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Description of Spoon: Talk & Music Livestream

Join Spoon, the social audio platform loved by 30M+ people worldwide and growing! Create, host, and discover podcasts, calls, news, music, and record, chat, or cast to go live. Talk, share chats, and meet friends with live social chat!

Spoon is an interactive social audio livestream platform that lets your voice be heard.

There’s so much to explore with live streams, music, news, podcasts, or just a talk with new friends. Host or share calls, create conversations, meet friends, start podcasting, and create with fellow creators every day using only your voice and your phone.


Music streaming? Conversations? News? Easily find the topics you want to listen to! Our team will find and handpick content by emerging streamers for you to check out.


Music streaming on Spoon is more fun. As a streamer, you can call on listeners to co host conversations at any time. Need help choosing the next song? Set up a poll in the stream for listeners to make that call! Want to help your listeners? Get interactive! Ask anonymous questions with our request box feature. Support your favorite streamers with likes and animated digital gifts. After all, music streaming is better together.


Good news: Podcasting has never been easier! Forget about fancy mics and hours of editing — go live, and save it as a podcast! Make your podcast more interesting with listener interaction, and spark conversation with live social chat. Start podcasting today.

Streamers & listeners: Missed a livestream? No problem! Discover, share, and listen to recordings of live streams whenever you want without annoying ads. Find podcasts you enjoy faster with our enhanced search and recommendation system.

Musicians: Our podcasts are perfect for music streaming too! To cast just hit record, perform. and share your music on Spoon with interactive audiences.


One of our biggest priorities is making sure our users can stay safe on our platform. Our moderation team actively monitors content and is regularly trained. Spoon is committed to creating a uniquely empathetic and non-toxic platform online. For more information on how we keep Spoon awesome and safe, you can check out our community guidelines here: https://www.spooncast.net/service/communityguideline.


Website: www.spooncast.net

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SpoonGlobal/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpoonGlobal/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spoon_global/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@spoon_global

Twitter: https://twitter.com/spoon_global


In the app: Profile > Menu > Contact Us > Help

Customer Support: spoonusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us


- None


- Microphone: Permission to use live stream and voice content

- Storage space: Permission to save live stream and voice content

- Phone: Permission to use the live call during a live stream

- Address Book: Permission to access address book to invite friends

Discover a place to meet friends, host, and record calls and shows.

Download the Spoon app now to find and join the live calls and conversations!

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lable: Social - Apps Current Version:7.5.1 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Spoonradio.co

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Wes Shelpman 2020-11-06

Sadly. The platform seems like a good idea and has room to grow and improve. I see a lot of potential. However I do not like the fact people can just post pornographic images and they show up to everyone. You must take care of this before I can give a higher rating. I see to many kids on the app and this makes it a very unsafe environment. I understand there is a report function and iv used it but I think there should be more to make sure that dose not happen. Check your kids phones people.
blue 2020-07-17

First off, you dont advertise very well. In your old ads you mention music? Which is vaguely true to the app. But in all of the new ones its just marketed as a social app. You buy too many advertisements which causes people to dislike your app as well. Furthermore, the app is desolate, noone is active. This is in large part because of the unlikableness of you app. The entire app is just a giant ploy to money grab at people. For this and many other things, it sucks. But this is the letter max.
Jason Cheung 2019-08-28

No matter what I do, I always got the Korean version, I listen to Japanese not Korean, what worst is that I can download the Jap ver in Japan but only the Korean ver in Hong Kong. What is this bullsh!t. Gotta leave it at 1 star before they fix this problem.
M W 2020-10-02

Super super glitchy. This app needs to be worked on. Simple. It is frustrating to have something crash constantly. None of my other apps do this so its not my phone (it is also the newest Samsung S20+) Judging from their comments, they\'d expect me to \"rephrase\" and lie to you all and say my experience was great. I will not lie. It was not great. 1 star. Oh and before they say it; no. This review does not go against Google policy nor it is offensive. It is a honest review and nothing more.
iddatul hdy 2020-05-30

I never log out from it, but it was log out by itself.. then when I tried to log in, the loading keep going for a long time, for minutes till I chose to open my account on a browser like chrome. It\'s fine, there no need a long loading like in the app. I tried to reinstall it, restart my phone, make more free space, but it still has the same problem. Eventually, the app doesn\'t allowed me to log in
Jonathan Warren 2020-11-29

I decided to give the app a fighting chance and we\'ll.. it is still garbage. Its Glitchy on the Google pixel I\'m not sure if this is an Isolated incident though. I also don\'t care for their mission of normalizing talking to strangers it seems to leave a lot of room for potential issues towards the younger users but of course you could say that about any social site. Lack luster app trying to fit in an already saturated market, not an app I would recommend to others. There are better options.
Anigye Johnson 2020-08-29

I love this app with everything in me. The community is really open and understanding and contains way less drama than other apps that involve interacting with others online. My only complaint is that whenever a DJ invites me to talk, I\'ll go to record my response and press X when I am done. My audio recording does not post at all and it seems like i didn\'t even record it in the first place. If this was fixed, I would gladly rate 5 stars.
Jaxon Shepherd 2020-11-20

I am very impressed with how fun and useful this app is! When I first got annoying repetitive ads about it, oh, I was so annoyed. But after a while, I decided I should give it a try because- eh why not?😂 The only improvement I would ask for is a tutorial when people just get into the app. It took me about an hour to figure out how everything worked, still I can\'t give any less than 5 stars because is absolutely wonderful and I seriously suggest you consider installing! You will not regret it!
Emmy W. 2020-08-12

I have been a DJ on spoon since I first left this 5 star review and I stand by it to this day. The spoon team is very receptive to feedback, works to solve bugs and problems daily. I understand people are upset about the role playing being removed but it simply does not belong on an audio only livestreaming platform. It is a great place to make friends and produce content of all types. As the app grows it will change and people have to change with it! I still wholeheartedly love the platform.
Tremor Kreutzer 2020-04-16

It didn\'t take long to find a problem with this app. Just signed in, started poking around. I ended up pressing the like button on someone\'s stream. Didn\'t mean to do that, had no idea what the button was before I pressed it, but now it appears I am locked in. There is no way to unlike. So that\'s kinda dumb. Imagine pressing any other button and not realizing the results would be permanent. Imagine you accidentally got a tattoo. Fix this please