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Description of Spades

Enjoy the essence of the classic Spades cards game, specially conceived for your mobile device. This will be your best ever experience on a Spades game!

The awesome AI adjusts to your playing level so you are sure to put your skills to test and have lots of fun.

You will be amazed by the crisp clear cards, fantastic graphics and sound effects. But most of all, you will LOVE the incredible artificial intelligence that adapts to your level. It is always challenging and engaging.

Best, you play Spades for free!

Stable, fast, always improving! But above all: fun!


♠ Amazing graphics and awesome sound effects

♠ Unbelievable self adjusting AI

♠ 120, 500 or 750 score games

♠ Play with or without Blind Nill

♠ Customizable cards, backgrounds and faces

♠ Full Scoreboard and Stats tracking

♠ Outstanding card animations

♠ Several game options

♠ Classic Spades gameplay with no Jokers

♠ Auto save and resume when you are back

Install it NOW - !!

- Sharpen your brain;

- Have fun and relax!

This is the killer Spades cards app that you were waiting for. Install Spades NOW on your device.

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More Information Of Spades

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.0.34 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:FIOGONIA LIMITED

User Reviews


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JoLaBa100 2019-03-20

Your \"partner\" in this version of spades is against you. it sucks to play when your partner constantly Trump\'s your ace when he doesn\'t have to. Your partner will also constantly overbid which will of course ensure your loss when you cannot win as many tricks as were bid. downloaders beware, this version is horrible. I have now played 15 games before leaving a review and of course deleting the app. I only won one game and it was by accident when the opposing team \"forgot they had Trump\",
Karen Thomas 2020-12-30

You people have got to stop with the penalties. Some hands are hard to count, especially when y\'all set us up.
sailer25 2020-11-07

Been kind of wierd since the update. The ace isn\'t thrown till a suit has gone a few times around. Before the update the most common total bid was <10. Now it is >13 half the time. Actually seeing hands where both teams get set.
Beth Lisotto 2021-02-01

I am removing this ap. I have played it quite a lot and it is the same every time. I play alone against 3 fake people. They might let you win 1 time. After that two people get all the high spades, aces, kings and queens. I get very few good cards. My partner also gets bad hands. This happens too many times. It is not the luck of the draw or the computer. It is intentional.
Tracy Dorr 2020-07-14

Love your layout. I like the options for choosing opponents, rules, etc.. I just like the overall feel of your version of Spades. Unfortunately, I have to uninstall. The length and amount of ads is insane. A full 30 second ad after each hand, outrageous. I can\'t find an option to pay to remove ads which I would happily do. This makes me sad as it took forever to find an offlune version that I like.
Barbara Washington 2020-11-20

I\'d give it 0 stars if I could. First of all, it has a really crazy way of scoring the game. Somebody\'s team bids 4, gets 5, & gains 100 pts. Secondly, your partner bids & plays like a novice that doesn\'t understand the game. If a player leads off with an Ace, they might throw away their king instead of a smaller card, which was the book you needed to keep from going set. It\'ll surely piss you off. Your partner will either underbid or overbid. Worthless piece of 💩.😡
Angela McGee-Hudec 2021-02-20

What I noticed is that my computer partner would cut me cards with spades instead of throwing off so allow me to take the book. But when it\'s the opponents turn the computer seems to know when to throw off and not cuts its partner. This is not logical at all to me. The way the gameplay makes no sense. I will be uninstalling this game
Jd Berryman 2021-02-05

Horrible!! This game will not follow suit and nothing you can do about it. It will always have the upper hand. Don\'t dare bid on blind nil. Every single time I do, I end up with the ace of spades and about three other high spades. It would be somewhat ok if you could play with real people and the game dealt better.
Young Cinta 2020-12-15

A poor AI plays as your partner. They\'ll under bid often and play terribly when covering nil. There is also no nil bid. Instead, they have 0 as the bid. This is a decent game to learn the rules, but not good for experienced players. Better find an Online option and play with real people.
Bessie Smith 2020-10-13

Love the game, challenging! BUT TOO MANY ADS. There is an ad after each hand, that\'s entirely too much 😊