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Square Point of Sale - POS

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Description of Square Point of Sale - POS

Square Point of Sale is the free point-of-sale app that enables you to sell anywhere and in any way your customers want to buy.

Use the Point of Sale app with a Square Reader for contactless and chip to allow customers to pay touch free using payment links, QR codes, Apple Pay, and EMV chip cards.

Issue and track invoices directly from the app. Customize your invoices, set up weekly or monthly recurring invoices from your Dashboard, and let customers pay online with a credit or debit card.

Connect your Point of Sale app to a free Square Online Store to accept orders for pickup and delivery.

Funds are transferred fast—see money in your bank account in one to two business days.

Use your point-of-sale system to keep track of sales and inventory in real time, manage items and employees, and view analytics about your business.

All this with no long-term contracts or surprise fees.

You can now accept payments from any of the 70M Cash App users, right through Square Point of Sale.


The free Square Dashboard app works in sync with the Square Point of Sale app and lets you view your live sales data, access powerful analytics and other easy tools to help you track and improve your business.


2.6% +10¢ PER TAP, DIP, SCAN, OR SWIPE. Charge $100 in a single transaction and see $97.30 in your bank account. Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards all at the same rate. Invoices are free to send and cost 2.9% + 30¢ per invoice paid online.


Get your money fast. Square transfers payments into your bank account in one to two business days.


- Record cash, gift cards, and other forms of tender

- Customize your POS with photos, names, and variations

- Send receipts via email or text message

- Apply discounts and issue refunds

- Track inventory in real time

- Connect to a receipt printer, kitchen ticket printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-01-22 Developer:Square, Inc.

User Reviews


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Sean Demiter 2019-06-10

DO NOT USE THIS APP!!I am a contractor. I thought this app would help both a client and myself. I charged almost $12k to my client after running my own card once for $100. 5 days later Square sends me an email stating my account is deactivated and they are holding the funds for 90 days. They deactivate your account you lose merchant ID. THEY DON\'T RESPOND TO EMAILS, YOU CAN\'T CALL!!90 days goes by and again an email stating 30 more days. AS OF TODAY IT\'S BEEN 132 DAYS! DO NOT USE THIS APP
Matt Williams 2019-07-24

If it were possible to give negative stars, this app and company would be the lowest rated on the Play Store. They have been holding a deposit of mine for over 7 months after suddenly and without warning disabling processing. When I call their support line, I just receive a recorded message referring to an email that they never sent. They won\'t reply to email inquiries AND have blocked me on Twitter! Utterly abysmal customer service. They owe their former clients millions in unpaid funds.
Idaho Boy 2020-11-19

Read the bad reviews and you will see Square can approve funds from a customer, tell you they\'re approved and then never release the funds to you. We lost $1,200 because Square accepted a payment and told us it was accepted. However, after we provided the service Square wouldn\'t release payment because of \"suspicious activity\". That\'s the only answer we got and we could never get our money. We\'ll never use Square again. As far as I am concerned they stole our money by this method.
Jerry Nunn 2019-05-22

i read peoples reviews and i was skeptical if how this was gonna work for my small business, but Square with their tap and go reader was there rock solid for us on our first outdoor event!!! May 20th was holiday that our event was on...our payment was made and filed and said we would receive payment within 2 business days...this morning as soon as my bank was open Square processed payment into my account!!!! way to go Square for making my small business ventures that more easy!!!! Thank you!!!!!
Greg Rowell 2020-10-09

Having used a Square device for several years, it has now stopped working on all phones. Square have told me that my device is not compatible. Hmmm. Having worked for several years if I choose to use this payment system into the future I have to upgrade all three of my phones. Outrageous!! Be very careful if you choose to purchase this device, if it is not on the compatibility list it may stop working unexpectedly if they change their software. Don\'t expect any support to solve the problem from Square either. Disgraceful customer service and problem solving.
Nathan Brown 2020-05-27

BEWARE! THIS COMPANY AND CAN WILL RANDOMLY HOLD YOUR FUNDS FOR UP TO 6 MONTHS FOR NO REASON!!! Was a Square user for around 10 years. Found it good and convenient until one day my account was randomly frozen. I reached out to CS and was ready to provide documentation to address their concerns and merely got a generic reply back that my funds were \"frozen\" due to a \"violation of the seller terms of service.\" I e-mailed CS multiple times asking for what terms of service I violated, only to be given a generic reply back to the section that says that they can suspend/deactivate your account at any time for any reason and hold your funds at any time for any reason for up to 6 months while they \"investigate\". I eventually had to get an attorney involved to get MY money back--and while I eventually got it back, Square waited until the very last day of the 6 month window to do so, despite being given all the proof they needed that my transactions were legitimate. Spend the money and use another POS--while slightly higher transaction fees on other POS apps may be annoying, you don\'t want YOUR money withheld for no good reason for 6 months if Square decides to on a whim.
Reub M 2019-09-04

The app does not allow you to back out properly - I have to force close the app after receiving payment. Fix please! How much $ have you made off of us over the years and it doesn\'t even work 100%. We also have no control over the email our clients receive after payment - it includes a link to get reviews. We keep getting reviews in square, which is useless, and it undermines our attempts at getting meaningful Google reviews with our own follow up since in their minds they already left a review.
David Turcotte 2020-09-18

DO NOT CHOOSE SQUARE. This app does not properly connect and reconnect to the contactless + chip reader. It will initially connect. When it disconnects from the reader, it will not reconnect. App says \"reader failed\". I called \"support\" about it. They wouldn\'t tell me the correct and most update firmware version for the device. They wouldn\'t assist me with the connection. I must \"forget the device\" then \"connect a device\" between each sale. Otherwise, I have to use it in offline mode, which means Square rips me off with the highest processing fees. This app is unreliable. The devices are unreliable. The service is non-existent. GO WITH ANY OTHER COMPANY.
David welton 2019-07-31

Have had Square like 10 years. Have relied on it as my primary pay in the last year. It works seamlessly with my scheduling software, Offers useful financial reporting tools and great client contact options. The prices are competitive and so ade hardware options as well. Love that it can be portable for off site work as well as in my office
Teresa Dillard 2019-07-09

I have been using Square for years. I love Square. square has helped me out tremendously do they have great customer service if you email them they will always send you an email that. Where is very organized this is coming from one who has been using Square over half a decade so far. square has helped me grow my business. my business in many ways than one. Marketing, advertisement, special discount for clients I never had a problem with my phone or my funds :-). Thank you so much for everything.