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Description of SportsEngine – Team Management

Sports management just got better with the SportsEngine team manager app. No matter the sport or team size – from little league to amateur team sports and beyond, SportsEngine is the only sports team management app athletes, coaches, parents, and families need to stay on time and connected with schedules, team chat, rosters, and RSVPs. Best of all, our management app for sports is free for all teams.

Skip the other complicated team manager apps. Other sports team management apps can make life complicated with confusing requirements and barely-used features that aren’t worth the extra fees. Sports management is already stressful enough—you need an app that can do it all without the hassle. Roster, schedule, team chat, and more—get everything you need, without the cost, with SportsEngine.

With our team app, you put an end to last-second emails and phone calls. Access your latest team sports schedule and team chat right on SportsEngine. Manage team games with ease and ensure parents and families show up at the right place at the right time with no extra effort from you.

Our sports team app is for parents, fans and athletes, too. Check the team’s latest schedule, view cancellations and changes, keep up-to-date with team chat, RSVP for events, share photos and more. With SportsEngine you’ll always be in the know.

Hockey manager, volleyball, baseball, soccer and beyond—download SportsEngine to simplify how you manage your teams and stay connected.



- Team maker & roster: little league, amateur team sports and more, create and manage team rosters with ease

- Sports Schedule: Schedule and share team events, practices, and games

- Team Chat: Communicate with athletes, parents, and families

- Manage team games and track player availability

- Score games quickly and conveniently


- Check team games and view events for multiple athletes on one calendar

- Integrate your sports schedule with your personal calendar

- Get notifications of team activity and schedule changes

- RSVP for games, practices, and events

- Team chat for parents, families, athletes, and coaches makes it easy to stay updated

- Use our teams app to share photos


Youth sports organizations on the SportsEngine HQ platform unlock these additional features on the SportsEngine sports team management app:

- Stats

- Standings

- Email messaging

- News articles

Learn more about SportsEngine HQ


SportsEngine is the Home of Youth Sports and the leading provider of Sport Relationship Management (SRM) software and sports team management apps serving millions of coaches, parents, athletes, clubs, leagues, governing bodies, and associations.

Having trouble? Reach us at semobile@sportsengine.com







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lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:6.4.8 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:SportsEngine

User Reviews


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Michael Vanderscheuren 2019-06-13

As president and communications director of a non-profit youth sports organization, my life would be a lot worse without SportsEngine. I rely on the functionality of the platform daily to manage our organization. 100% total integration is the key. SE drives the website, it drives registrations, it makes coaches jobs easier, we invoice, handle mass communications and extract member data to predict the number of teams and coaches we\'ll need. The mobile app is particularity good and I love how the chat function keeps me connected to teams and parents. Don\'t get me started about the restoring functionality - it\'s so good and provides a seamless transition from tryouts to team formation. This is our third year of being totally integrated and there have been a ton of real-life functional improvements to the under interface. There\'s little doubt in my mind that the men and women behind SportsEngine are the \"best in the biz.\"
Linda Sutton 2017-05-05

I hate and love this app. It does not upload updates right away and freezes all the times. I think it does not make sense that the note description will show up on Event entries and not game. Why not both? My team need to know extra details for the game. Apparently I have to pull up the site or synced it to my mobile calendar to see all the extra details OUTSIDE the App. Please add this features, it would be nice to have.
Andrew Michael 2020-02-23

For those interested in privacy and security, note that this app may sell your information to ad networks according to the privacy policy. Also, any analytics from use of the app can be used in any NBC universal affiliates such as Comcast. This is standard fare for a free app so I\'m not docking any stars. Just want people to be aware. Permissions include access to contacts and account data, that as far as I can see,may be unnecessary. I would disable those to reduce your information footprint.
Christina Spoljaric 2017-04-29

Not very user user friendly for team managers. I create an html email on my desktop and it doesn\'t even open up in the app. The countdown ticker inserted into my email doesn\'t work either which is too bad as I thought it was a neat feature for a next practice countdown. Can\'t add or modify scheduling or contact details for parents which means no one can use RSVP feature. Not impressive or maybe my league has too many features on lockdown. Not sure but not happy
Ryan Toubia 2017-09-10

Team Snap beats this app in so many ways: 1) Live Scoring in Team Snap allows you to keep track of how much time is left in a game, Sports Engine not so much. 2) When live scoring, in Team Snap you can send messages to parents who aren\'t at the game about what happened, who scored, etc. Sports Engine makes you think you can comment by providing a text box, but nothing you type will ever send or save. What kind of joke is that? 3) Sports Engine, for some unknown reason, thinks it makes sense to have a manager first \"invite\" players that are already on the team to a game or practice. Team Snap is smart enough to realize that if they are on the team they are probably invited to those, allowing you to skip that completely worthless step. Team Snap let\'s you put your player picture along with jersey number in so other parents on the team can get acclimated quickly with who everyone is. Sports Engine, again, tricks you into thinking you are putting a picture in, but it never displays on the team page, so what\'s the point. I could go on and on. Hopefully, our club switches back to Team Snap next season!
Ricky Stevenson 2020-11-22

Update: *Still* can\'t upload pictures Notifications are hit or miss, basic functionality is missing (chat and messages allows you to take a picture and share it, but you can\'t upload an existing picture?!), and the ads are too intrusive with no way to upgrade and opt out (I\'d gladly pay to remove the ads taking up my screen). We only use it because our larger organization settled on it and I\'m now trying to move off of it. Unless you have to use it, don\'t invest time or resources with this app.
ALICE MAINA 2019-04-14

This app is horrible! I cannot see the schedules, the chats , the teams even after reinstallation. Is there anything that can be done to help? Is it a bug problem because I could see the above information before?
A Google user 2017-06-03

Can\'t comment on posts? Not well tested. Seems like a little more attention was paid to iPhone app, but that has its flaws, too. Disappointing.
Terrence Williams 2020-09-11

Meh, I have used both TeamSnap and SportsEngine. I have to say over all I like TeamSnap much better, it is a lot more user friendly. My biggest gripe with SportsEngine is that you can not actively keep score and the game clock at the same time. It makes it easier when you are looking for key points in a recorded game. The one thing I DO like about SportsEngine is that your club can go back and view the history of your games if need be for some reason.
Ayden Allison 2017-04-22

Its hard to enter data because you have to wqtch an entire play happen before you can enter info. You have to be able to enter the final base the player ended up on before you can even say which fielder the ball went to or what kind of hit it was. Too many steps. Then the pitcher is already pitching the ball again. Therefore several of us moms sit together so we work together to score keep a little league game. Oh and thr sndroid version is missing vitals parts for a fly ball and errors.