected their Android users.
Sarah Cottam 2021-02-01

Great speakers but reliability has really dipped recently. Often the sound just cuts out with no warning, especially when playing at night. We currently use it to play white noise for our 4mo baby, and most nights we have to restart the playlist because it just cuts out, despite no loss of WiFi connection. This disruption can end up waking us and our baby up. Really not impressed. The app is also really laggy and can take a few seconds to realise which button you\'ve pressed.
Anthony Hodge 2021-03-02

We\'ve had our Sonos system for a year now. The quality of the speakers is perfect but the app is a disaster. Constantly losing speakers or control and we have been going crazy trying to ensure our internet is stable. The internet is not the issue. The app is haunted with bugs and should be fixed or at least let the hardware connect to other apps of the customer\'s choice. Please fix this!
Petra Quilitz 2021-02-08

Surprisingly bad software, crashes, or no contact, then the oddity that not everyone in the family can have their own account, even if all you are doing is listening to radio. Skip this and go to Apple. I. have struggled with Sonos for years now, my team at work as well. It just never works. there is always something. They might be simply saving on a UX Designer. We continue to use the old Sonos Box but will never buy another Sonos again.