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Description of Spider Solitaire

The enduring Spider Solitaire you’ve probably played in PC, now you can play on your phone!

The new smart phone version of Spider Solitaire game retains all the enduring Spider Solitaire features but is more convenient to play!

From the primary, professional, to master level, you will be able to tackle the puzzle on the go!!


+ Multiple languages choices

+ Three-level difficulty selection, 1 Suit- primary, 2 Suit - professional, and 4 Suit - master.

+ Restricted deal choices,with restriction on dealing or not when cell-free

+ Can Choose playing by left hand or right hand

+ Can choose Auto orientation and portrait or landscape

+ Multiple choice backgrounds and cards with different face styles.

+ Click & Draw function, when you click on one card, it can automatic move to the right place

+ HINT can guide to move next

+ Auto save incomplete game

+ Unlimited UNDO

+ Can be timed for additional points if the game is won.

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More Information Of Spider Solitaire

lable: Card - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Aged Studio Limited

User Reviews


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Paul Gandesa 2021-01-01

Unistalling this now. I don\'t mind ads but i hate them during a game, they appear so quickly you think yoi select a card and you\'re on the Playstore, or Aliexpress etc. Tell me, you makers of this game, why aren\'t the ads beween games instead of during the game?
James Connolly 2020-08-14

Less demanding than most Spider I\'ve played. (You can\'t allow an empty space when you draw down the next deck of cards; if there is a legal move you have to take it.) On the other hand this game moves faster and that is more fun.
Tim Boronow 2020-10-12

The lack of interruptions while I\'m playing is very nice.
Carol Gielen 2020-11-22

I\'m enjoying this game it is easy and fun not to hard to do.i like it alot it may get some challenges but I get it out that is awesome.
Johanne Boyd 2020-11-01

I really like this app. I love this spider spade solitaire. It\'s very challenging an I love all the spider solitaire games and the solitaire games.
Shobha Watts. 2020-03-21

Very pleased with this game, Helps keep the mind occupied in our old age. I wish the cards were bigger for my poor sight.
Eva Storkson 2020-07-29

Can hardly wait for the backgrounds and card backs and other features !!!
PJ S 2019-09-12

TOO Many Ads that you can\'t play the game to know what\'s going on to keep up. It\'s not enjoyable to stop every couple of minutes for it to try to get you to BUY add-on playtime & it\'s not cheap! I quit, not even finishing the 2nd or possibly the 3rd game in the middle of it. It was no fun to play. This game needs re-evaluating!
Darlene Huston 2020-12-01

Love this game. It\'s like a day without sunshine if I don\'t get to play at least 3 hours a day. My tablet got into a mishap and it had over 2.3 millon games on it.
Yvette Nolen 2020-08-27

I haven\'t played Spider for awhile. It\'s one of my favorite games and I\'m enjoying it very much