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Description of Sound Analyzer App

Sound Analyzer App lets you use your smartphone as a Sound Level Meter (SLM) and a Real time Audio Analyzer (RTA). Environmental noise, measured in decibel (dB) can be monitored in real time. The microphone sensitivity is adjustable by means of the calibration menu.

App with no ads, banner or popups.

Features as sound meter (decibel meter):

A, C and Z (flat) frequency weightings,

Fast and Slow time weightings,

Equivalent A-weighted continuous sound level (LAeq),

A-weighted sound exposure level (LAE or SEL),

A-weighted sound exposure level for a nominal 8-hour working day (noise dosimeter: LEP,d or LEX,8h).

Features as 1/n octave spectrum analyzer:

1/3 octave band spectra: Centre frequencies 25 Hz to 16 kHz,

1/1 octave band spectra: Centre frequencies 31.5 Hz to 8 kHz,

A, C and Z (flat) frequency weightings,

Fast, Slow and Impulse time weightings,

Equivalent continuous sound level (Leq).

If you are not familiar with Sound Pressure Level (SPL) indicators, use the default selection: LAF and LAeq indicators respectively for instantaneous and averaged noise measurements.

Warning: This App does not claim to be an alternative to an approved Sound Level Meter. The accuracy of the measurements depends closely on the specifications of the microphone/amplifier which are not designed in a smartphone for Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measurements. This App is for indication only or for educational purpose. Use an approved Sound Level Meter where it is required.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.4 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Dominique Rodrigues

User Reviews


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A Google user 2017-04-28

Update. Thanks developer for the explanation of permissions changing my rating to a five. Seems good, doing what its supposed to.. No ads or crazy permissions. Thanks Developers.. Update. I take back the permission comment above it has a permission it doesn\'t tell u about that allows it to write to external source.. read modify and or delete the contents of the USB storage .. Run es explore and u well see a warning. Dangerous. It would have been perfect has they left that out. Uninstalling..
Stuart Bradley 2017-07-06

Extremely useful app, this is easily accurate enough for my purposes. My only criticism is that, when zooming in on the graph, the lowest reading is always shown. I would like the graph to stay where I need it. However when paused the readout stays put and can be zoomed freely. Would it be possible for the graph not to reset after hitting play? Great work and many thanks.
A Google user 2017-10-27

Excellent app, very accurate, and has built-in calibration (which is also very accurate). I compared the app\'s readings to a professional sound meter, and it\'s right on. The only nitpick: I wish the font/display for the numeric decibel reading were a little larger; these old eyes can\'t read it without glasses.
A Google user 2019-02-21

Amazing! I start to doubt my new speakers amp and is it really 55W RMS, friends brought me pro analyser and I had same result like it is with this app. 5 stars from me. Little thingy thou. I would like app to remember parameters selected as it remember calibration set.
Anthony Nowell 2018-11-08

Flipped my app orientation upside down on every app I open. I hate what this app did to my phone. HELP... Every app I open on my Galaxy S7 is upside down now. The home screen is right-side up though!
George Sorin Birita 2017-03-05

It is lovely, i simply cannot see why it doesn\'t have the max 5 star rating. It must have been down-rated by amators who have no clue about the various weightings and misuse the term dB due to lack of knowledge. Probably dB is the most misused unit/term on the planet as almost anyone pretends to understand it however just a limited few have a clue of it. With a 4.7 rating this app just beats the next 4.6 rated rubbish from the market which has loads and loads of downloads in spite of not even saying anywhere that it measures A-weighted values and labels everything as just dB...
First Last 2019-11-26

So far the best free dba app I\'ve tried. No ads, very easy calibration (most don\'t even have that) and reasonably accurate. The ability to calibrate based on \"living room noise\" is excellent.
Ash M 2017-03-27

Worked like a charm! Been looking for a leak in my heavy duty air mattress for 2 days.. I even submerged it... Nothing! Being a mechanic I was beside myself. So I ran across this app and found it in 20 minutes.
Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider 2019-03-21

Fantastic sound measurement app! There is a lot of science behind sound (ex: dbA is the weighted measurement of sound waves across frequencies that the human ear is most sensitive to, while dbZ is a linear measurement) and this app captures and displays all of this information! Ad-free, only requires the use microphone permission, and well polished... a rare 6/5 if that was possible!
Randy Meyer 2017-08-06

It works well, except the zoom is useless. It always scrolls down to show the 20db line pushing the level where the sound is actually at off of the top of the graph. I want be able to see more detail in the 80-100db range.