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Description of Spades Pro

★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 and 2015) ★

★★ Our biggest upgrade: May 2017. See end of description for full details! ★★

Spades Free has been substantially updated and is now much stronger, with a new bidding system. Its new game intelligence allows it to make creative plays that conventional programs cannot make, often breaking the usual rule-of-thumb to find new winning plans.

The new CPU players will now also talk to each other - and you - in speech bubbles and smile or frown to let you know how they feel!

Spades Free brings this classic 4-player contract trick taking card game to Google Play. Created to the same high standard as the rest of our games, Spades Free supplies classy graphics, super smooth gameplay, highly scalable difficulty & much more. Spades has never been so good!


★ Full Spades Partnership Play

★ 21 CPU characters of varying skill (beginner to expert)

★ NEW! 3 new CPU characters

★ NEW! Option to have CPU characters chat during play (Android 4.0+)!

★ NEW! A new bidding system allowing a more creative game!

★ NEW! Set your own name!

★ Choose your Spades partner and who to play against, or go random!

★ Select from 17 different backgrounds or use your custom background!

★ Human and CPU player stats!

★ Undo & Hints

★ Game Rules & Help

★ Designed for both Tablet and Phone

★ Jokers, Barmore, NYC and Deuces available

★ In-game score help: tap end-of-hand scores for explanations

★ "Pro mode" option for stronger play

★ "Speed Play" option for fast games

★ "Aggression" option to make all CPU players bid more aggressively

★ In-game displays to help player track rules in use

Summary of major new engine work completed in this new version:

4 years after the original release of Spades Free, we are happy to announce our single greatest improvement in play quality, after a prolonged period devoted just to Spades. This has always been a collaborative project shared with York University and has combined the best of AI research with game industry engineering to achieve the best result so far. In this last period particular attention was paid to bidding and the Nil game, but we also made substantial progress in the Joker variants and efficiency of the analysis. We believe that the end product was worth it. Discover the updated play for yourself!

We are looking to add more great features and game variants for Spades Free. Watch this space!

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More Information Of Spades Pro

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.845 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:AI Factory Limited

User Reviews


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Carolyn Jenkins 2020-05-15

I love SPADES. I play this game a lot and it does make me a better player when playing with a partner. BUT my virtual partners don\'t anticipate like humans. Too oftentimes I have a great hand but somehow I end up losing or win and set my opponents with a 3 bid. It doesn\'t make sense. *5/15/20 Update. The game reneges. I counted the cards. It reneged in three games. You need to fix this. The house is stacked, your partner cuts you out or plays bad, and now opponents renege. I\'m not joking.
Jerry L 2019-07-13

My partner has 5 stars, the other players have 2 stars, and the CPU still wins 70% of the time. I play a king and the CPU to the left has an \"A\" 95% of the time. Update, the game is worse than ever. I am paying now to play this game and I\'m just getting robbed. As before, my partner has five stars, the other players have two stars, and I used to be up over 60% winning now I\'m almost below 50%. If the stars were any indication, how could that be? Highway robbery!!
mickle pearson 2019-02-10

This game is amazing & i actually purchased it on 4 devices of ours.Me & my significant other truly enjoy & love playing spades,we just thought we could ask you all could you add one little update to the game, where you could play 2 player mode against other players on other devices,we\'re not trying to tell you all how to run your game but we truly think the other true spade players out there would strongly agree,& thank the developers for the update.My significant other Lameka gave me the idea.
Pieter Blommaert 2019-11-25

The free version is blurred with exageratedly long ad interrupts, but the small price is absolutely worth the game. Maybe it\'s also the cpu power of the phobes, but i find the play of cpu players much improved over the years. It has all the options i want from a card game.
Dawn F 2020-10-31

Nice, fun game to pass the time. However, AI partner sometimes throws out high cards unnecessarily when an ace is played and it has a lower card it could\'ve played. Also cuts me when I have played the higher card sometimes.
Isis Sabra 2021-01-08

I have played this game a bit more and it works fine with decent graphics, but I learned to adapt to the way it\'s designed. I don\'t like doing that. Example, going for nil successfully is very challenging because the game is fixed to mess you up. I learned I can be more successful by limitating myself trying for nil: When I done that I won. I desire the game to be more flexible to accommodate diverse playing strategies.
Jon 2019-03-05

Whoever programmed this is very very stupid. if you enjoy playing Spades where your partner ducks everything on a 12 bid and grabs everything on a 9 bid or literally tries to set you half the time you go nil this is the game for you! Whoever programmed it is seriously seriously stupid.
Sleuth Sayers 2020-10-01

Problem that afflicts gameplay is the low IQ of even the \'smartest\' partner, especially when you are playing nil. Partner often plays a low card (less than your lowest) even when he has higher cards. In regular play after attaining the bid, partner continues playing all out, winning bags that hurt in the long run.
A Google user 2018-10-07

Doesn\'t know how to bid, play, cover partner. Those bid aggression and nil inclination settings are a joke. Opponents bid nil EVERY HAND with the inclination on lowest setting. All around a very frustrating game of Spades. Don\'t waste your time.
John Fackenthal 2020-02-18

I love the interface. Best I\'ve seen so far. My only complaint is my partner\'s poor situational awareness. CPU seems to go out of its way to lose by bags at critical moments, insisting on trying to set the opponent when it will cost us 100 just before winning. Or bidding nil when it\'s pointlessly risky. I know that contextual play is very hard to program. On the other hand, no smart human would play this way. I\'ve tried all of the five star bots and a number of different settings on risk level.