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Description of Sound Meter - Decibel Meter

The sound meter app uses your microphone to measure noise volume in decibels(dB). With this app, you can easily measure the current level of environmental noise. The best helper to detect noise.


Sound meter features:

- Indicate decibel by gauge

- Display the current noise reference

- Display min/avg/max decibel values

- Display decibel by a graph, easy to understand

- Can calibrate the decibel for each device

- Show measurement histories

- Set warning for high decibel

- Change white or black theme

- Transfer into smaller interface

Levels of Noise In decibels (dB) according to the American Academy of audiology, from 20 dB to 120 dB between the division, for example, 60 dB is "Normal conversation ".


If the interface is small when you open it, you should know it is a convenient mode. Tap the button under the dial gram, you can change the interface into a large one.

The high decibel value will be harmful to your physical and mental health and hearing function. You'd better avoid exposure in noisy environments. To protect your and your family's health, detect the decibel value now!

Do not hesitate, come and download the Sound pressure level (SPL) meter app now.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.6.11 Publish Date:2022-06-05 Developer:Tools Dev

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-02-02

i did the same fart twice and had totally different readings.
Stou 2019-11-15

Unusable because of the enter, exit ads. It must have at least a dozen ad placements in the app. Can\'t buy to remove ads but have to watch videos. GTFO with this absolute trash.
Camp LIGHT 2019-06-12

I did what it said to \"remove ads\" that didn\'t work. Couldn\'t help but hit an ad button when trying to use this thing moving in and out of the menu. The ads were like some kind of a game flashing around on the screen popping up in different places. Migraine city! I really wanted it to work too! Bummer. Very disruptive Ads. I cannot get to the correct answers below Yes English. YES, spent a bit of time watching ads to get to my 50 coins so it would remove ads. Below does not show correct answers.
50_State_ Revolution 2019-01-16

I don\'t have anything to calibrate the app with, but it works as a reference regardless. This is the only app I\'ve tried for this purpose, the ads are a little annoying so I hope they pay the bills. Thanks Dev.
Jennifer Rae Fuchek 2021-01-06

Tons of ads including a major annoying banner one at bottom of screen, another notification icon for \"recommended apps\" (an ad), and even an ad shown when exiting the app too. I understand developers getting some revenue from ads to support free apps but this is crazy. Not bad app overall but the amount of ads is overwhelming!
David Verity 2020-04-09

I used the app with over 100 Physical and Environmental science students on a noise level lab during this \"distance learning\" time. They were all able to download for FREE and operate at home with no reported problems. The average and max recordings was especially helpful.
Hjalmar Schacht 2019-01-19

A VERY attractive interface! The output seems to be dampened to make the readout more stable and the graph smoother. This should not affect the accuracy, provided the app is calibrated correctly. I knocked off one star because (1) no instructions for calibration are given, and (2) it doesn\'t say how the signal is weighted (A, C, Z). \"DB\" by itself is vague: is it dBA, dBZ, or what? BTW, You CAN get rid of the annoying ads easily by watching 4 or 5 ads, then restarting the app.
Dreamoutloud 103 2018-11-20

I at first didnt think this would work, but for once I heard my dad again. I asked dad are you here and in his voice he said yes! And I asked him to do some knocking and he did! I love this app. I wish I can share it with my family through text or something.
Alan Gong 2020-07-17

It\'s doing what I expected it to do. The save feature is useful. I\'m trying to compare the sound isolation between cars. I wish that as I was playing back a recording, it would show the graph as it\'s playing it back. It\'s pretty good, the ads don\'t get in the way.
Abcdefg Asdg 2019-04-13

piece of trash. a ton of adds and when closed mic still wont work. somehow the app keeps control of it. uninstalled after 2 uses.