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Description of Sordwin: The Evertree Saga

Set sail for adventure and mystery on the island of Sordwin. Explore the town in secret or in style, meet and mingle with the island's residents, wield weapons and magic and uncover clues before darkness falls!

"Sordwin: The Evertree Saga" is an immersive 440,000 word interactive experience by Thom Baylay, and the second book in the Evertree Saga. It’s entirely text-based--without graphics or sound effects--and fueled by the vast unstoppable power of your imagination.

A simple request from a wealthy lord is about to get a lot more complicated when you find yourself sailing for an island under quarantine. Will you try to help the terrified townsfolk, or is completing the mission your highest priority? Enter an open world, where the choices you ignore matter as much as the ones you explore and where every interaction has a reaction.

• Play as male, female or non-binary; gay, straight, bisexual or asexual.

• Continue the story started in Evertree Inn or play as a brand new adventurer.

• Make enemies and friends; continue a growing love story or find new romance with all new characters.

• Boldly confront the townsfolk or lurk in the shadows as you uncover clues.

• Battle with any weapon you can imagine or unleash an impressive arsenal of spells.

• Overcome obstacles with multiple different skills.

• Customise your character’s appearance and personality.

• Drink with pirates in the tavern, test your faith at the temple, explore the abandoned observatory and much more.

Find out if you have what it takes to survive on Sordwin!

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.1.2 Publish Date:2022-05-22 Developer:Hosted Games

User Reviews


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Juju Seekar 2019-04-12

To tell a good story is to paint a picture in your mind with WORDS, this fails horribly,on the level of a drawing done by a 3 year old.
S. Morgan 2019-06-06

The author really upped their game on all fronts: writing, story, choices, & romance. You feel obligated to play more than once to find all the things you missed! It\'s very stat-heavy, be aware. I carried over a relationship from book one & felt it was wonderfully handled. New characters are interesting; you have to prioritize each run, but that just makes it worth replaying. Some balancing issues in that my relationship went from 85 to 30 in a conversation. Gutted me, but that\'s a good thing!
A Google user 2019-04-01

Good story line. Fast moving plot, keeps the reader interested and involved. I felt that I had plenty of choices...which forced me to think as my chosen character would and to base my decisions on that. Truly a swashbuckling adventure. Once finished, I will go back and reread the story... Making all different choices! ~A well written, fun, story.
Ma. Cristina Gutay 2019-07-18

I love interactive stories and this one is so addicting. Like I want to play it over again and see how other choices affect my ending or what happens in the middle or... so many possibilities. i wanted to go back to evertree inn, change my choices and see what happens in Sordwin. Immersive. Entertaining. Addicting ( to a person like me who is curious to a fault). Thanks for this experience. Looking forward to the next installment and now back to reading 😊
Cassandre Bouchard 2019-07-16

I honestly found this story delightful. I really do recommend playing Evertree Inn first, although it is woefully short, but I find it gives a nice background to this. Overall, really nice creative story with likeable characters. Im not too good with balancing stats usually but this worked out fine for me. I find Lamuel to be an endearing character, and I can\'t wait to continue their story in the sequel.
Bianca Barresi 2019-04-11

First Hosted game that I\'ve given a 10/10 after finishing. Evertree was good, but this was better Well worth the money, and I\'d even spend more if I knew this was the quality I was getting. Can\'t wait for the next one.
Motoko Chan 2019-03-19

This is a review for the two. I am quite picky with stories. But this was actually great. The characters are interesting, not flat. The story is classical but with well written turns and plotwist. Everything make sense, no deus ex machina there. It really builds a nice atmosphere to suck you know. And slowly (but surely) draws to the big plotwist. But what I loved the most was the \"detective\" part of the game. It was actually refreshing.
D Dean 2019-09-27

Even more thorough in details & interactive paths than Book 1! Worldbuilding just gets better. Easily made me fall even further for my ROs & peeks into the depth of their unique personalities 😍 Eagerly awaiting Book 3~
A Google user 2019-03-25

Pretty good so far. Not Wayhaven good but a really close 2nd. (Wondering if there will be a book two to that soon). Choices DO matter if you do them in a certain order.
Sofa 2019-07-26

Man, oh man, I have so many great things to say about this game. To start - I\'ve played the first in the Evertree series; Evertree Inn. That game is fantastic as well, but this one expands upon it in only the best of ways. Characters you met previously are seamless integrated - so much so I have a hard time imagining them not there! As a standalone, however, it still holds up wonderfully. The story is engaging and the gameplay is surprisingly complex. I can\'t wait to see what comes next!