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Spider Solitaire+

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Description of Spider Solitaire+

Spider Solitaire by Brainium is the #1 Spider Solitaire game on Android and Google Play.

If you love Solitaire card games, you're going to love Spider Solitaire by Brainium even more! A truly enjoyable, satisfying, and fun solitary card game experience.

Spider Solitaire by Brainium is one of the most popular spider card games for phones and tablets and best of all, there are no advertisements.

We kept Spider Solitaire true to the spirit of the classic game: the goal is to build stacks of cards of the same suit from King to Ace. We've crafted a carefully designed app with sharp and clean visuals. In Spider Solitaire, your goal is to build stacks of cards of the same suit from King to Ace. We specifically optimized the game for Android phones and tablets of all screen sizes, for an unmatched solitary experience. For some extra fun and a personal touch, you can also become the star of your Spider game and select your own photos to create custom backgrounds and decks of cards.

If you love Spider solitaire, Spiderette, Klondike solitaire, FreeCell solitaire, Mahjong, Pyramid solitaire, Tripeaks or any other Patience card games, don't miss out on the best Spider Solitaire for your phone and tablet! Just give the game a try, and we promise Spider Solitaire by Brainium is the most beautiful and user friendly Spider solitare you've ever played.


♦ 1 suit, 2 suit, and 4 suit games

♦ Gorgeous high resolution graphics

♦ Spiderette for quick and fun games

♦ Smart hints

♦ Unlimited undo

♦ Auto complete

♦ Spider Solitaire Statistics

♦ Portrait and Landscape view

♦ Interruption friendly with auto-save and resume

♦ Custom themes from your own photos

♦ Fun and surprising spider Achievements

♦ Phone and tablet support for a perfect game experience

If you enjoy our Spider Solitaire App, check out our other free solitaire games: Klondike solitaire, FreeCell solitaire, and Sudoku.

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More Information Of Spider Solitaire+

lable: Card - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-05-31 Developer:Brainium Studios

User Reviews


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Budley 2020-08-22

No ads...YEA!!!!! (I refuse to use apps that force ads without an option to pay for removable.) I\'ve been enjoying spider solitaire for years in MS Windows. It\'s is pretty much the hallmark in my opinion. Finding an Android equivalent has yielded some mediocre results at best. Brainium has come very close. Add to that a no-ads paid version and it\'s 5 stars all day in my book.
Debra l. Nunn 2020-05-23

Love this game. It allows me to move freely to keep my brain focused which lets my brain heal without interruption. Thank you so much. This help my brain to begin to heal from it\'s injury. You have no idea what it has done for me. It has retrained area of the brain that I had no idea it could this for me. PLEASE, PLEASE never change this. I\'ve come a long way from where I was. THANK YOU SO MUCH ,Debra L Nunn
Laura Sugimoto 2019-05-12

Gameplay is smooth and precise, the cards are easy to see and strategize with, they are easy to manipulate (unlike some apps with teeny-tiny cards) and the addition of the game of Spiderette if you wish to change it up here and there, and beautiful themes, make this the prime Spider app for me! No other is so fine. Thanks, Brainium!!
Gary Blais 2019-09-02

The game is fine but it only plays in portrait mode and I prefer landscape.
Kathryn LaFave 2019-11-16

Let me tell you, I love spider solitaire. I love it so much that I\'ve racked up hundreds of hours on the windows versions (before 10 ruined it). Which is why purchasing this was a huge mistake. Anyway- this version is great for phones! It has all of the features I need, and some neat side options as well (never played spiderette before!) Suggestions/feedback: 1)Option to place hint & undo buttons on main screen (above cards?) 2)More detailed stat breakdown 3)Highest score comparison on victory
Bevin Moon 2020-10-05

Layout in landscape needs serious changes, they are super annoying but easy fixes. 1. the i button couldn\'t possibly be in worse place! Bury this in the settings, so useless and in the way 2. you can\'t move the menu bar, so it\'s ALWAYS in the way of gameplay (hide, undo, ad infinitum) unnecessary & frustrating 3. much space at top is taken up by where the cards are dealt from and go, so cards are bunched up at bottom w empty space at top, put those in empty space on sides! Pls fix for 5 stars!
Derek Walker 2021-01-08

I\'m a big fan of spider solitaire, and while I\'m not a master of the game, in most versions of this game, when playing two suits, I usually win about 1/3 of my games. Not on this PAID version, I\'m only winning about 2%. In about 75 games, I have won 3 games.
Marcus Gehrmann 2019-03-10

I recently rediscovered Spider Solitaire on a client\'s PC I was repairing and wanted a version for my android devices. As I\'ve previously purchased other Brainium Studio games that are excellently crafted, I bought the paid version. As expected, the overall gameplay experience is fantastic and configurable to my personal preferences. I especially like the option to use an image as the background. I\'m finding it a bit more challenging than the other games. Kudos to the developers!
peggy richter 2019-09-02

Works well, like the no ads. If i were to improve it, the hint bar can be covered by the cards, and some selections for the face of the cards would be great. These are trivial things so five stars.
Kevin Gibbs 2020-09-03

It\'s ok but: The cards are small and they don\'t have enough space to pile them down, eventually can\\t see the lowest one. Keyboard shortcuts are not enabled, like CTR+Z for UNDO, or Alt for HINT. Everytime you want hint or undo you have to bring the pannel up, that stays hidden. This interrupts the flow. Suggestion for the developers: May be use the whole possible space on the sceen instead of positioning the stacks in the middle and loosing of space on the bottom. Payd for it, so I\'ll kepp it, but I\'m looking for another. Not pleased.