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Spectre - Ghost Detector Simulator(Tracker, Radar) APK

Spectre - Ghost Detector Simulator(Tracker, Radar)



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Description of Spectre - Ghost Detector Simulator(Tracker, Radar)

Is your house haunted? Find out with the best ghost detector simulator, and prepare to be spooked!


👉 Start the app and allow camera access

👉 Walk around using the camera to survey the area

👉 The radar scope will show you the position of detected ghosts

👉 Keep the camera pointed at the spirit to hear what he has to say

👉 Don't forget to turn on the sound to fully enjoy the creepy sounds and voices.

Ghost tracker features

👻 Ghost camera communicator app and ghost hunting tool

👻 Radar scope to indicate the position of spirits and ghosts

👻 daily updated ghost horror stories

👻 Realistic and animated graphics

Is this ghost detector scientific?

*This ghost detector app is for entertainment purpose.

*This app does not claim scientific accuracy.

Enjoy your ghost hunting, and don't hesitate to share your stories

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lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:ETCO - ghost detector and ghost radar apps

User Reviews


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Human 2020-12-14

somekind interesting, and fun. i got a lot of what they said ghost, spinning whole time. so i just start playing music and record it. some of them can walk properly, basically this app want to say that i was quite popular among female ghost, and there all evil. i\'ve just think of it, i played helltaker and i wish i had my own ghost harem now. or not...
BYTN 2020-12-20

It\'s good for a bit of fun but to the guy who said when you cover the camera the ghost is still there... Not true cos when you cover the camera the screen is black but to think people honestly thought a phone could detect a ghost it\'s just an app for a bit of fun it\'s the same as the apps where you can see your bones thay are not real people pay 1000s for that technology but all thay have to do is download a free app right?? 😅😅😅
Susie Woo 2021-02-13

I see the same ghosts! It\'s a hoax obviously. One is always boxing and the other is break dancing lol!! An app won\'t be able to tell their age either, so this is silly. It was a bit of fun for a bit I guess, but not real obviously.
AJaye Luckey 2021-02-05

It\'s definitely just for fun. I saw in another review that someone said if you cover the camera the spirit is still there and the review I saw said that it wasn\'t true...well it\'s true, I tested it myself and it was still there. This app will be a fun way to spook your friend that\'s easy freaked out or even your kids, lol.
Tomas Canas 2020-11-05

This app is definitely fake because when I used it to look for ghosts and once it found one I tested it my self by covering the camera lens with my hand and oh look the ghost was still there 🙄 so if this app was real then the ghost would not show up any more once I covered the lens and reapears once I would uncover the lens but as I said the ghost was still there when I covered the camera lens with my hand so yeh totally fake so I wouldn\'t bother wasting my money on the in-app purchase
Amelie Forget 2021-02-03

Such a waste of time! I was stupid enough to fall for the upgrade to get more. Paid 3.51 for absolutely nothing. Feel I was rubbed. This app is the most stupid thing ever and I feel like the other reviews are fake. Don\'t buy and don\'t download the free version.. Just plan stupid.
Mustafa Salah 2021-01-03

This app is so funny but is not a real at all. Two simple reasons; 1st It show me some so-called ghost when it gets close to me I read some quranic verses that could immediately kill it or at least burn them but it is still there not even run or did any reaction. 2ndly ghosts don\'t talk like blind people, or dancing, air bunching ... Some ghosts suppose to age couple hundred of years, not all of them age 30s and 40s like humans. I will test more if any change I\'m not bias I\'ll tell the truth.
Xx•ERRØR THE DËVIL•xX 2020-10-30

That fake because I not has that ghost. Real I look for my grandma but I saw is male. It\'s nice photography.
Andrea Wuis-Losey 2020-10-28

Not sure if it\'s real, but the first ghost I saw left and when I said outloud \"are you still there\" it came back, very scary
Daryla Noland 2020-12-17

It shows same evil entity same age an non evil same. An its like with I n 15 seconds new one I don\'t feel is there. So I\'m wondering accuracy every time. Some I feel. Maybe one out of 10 im shown. When it takes picture in picture it shows different sex ,age an stuff. Is that normal? All them say sad stuff when I listen. I try not communicate with them because thats all new level that only experience ones need to do.