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Description of Speedometer GPS Pro

This is Speedometer GPS Pro version.

You can try this free version:


This app can track your speed,distance,time,location and also can get start time,time elapsed,avg speed,max speed,altitude...

Features included

- Save your track info.

- Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer.

- mph,knot and km/h mode.

- Display satellites status.

- Speed chart.

- Map integration,get your location.



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More Information Of Speedometer GPS Pro

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:4.095 Publish Date:2022-06-04 Developer:luozirui

User Reviews


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M Alpizar 2019-04-19

Why I uninstall this app? Well, this app runs in the background every time I restart my phone. Even if I force to close, this app try to run once again in the background.
Uli Bubenheimer 2017-03-31

I reckon this is spyware, judging by the insane number of questionable permissions combined with using a pre-Marshmallow permissions model more than a year after its introduction.
Steve C 2020-06-11

Easy to switch to mph by tapping the mph button below the LCD graphic (where the odometer would be on a real speedometer). I especially like the option for bicycle speeds, and the speed chart to check my history. Excellent app!
epic moviezfan 2020-03-12

License Fixed Thanks || It was showing as not licensed for me at last update. I got the pro version before the app got kicked from Google while it was been offered for free. Now it is telling me to exit or buy & when I click buy it brings me back to the store just to open the app again. Vicious cycle. I won\'t pay for an app that I already had access to the pro version of. Fix ASAP or it was a scam to force people who were lucky enough to get the pro version while been on a free promotion to pay.
Daniël W 2020-10-02

Why does it take 3 steps to disable this app nice and safe while driving And why is this payed app filled to almost Facebook level of trackers. Watch it u pay and stil they stomp on your privacy. I just blocked internet to this monster and used warden with root to disable all trackers.
Oren Farber 2020-07-23

Fantastic, super useful and informative. I use it for my physics students. Can please add an option to remove the information window while reviewing the track? Now the screen is very cluttered with information
Tom 2019-04-21

After the last update this app stays running in the background keeping my phone awake. This drains my battery which is not acceptable. I have to force close this app after every use. Disappointed!
mark white 2017-07-11

It works good in my Suburban.. But when riding my GSXR 1000 it\'s called always off by 20-30 mph from what my speedometer says and other people in the group. I don\'t know if it has a hard time tracking it when you\'re doing it fast acceleration or not so I can\'t give a true estimate but it doesn\'t work well with a fast bike
Göran Helsingborg 2017-06-26

Why release 3 GPS tool for free from the same developer? Something is not right here... All 3 do the exact same thing, show speed and a map.
Twitch Mayberry 2020-11-04

By far the best speedometer app I\'ve had. Worth purchasing. I use it for when I\'m out riding my quad and love how it tracks where I\'ve been and is by far the most accurate in my location and speed .