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Square Home Key - Launcher: Windows style



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Description of Square Home Key - Launcher: Windows style

Unlock premium features of Square Home with this key!

Square Home is the best launcher with metro UI of Windows 10.

It's easy to use, simple, beautiful and powerful for any of phone, tablet and TV box.

Main features:

- Vertical scrolling in page and horizontal scrolling from page to page.

- Perfect metro style UI and tablet support.

- Beautiful tile effects.

- Showing notifications and count on tile.

- Smart app drawer : sorts the best on the first by using patterns of app.

- Quick access to your contacts.

- Plenty options for customization.

Click the following link to install Square Home from Google Play.


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lable: Personalization - Apps Current Version:8 Publish Date:2021-07-26 Developer:ChYK the dev.

User Reviews


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Matty B 2016-12-10

More customizable than W10 mobile\'s start screen As an ex-W10 mobile user, I wish I\'d moved over to Android sooner knowing this launcher existed. The dev did a fantastic job, and it\'s way more customizable and stable than W10 mobile\'s start screen. It\'s as if they listened to all the MS user feedback (MS certainly didn\'t) and implemented a vastly superior version on Android. Large and tall squares, every tile can be transparent, and custom launching animations are just a few of its features. Extremely happy with this launcher.
Carl Hurst 2016-09-05

Great launcher, Thank You. I\'ve always been a fan, dare I say it of the windows UI , so very pleased when I came across SquareHome, loved it so much even bought the activation key after 2 days use! If there is one thing the dev could change/improve is maybe be allowed to edit/change the style of the notification count (just a number on tile). I personally would like to see the count on a little badge on the tile that you could edit badge color and shape just to make the notification count stand out a bit more.
Thomas Spear 2017-09-12

If you reluctantly moved to Android from Windows phone, then this launcher is for you. It\'s very customizable without being overwhelming with options. You can adjust the amount of tile rows and sizes. My favorite thing is the list view app drawer. You can set gestures so that you can slide over to the app list just like Windows phone. This has been the first app I have bought since I started using a smart phone. So far it has been well worth it.
Keichiro Jham 2017-02-05

Great laucher! I using it for just a trial.. But then...it works perfectly ang awesome so i decided to buy the key for premium copy and to use all features... since i love it! Good job guys! :) Add more choices for icons, live wallpapers, transitions or animations and mostly add some more effects for notification on the tiles. 😊👍
Jason 2017-09-20

Loyal WP user since it came out. Stayed on even when MS abandoned, because the Metro interface blows away the iPhone and, so I thought, any Android launcher. Then my Lumia kicked the bucket, so I grudgingly bought an Android phone. All I can say is, had I known how good Android was with this launcher, I would have switched years ago. In fact, this launcher is better than any WP10 phone. It honestly is the best interface, if you like Metro, and you can make it actually exactly like a Windows phone, even with live tiles. It simply rocks!!!! Thank you for developing this launcher!!!!
Gerard Perry Novela 2016-11-25

Awesome and accessible with talk back This is something i was looking for. Gorgeous UI and all the tiles are accessible with talk back app for the blind. You see, im low vision and i use my android with a screen reader. Not all custom launchers out there are friendly led alone the ntf count are not announced. This one hit the mark both style and accessibility. Immediately bought the key. Llooking forward for a lock screen paired to this.
Jennifer Boots 2017-03-08

This made me love using my android phone! Coming from Windows phone default Android UI seems like a step backwards. This quickly changed my outlook on Android. I cannot thank you enough for creating this. I even took my findings to the r/windowsphone subreddit to share to people on the fence about switching to Android. It was well received. I know it\'s a longshot but one of the biggest issues I have is searching. App drawer and contacts mostly. Is there anything in the works for being able to click on the letter to bring up a quick menu for searching all letter s of the alphabet? Also can you add gestures for when the app drawer is up? I would love to be able to set a swipe to go back to the main home screen. Thank you for you efforts!
Andrei Lavrenov 2016-08-15

Awesome, I switched from android to windows phone for the beautiful UI, and this brought me back, something I\'m infinitely grateful for. The dev is pretty awesome and chill, I\'ve asked for the ability to label folders, and the feature is now implemented. After I\'ve discovered a few bugs, they were quickly fixed, and the dev even offered to send me an unpublished fixed version before the update to the main app was pushed. All in all, I\'m very happy this exist, and if nothing major happens, I plan on using t
Sunday Anya 2019-01-28

Was trying to m8a tile up and suddenly everything on the page vanished. This was my home page that I have spent months building and I don\'t know how it happened. I was only dragging a single tile upwards. How can this be? And no backups and no recovery? I am not sure if I want to go through the hazzle of rebuilding the home screen.
Lawrence Truesdale 2020-05-27

I have been using this launcher for a few years now. I have tried others but keep coming back to this one. I have a vision impairment and this one seems easier to see. I also used to have a Windows phone and miss it, so this launcher works great for me. Overall it does more then windows phone did. My only complaint is I wish you could paste into the dialer like Windows phone did.