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Description of Spendee - Budget and Expense Tracker & Planner

Save money effortlessly! Spendee is a FREE budgeting app already loved by almost 3.000.000 people around the world that track their spendings and optimize their budgets.

Seeing all your financial habits enables you to stick to your goals and be organized in what's important. Take responsibility and know exactly where your money goes. With Spendee, you can be your own money manager. It's that easy!


💰 See All of Your Money in One Place

Connect Spendee with your online banking, E-Wallet (e.g. PayPal) or crypto-wallet (e.g. Coinbase) and see your wealth in one place.

📈 Organize & Analyze Your Expenses

We'll help you see your finances in the big picture! Imagine your data is automatically categorized, displayed in simple infographics, stylish graphs and clever insights that help you on your way to your dream savings and proper financial health!

💸 Optimize Your Spendings

Save money for categories you spend the most on by creating budgets and sticking to them! We'll notify you on your progress to make sure you are in green numbers and maintaining positive cash flow.

👩‍🎓 Learn Through Personal Insights

Embrace financial awareness. Let us become your best financial friend which proactively helps you to manage your personal finances and build a sustainable emergency fund. We're ready to give you tips & tricks to help you with your daily decision making.


👉 Budgets - to help you stick to your financial goals

👉 Wallets - organize your cash, bank accounts or different financial occasions

👉 Shared Finances - to efficiently manage money with partners or flatmates

👉 Multiple Currencies - to handle vacation finances with ease

👉 Labels - to mark and analyse transactions in more depth

👉 Dark Mode - to enjoy in an eye-friendly environment

👉 Web Version - to see your finances on a bigger screen

👉 Secure Data Sync - to keep your details private, confidential and safe


Starting with Spendee is easy thanks to its intuitive design. And the more you use it, the more valuable it gets, rewarding you with attractive charts that show you where your money is going, how you're doing compared to previous periods & much more. We believe in beautiful design - and thanks to that, we'll guide you to better financial decisions with ease.

Download Spendee now! Sync your bank account to be your own money manager & get ahead of your finances. It's easy, effective and enables you to save and plan for the future.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.2.4 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:SPENDEE a.s.

User Reviews


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Clara Giménez Delgado 2020-12-16

I used to love this app and use it every day. My husband and I purchased it \'for life\' version so we could have a joint wallet. However, the new update has screwed it all up: 1) It used to take me 20 seconds to record a transaction (including opening the app). Now it takes over 2 minutes. 2) The new version has messed up the database to the point that it multiplied a single transaction 21 times, it has created a \'null\' user, and it gives different total amounts to different users. I have tried to delete the errors and \'clean\' the mess. But I can\'t. 3) There are so many graphs that load any page takes forever. It is a pity, because it has become an inconvenience more than a useful tool.
Sitsari Kitisakkul 2020-12-17

This app has been great for the past 2 years. But the latest update made it practically unusable. Very slow, calculator doesn\'t work when adding transactions, poor UX. Roll it back or fix it asap or you will start losing more long-time customers. Definitely not likely to gain new customers with this current version. It\'s just way too slow and not usable. How could a good product become so bad overnight?
Smilyan Pavlov 2020-12-17

I loved this app, used it daily. Paid for it The latest version is appauling, completely useless. It doesn\'t load at all. I have to use the web version on my phone on the go. It is ane example of \"When something works, don\'t fix it\". Please, I don\'t want more features and other fancy elements, I just want something that works fast and well for what it is intended. Will change my review if this is improved. Spendee is essential to my personal financial planning and this is SO frustrating.
Hazem El-Oraby 2020-12-20

Have been using it for years, I like Spendee, but not happy about the last update. It is slower to start, not many features have been added and the hashtags were much easier to use than the new labels which require more steps and can\'t even be sorted. You also now need to pay a subscription if you want to add more than label to an item, something that used to be free in the previous version. UPDATE - been a month since the new version has been released and I\'ve now decided to use another app.
Vladimir Motyka 2021-02-05

After the update the application (alse web application) is painfully slow. Addin a new transaction takes me almost a minut when I don\'t make a mistake. I add my transactions once per week, it is a fight. Also creating a connection to a bank account isn\'t working (Unicredit Bank SK). To not be only negative. I like the new look and that the labels are now separated from the notes. For the labels, it would be nice if they are ordered by usage. It would be convenient not to look for the tag I use the most.
Marvin Jason Sy 2021-01-31

Pretty much unusable now since the new update. If you plan on using this for a long time to record your spendings, I\'d reconsider. Ever since the update, the data that I have been recording everyday for the past 2 years got all messed up - there were suddenly a LOT of duplicates, making my total spending 5 times more than it actually is (I actually can\'t tell for sure if it\'s just 5 times more). Also, I\'ve noticed old categories are now missing, so previous data are now floating without labels.
Porfirio Mendez Ocampo 2020-11-25

It kinda works but the latest update makes soooooooooooo slow. Also, I can\'t enable the categories anymore. It doesn\'t matter how much I set it to visible, when I go back to the categories, is not there. Do you need some QA in your team? Any update on this? Now my category is empty, it tells me to click on the gear, I select categories, but never show up to be selected.
Raitis Gorbacevičs 2020-12-12

It. was good app, did pay for it, but latest update is such a disappointment. Super-slow, some actions now take more clicks. Not only I would now not recommend this to anyone, but if nothing changes (improve) soon, I will look for alternatives. Developers - please human-test before you change anything radically. Adding entries efficiently is one of the most important features in apps like these.
Alastair Tye Samson 2019-05-29

I was really enamoured with this app at first and jumped right into a premium subscription, but I\'m starting to have some regrets. There is NO way to change the rules that categorise each incoming transaction, and the auto-assigned categories are ALWAYS wrong. Support says that the app should learn the more I manually change the categories of incoming transactions, but a couple of months later I\'m still here having to manually recategorise each and every single transaction. What an absolute pain! At this point why do I even bother paying for a premium subscription just to sync my bank account when it\'d probably take me just as much time to manually add each transaction as it currently does to manually recategorise them all.. And there absolutely needs to be a global setting to turn off hashtags — what an absolute mess of things they make!! Again, they might be okay if you\'re adding them manually, but if you\'re syncing your bank account, the automatically assigned hashtags are an absolute mess. This app isn\'t quite as smart as it thinks it is, which would be absolutely fine if only it stopped pretending to be so smart and relinquished us a little more manual control of everything.
A A 2019-05-31

I don\'t think I\'ve ever reviewed any app. This deserves it. Been a user for 3 months going into 4, and I can\'t imagine being without it. It has been so helpful and informative in pushing me towards my financial goals. I recommend it to EVERYONE. Ease of use, interface, charts, graphs, the whole package! I\'ve tried *every* other budget app and none of them are this good. THANK YOU!!!!!