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Description of Spider Solitaire

Solitaire Spider Fish is one of the BRAND-NEW spider solitaire card games for you with an AMAZING spider ocean theme. Based on the classic solitaire spider gameplay, you can create your UNIQUE aquarium of the undersea world within your hands.

There are dozens of cute fishes, such as Clownfish, Rainbowfish, Bannerfish, Globefish, Butterflyfish, and Anglerfish, etc. More fishes are waiting for you to explore. It provides you a great way to spend your spare time and help you to keep your brain smart & sharp at the same time.


Based on the classic spider solitaire gameplay, we've added a CREATIVE aquarium world with different sea fishes for you.


While enjoying the spider solitaire games, you will be totally immersed yourself in an amazing unique aquarium world with delicate undersea surroundings and creatures.


When you pass a deal, you will get coins and stars as rewards. And when you collect enough stars, you can get "Star Chest" or the "Daily Task" to get surprises. What's more, don't forget to try the "Lucky Spin" for more surprises.


There are over tens of thousands of spider solitaire challenges for you to play anytime and anywhere together with the "Daily Challenges"!


- Daily challenges with different levels

- Up to 10 top records

- Timer mode

- Left-handed mode

- Single tap or drag&drop to move cards

- Auto-collect cards on completion

- Feature to Undo moves

- Feature to use Hints

- Play offline! No wifi required

If you like playing Spider, Patience, or Klondike solitaire games on laptops or webs, it is definitely one of the BEST spider solitaire games for you on mobile devices! You can train your brain or kill time with friends together.

And if you also like cute fishes, don't hesitate to download and play this CREATIVE spider solitaire game NOW!

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More Information Of Spider Solitaire

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.0.21 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Solitaire Aquarium

User Reviews


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Wendy Weber 2021-01-14

Every time I get the fish I want, you make me take an aquarium I don\'t like. On top of that it infuriates me that I lose all of the special fish I worked so hard to get. I\'m rethinking about whether I want to continue to play this game. I have 17,000 points saved. I should be able to transfer the fish I want. It\'s so FRUSTRATING!!!!!!! It gets worse. I have 22500 points and wanted to purchase a rare fish. Guess what? I can\'t. I have to get a new aquarium. Guess what? There aren\'t any new ones.
Katrina Hall 2020-09-25

Fun game doesn\'t drive you insane with difficulty and it\'s made relaxing while you figure out in your own time how to not make as many moves with your cards.... A good game that won\'t cause you to explode with frustration it will simply decompress destress and help you disengage from your problems and for those of us who tend to think to much about certain troublesome issues bad enough that you can\'t shut your brain off .... Try this as it just might do the trick!
Jenni Kohl 2021-02-15

Really cute game BUT, ads in the middle of play! Are you kidding? Destroys your focus/concentration and ruins any calming affect of playing a solitaire game. I will have to uninstall. :( So bummed.
Pamela Harkness 2020-12-27

Love the game, you ruin it with all the advertisements. Can\'t do a game with out it cutting in all the time.
Beatriz Rolim 2020-11-09

The game is awesome and addicted, but it needs a lot of game playing to complete the puzzle. Every piece that I win became coins. Five days playing and the puzzle is not completed. This is the worst thing in this game. The coins should be more valuable and the puzzle should be easier to get completed. After the update you added more ads, that\'s horrible. Besides those things, this game is cool. Please, simplify those things, because we like to play, not to see a lot of ads. Thanks.
Anne Valentine 2021-01-01

there are more long ads in this game than any other game I have ever played. Ad after Ad after Ad.
Ida Jimenez 2021-02-23

Do not like the fact that the game doesn\'t rotate horizontally when the screen is turned. Checked all settings and no option on the game itself, even when the phone is set to rotate sideways. Uninstalling. Let me know if this is fixed and I will try it again. Thanks
Gail Spitzer 2021-03-03

Ads are ridiculous. Popping in the middle of a game? If not better very soon I will uninstall. I\'m sure one player doesn\'t matter to you but your aggravation is something I don\'t need to put up with.
Kelley Kelley 2020-12-13

I love to see the fish swimming around. I love the different tanks. Graphics are good. But, SO MANY COMMERCIALS!!!!!
Nancy Watrous 2020-12-15

I\'ve been playing for a while now. My aquariums are full and no new ones are available. Aside from playing the game the goal is to get more fish for aquariums. I can\'t move forward. The newest version inserts ads right in the middle of game play. Very annoying and distracting.