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Description of Spiral Roll

Dig wood to form spirals and use them to destroy obstacles !

Have Fun :)

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.13.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:VOODOO

User Reviews


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Becky Behrens 2021-01-06

More time watching ads than playing game. Seriously. I counted seconds. I might like the game if I could actually PLAY it! You people are insane. Do people actually fall for this?! You\'d make more money giving us a little gameplay. Too many other good games out there to mess with this trash. I only downloaded it for points on another app. I\'ll open it and let it sit.
Zac Horton 2020-12-27

So normally I enjoy the simple, but satisfying nature of Voodoo games, but this one was disappointing. It has adds every few seconds and doesn\'t even have an option to buy ad free. The first disappointing game from a company that normally makes simple, fun and satisfying games. If this is fixed, then the game is a 4 star.
Jann Fiete Arp 2020-12-05

I don\'t mind the repetitiveness because this game is for relaxing only. But I got a bug where the game crashed when I scraped too much (x14) right before the finish. I restarted the game and lost all the points I\'ve collected. Please fix it.
Grave Bolt 2021-02-09

Well, as usual, voodoo has managed to make a game that\'s fine... but has major flaws. I play a lot of voodoo games and have to say, some of them are good concepts but rarely ever anything more than ad filled games that try and force your hand to buy the remove ads \"dlc\". So I remove 3 stars for that... but wait! There\'s more, this game doe not explain how to correctly finish the levels. They have a wall with scores on it, and you must roll the checkerd and floor up the wall. It doesn\'t roll...
Krai Treadway 2020-11-03

So the game was good. ADS were annoying. I understand to need for ads. After every level, every time I chose a new chisel, if I died was a bit much. I opted to buy the \"Ad free\" version for $3.99 USD. Dev, can you tell me why I still have ads? Anyone wanting to remove the ads just put your phone into airplane mode. Don\'t purchase. It does no good.
Honest healer45 2020-12-17

This game is one of the most satisfying games I have ever played in my life, although the only problem, is the ads. There\'s too much of them and I keep getting tierd of being interrupted by them, I just wanna play this game in peace, please remove the ads, Thank you.
Dayna Arnett 2021-01-12

This game has been okay for a while but recently I\'m running into two issues. 1) levels are randomly stopping in the middle and sending me to the next level. 2) if a mistake occurs, it doesn\'t give you the option not to be saved, you have to be saved and watch an ad to continue. These need to be fixed before I will play the game again.
Mac Cheez 2021-01-02

dont often write reviews, but please dont get this game. total waste of time, wayyyy too many ads, and its impossible to actually \"be good\" at this game. if youre a perfectionist like me, youll quickly realize there is no way to get a good score at the end of the level, and then youll quickly get mad at the amount of ads so you cant even focus. had for like 5 minutes, already deleting. im not wasting anymore time on this
major bynum 2021-02-10

This game should be called the Ad game! I\'ve never seen a game that you have to watch an ad after EVERYTHING you do. Wanna revive? AD! Wanna start over instead? AD! Wanna back out? AD! Did you just sneeze? AD! Wait, are you breathing? AD! I tried to give it a shot and kept going. I played the game for 6mins, 5mins of that were ads. This is the honest truth. Don\'t waste your time even downloading. They prolly delete this post, but not without an AD 1st.
Bullseyebob 41 2020-12-12

The sheer amount of ads make it annoying to play only if you are connected to wifi or mobile data. Game really shines when you turn both of them off. Otherwise yeah it is bad if you don\'t know how to work around a system.