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Description of Spider Solitaire

The WORLD #1 Spider Solitaire card game is now AVAILABLE on Android! Come and TRY our BEST Spider Solitaire game (also known as a version of Patience solitaire), full of new and fresh challenges! DOWNLOAD this beautiful classic Spider Solitaire game now for the guaranteed BEST EXPERIENCE playing spider solitaire! GET it and ENJOY the solitaire FUN!

Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular solitaire games in the world! If you are a big fan of Spider Solitaire, Spiderette, classic Klondike solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire games, Pyramid Solitaire, Casino card games or any other casual card games, you will love this spectacular game!

Unlike some solitaire games that lack polish, we have revamped our spider solitaire game with the perfect blend of popular classic spider solitaire gameplay and awesome graphical design. We believe that our game will give you just the right amount of options for all your solitaire needs!

Features that make our spider solitaire card game special:

♦ Classic spider solitaire card gameplay

♦ Choose your favorite game from 1 suit, 2 suits and 4 suits varieties

♦ We all make mistakes! Don’t worry, unlimited undo is a lifesaver!

♦ Unrestricted dealing! Deal cards even when there are empty slots!

♦ Automatically collect and record your statistics

♦ Customize your own style! Choose from various backgrounds, card faces, and card backs!

♦ Move cards by either tapping or dragging them with your finger! Play Spider Solitaire your way!

♦ Left and right handed modes

♦ Compatible with most devices

♦ Portrait and Landscape view for your convenience!

♦ Great chance to exercise your mind!

Simple and addicting for all age groups. Play with your family and friends! There’s no better game for killing time with some brain-stimulating family fun!

★★★DOWNLOAD today for limitless Classic Spider Solitaire fun!★★★

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More Information Of Spider Solitaire

lable: Card - Games Current Version:2.151.0 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Classic Solitaire Games Inc

User Reviews


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god of Mistakes 2019-11-10

Plenty of spider solitare apps, this one is pretty good :3 i play it every night before bed. I like the daily function as well. I like the card and background customization, not just for aesthetics, but because some things hurt my eyes or are just uncomfotable and confusing to look at, so i can set it to something appealing. All in all, good app
Thomas Forrester 2020-12-11

This is a very good Spider app with less intrusive ads than most. I truly appreciate that! However, it appears to be a serious battery suck. If you value your battery, kill this app after playing, or set your device to put it to sleep when not in use, as it appears to continue running in the background. 5 stars if not for the battery issue.
Jean Smith 2020-01-18

I originally gave a 5*..But now there are ads that you can\'t just watch then continue with the game...you have to enter the app..or close the game then open it again and watch another ad that could have the same results..to bad..I really enjoyed this game........I understand and appreciate that..But what I\'m saying is..Even after WATCHING the ad..You can\'t exit it to play again...you either have to literally enter their sight, or close the game and reopen it.
Kevin T 2020-08-02

Game eagerly hides the bottom bar, but I have to really tap it to get it back. Should be able to lock it. Also should be able to easily see the gas we number and be able to choose it later. Sometimes hard to move a stack of cards, they snap back to their original position if you don\'t place them precisely. Conversely too easy to accidentally tap a card that then glides to where the program thinks it should go. Should be able to disable. When selecting \"winnable\" only games, it lies!
Sheila Amara 2020-07-31

Beautiful cards and backgrounds! However doesn\'t follow all the rules - for example, in this version you can deal cards when columns are empty. In true spider solitaire there must be at least one card in each column before dealing more cards. Still very relaxing. Sends too many play me notifications though (daily). But ads are not obnoxious so that\'s a plus!
Brian Evans 2020-05-25

It\'s probably one of the best spider solitaire games here, but the most annoying feature is the lower menu. That thing must go back and forth between open and close hundreds of times while playing the game. It seems an angel breathing on you screen is all it takes to activate this menu. Idea: make it so it has to be purposefully opened or closed. A minor distraction maybe, but it does detract from the overall experience.
Blake Travis 2020-01-19

Great game! One of the few that wont crash or lock up during the Ads! Ads are how these guys get paid and im cool with that. At least these Devs dont shove them in your face every 30 seconds and have worked to assure a smooth game, especially on this low budget phone. I cannot express how much it means to not have to reboot when Ads crash! The game itself is awesome, can spend hours passing the time. Simple, clean, no hicups, fun... What else could you ask for? Thanks Devs...DONT CHANGE!!!!!
A Google user 2019-02-19

I enjoy the game but my best games were in the beginning when I didn\'t know what I was doing (this is my first smart phone or cell phone, ever). Even figuring out that all I had to do was touch the cards rather than drag them means that I was a lot slower. Anyway now I Don\'t play as much as I used to \'cuz it seems as though I won\'t break any of my old records. At least I haven\'t in a very long time. However, highlighting the new cards dealt helps a lot. THANKS!
Hayley Gomez 2020-11-09

I literally downloaded every spider solitaire app until I found the one I liked and this was it. I do wish the ads weren\'t there but I totally get that. I like that you can choose this to have the option of them being winning hands or not. Several apps don\'t. Why would I even want to play if it will never be able to be solved?!? Thanks guys!
Lea Perella 2020-05-25

Love this game! It\'s more difficult than other versions that I\'ve played, and I like the challenge. I waited awhile before rating and writing a review. I don\'t participate in the leader boards or sharing my scores- but that\'s just because I love the game itself... I don\'t need anything else. Great graphics, cool that I get choices for cards and background, animation and one-step moves are great!