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Description of sportsYou

Get your team on sportsYou. The free team and group communication platform that connects coaches, players, and families. The smart and easy way to coach!


Chat - messaging in real time to individuals and groups

Teams - manage all team functions of scheduling, communicating, and instructing

Groups - stay connected and interact with your friends, family, and teammates

Calendar - schedule practices, games, and events

Folders - organize and share files

Media - save and share photos and videos

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More Information Of sportsYou

lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:2.2.2 Publish Date:2022-05-14 Developer:sportsYou

User Reviews


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veronica williams 2019-09-23

I have done what the developer had suggested I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Made sure that the app was updated. Ever since I did the update this problem occured. The message indicator still does not erase the number after its opened.
E-man 13 2020-09-08

It\'s a really good app helps me stay in touch with my coaches and my team.It helps me find out what time practice is and it also helps me help others.I like the fact that you can post something and like the post and comment.
M K 2019-05-19

If you\'re running or managing any kind of teams, this app is extremely useful. You can build a small community here in a more professional setting compared to facebook. All of our sports teams at our school use this app.
Timothy Duran 2019-09-11

I use this on a daily basis and it is such a great app because I would miss a lot of practices if not for this app it truly is so amazing and please keep on doing what you are doing because there are no glitches ads so it is just all around awesom
Maverick 2020-08-20

Terrible app experience, slow, and every time I try to open a video, It consistently buffers, always a 5 second interval between buffers forcing me to pause and pause the video, and I have decent connection.
Jane Rasmussen 2020-09-18

I can\'t put this on my home screen. It doesn\'t notify me on my calendar. I have everything checked. I know there is a game tonight but don\'t know where and can\'t get into app to find out. Not good when all games are out of town and sometimes need at least 1 hour drive time.
Mark Grant 2020-01-04

Excellent source of communication for the team plus the ability to post pictures
Lora Jane 2018-09-07

Won\'t even open, just crashes.
Jenn H 2020-08-20

Terrible app have deleted and reopened app serveral times this football season and we aren\'t even full go ingo season have deleted cache and force stopped froze 1st time writing review this is 2nd time writing terrible results
Marvel Eye 2020-08-18

So slow and difficult to use. Wastes so much of my time