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Description of SportEasy

Easily invite players to upcoming games and practices, communicate with your players and coaches, follow your stats : whatever your sport and your practice level.

SportEasy is the most comprehensive app to manage your soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey or any other sport team.

Coach or Player? SportEasy gives you a permanent access to your team information and teammates.

You practice your sport for leisure or in competition? In a local or national league? SportEasy adapts to your needs.



With SportEasy you can manage your:


* view your different teams calendars

* view the date, start time, location, venue, for each event

* view the list of participants/non participants

* view and share your team lineup


* receive notifications for upcoming games, practices, tournaments

* set your availability for an event


* chat with your players, teammates, coaches, parents

* receive important messages from the coach


* see the score/results, the scorers, the assists, etc.

* rate the game, rate the players, vote for the most valuable player (MVP)


*SportEasy for everyone, everywhere!*

CLUB: manage multiple teams from the same club on SportEasy. Club leaders and volunteers love SportEasy too.

GROUP OF FRIENDS : you are meeting with friends every week to play soccer, football basketball? SportEasy is going to be your new BFF.

COMPANY: you practice your sport at work, with colleagues? SportEasy brings happiness to the office.

SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY: you are member of a school team, or university team? SportEasy equals more free time, to study and focus on the next class, of course.

RECREATIONAL TEAM: you are in the game just for fun and friendship, not for prizes and glory? Yes, you can!

SportEasy is for men and women, adult or child. You can use the app from home, at the office, the gym, the stadium, by the field, by the court, in the locker-room, while commuting, at the beach, etc.


*SportEasy and your sport*

SportEasy is available for teams and clubs in the following sports: baseball, basketball, cricket, floorball, football, australian football, handball, field hockey, ice hockey, kayak polo, lacrosse, polo, roller hockey, rugby, soccer, street hockey, ultimate, volleyball, water-polo.

The app is also available for all other sports (including individual sports): tennis, table tennis (ping pong), golf, wrestling, gymnastics, etc.


*Upcoming features*

SportEasy is updated on a regular basis, for your greater good, and for ours too to be honest.

We plan to add new features in the coming months:

manage/edit all the profile information of a team member

send reminder for the games as text messages

synchronize the SportEasy calendar with your smartphone calendar

Any other needs? Send us your ideas: contact@sporteasy.net

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More Information Of SportEasy

lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:4.6.2 Publish Date:2022-03-28 Developer:SportEasy

User Reviews


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Vincent Rossi 2019-09-08

Easy of use , wish the app was completly free without any ads.
Arda Yüzbaşıoğlu 2015-12-30

You can be the best. Your web version is the best I\'ve tried and I decided to use it for my team. It\'s simple, good looking and useful. Please, please work on your app and make it as good as the website. Then you\'ll get our team\'s 5 stars.
Rajesh Yadla 2020-12-13

Good app made life easy to coordinate with our team for matches
Moto Rider 2020-12-01

The best by far . Has everything you need .
Lorenzo Gorini 2019-03-18

really great app for everything concerning sport. Organization, tournaments, matches. Not very specific for any sport, but very useful, complete and easy to use. it really ease up!
Xavier Cazauran 2019-09-26

Great app to follow my sons ice hockey teams events. Very practical. A small issue concerning the notifications which seem to be random.
Cristian Moldovan 2017-06-27

Good app. Please add the possibility of scheduling events. Thank you.
Andrea Simeone 2019-04-19

Impossible to install it on galaxy s5 At the end of the download, an unknown error \"-505\" appears and its impossible to use it. Please fix that bug.
invincible cactus 2016-09-28

Need lots of improvement So many features on the web version, almost nothing in the app version. Is there any plan of updating features in this app. Would be very useful of web features are integrated into the app
Andrew Darnall 2014-11-07

Pretty good Simple and easy. However, it lacks 3rd party calendar integration (e.g. Google Calendar), which is an important feature for me.