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Description of Space shooter - Galaxy attack

- Captain! We are in danger!

- We need your help! Our galaxy is attacked by alien shooter👽👽👽

- The alien invaders beat our squad, they destroyed all of galactica! Space team is waiting for your order! Please command ship to protect the galaxy and the surrounding asteroids.

- Jump on ship! NOW!

If you are a big fan of arcade shooting game with the new modern combat, and want to bring the freedom in the galaxy games, so Space shooter: Galaxy attack is perfect game for you. With classic free space games genre, old game with a new context, Space shooter: Galaxy attack puts you on fire with infinity space shooting. You will be faced lots of evil enemies and deal with many striker bosses in galaxy wars. Are you sure you will survival in the war of alien shooter?


- Perfect Shoot ‘em up: Choose your fighter ship, starship to build your own space team! Remember to survival!

- Challenging campaign: +200 levels full of alien invaders! It should be your infinity shooting missions!

- Epic and huge bosses: Show-off your skills. Enjoy arcade galaxy shooter game space combat - powered up

- PVP - online shooting games, co-op with friend, gather your space team, mark your name on leader board global.

- Stunning designs, amazing lighting and special effects.

- Lucky wheel, daily quest and free gems everyday for you.


- Slide to control your spaceship dodge enemy's bullets.

- Use coin and gem to upgrade or evolve your spaceship to fight with giant enemies and alien invaders.

- Use appropriate spaceships and strategies for each level and boss.

- Remember using power-up item, booster item to level up easier.

The Galaxy's future is now in your hands. Get your ship ready for space attack in this arcade galaxy shooter game

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.546 Publish Date:2021-11-27 Developer:OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.

User Reviews


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steve gut 2021-03-08

Gone downhill again, hackers hack accounts now. Onesoft and their support blame you. Then take away 6 months of your efforts saying you stole things you earned even though you\'ve proven it with screen shots. A crooked company, horrible support. Join to to called a liar and have your money taken. They don\'t respond to inquiries and support is the worst of any game ever. Clean it up Onesoft!!!!!
Necie A 2020-08-05

Really love this game. Not like others where you struggle to upgrade and move on to other levels. Plenty to do so you can earn gems, coins, and so on. Customer service answers promptly and is very helpful. My only reason why I give it 4 stars is because I feel like the layout could be a bit more organized. I have a difficult time locating certain things. Also, please provide an ad free option. Good game, overall.
A Google user 2020-11-19

Poor execution. Full of inconsistencies. In PVP mode, the opposing player gets more than double the points as me for the same level? How does that encourage more gameplay? I keep beating levels, but the winnings don\'t match what the player needs in order to keep buying upgrades. The only thing changing as I progress is that it takes twice as long to beat a level because you don\'t reward enough \"money\" to buy upgrades. Absolute garbage
Francis Flynn 2020-05-30

Started playing this about the start of May (during lockdown). Now it\'s the end of May.What started out to be a massive time killer and one of the best free shooters I\'ve played ever, became an absolute pain in the arse. If you want to kill a few hours, it\'s great. If you try your hardest for a month (3-4 hours) a day, it gets you to the point i am at now. No money, no gems, because you\'ve upgraded as far as you can, without flashing the credit card. Certain sub games like PVP are fixed.
Kim Gayler 2020-07-10

Love this game when it isn\'t throwing me out in the middle of playing... and yes, captain, all my other apps are closed and it still randomly boots me out of app. But, I moved my 5 star rating to 4 stars because of having to continuously chase down the other half of the gem packs I purchase on the sales. Every time, I\'ve had to \"debate\" that I made purchase during the sale and was cheated. I do eventually get what I paid for, but why make me go through this with every purchase? Please fix and then I will go back to 5 stars. Thanks.
Tom Mork 2020-07-11

A fun and challenging Space shooter. Not your normal everyday space shooter either,with lots of options to choose from and a large map you cant get bored.I myself find that most of these kind of games, I will lose interest fast,but not this one ; ) Oh yeah, only ads to watch if (you) choose to do so.You can progress without spending dough and there is a pvp area after you get that far.
Marianne Hansen 2020-05-19

I take back my 5-star review! I made bad choices in the beginning of the game, and even if I am almost at VIP7, I want to start from scratch. But no matter what I do - I still get the old game I used to have and not a fresh app! Now, it turns out that if you connect the app to facebook... you will never be able to disconnect it! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! THIS IS INVASION OF PRIVACY! Why on EARTH would they think that buying a game that does things like this is an option????? I don\'t even want the game anymore!
Lord Goofus 2021-01-03

Initially enjoyed this, but the sheer volume of ads that it pushes you to watch in order to progress the game (or pay real $$$) really puts me off, and I\'m at the point where I\'m ready to uninstall and move on to an alternative that isn\'t so incredibly focused on revenue (directly via $$$, or via a strong push to get you to watch as many ads as possible) Edit: reduced to 1 star after my feedback stating there are too many ads, was responded to by encouraging me to watch more ads...
A Google user 2021-01-31

It is a very good game. However the only way to achieve the best and most powerful ships is by purchasing them. Not a true test of skill and effort building your ships and there capabilities. Especially when in combat with other players. There should be a reasonable way of achieving every ship and it\'s capabilities without purchasing them.
kamaldeep bains 2021-01-20

Love this game been playing it for few years. Overall great game awsome graphics smoth play, many ways to earn rewards to upgrade ships. Love the events where you can gain more goodies and ships. Admin is easy to get hold of. They always respond pretty quick. I recommend this game.