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Description of Squarespace — Website Builder

Build your brand and your business with the Squarespace app. Edit on the go. Keep track of analytics. Make sales. Make updates. Make it all happen. All in one place.

Edit your website: Create and publish new content, make changes, upload photos from your camera roll, and effortlessly update your website’s design.

Analytics: Make better decisions for your brand and business by tracking your performance. Keep tabs on key metrics, learn about your audience and identify trends.

Commerce: Manage your inventory. Add products to your store and update product listings. View customers’ accounts, access order details, and send order confirmations or custom messages.

Personalized Support: Have a question? We’re here to help. Get 24/7 help from the Squarespace Customer Support team at support.squarespace.com.

Sign up in the app to start your free 14-day trial and get started with Squarespace. If you are a current Squarespace customer, log in to manage your website on the go.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.59.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Squarespace Incorporated

User Reviews


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Emma Reed 2019-10-30

I switched to Squarespace after a long love afair with Wix for the simple fact you edit your site from the app. I\'m often working away from a desktop computer and love the ability to make little edits and publish blogs from my phone or iPad. I love the simplicity of the design and ease of use of this app and overall program. Squarespace isn\'t the most flexible of web development programs but for what I need- it\'s perfect.
French William Fry\'s 2020-10-09

Great job, fantastic site and excellent customer service! ✌. I am still getting to know my template, and it\'s been 9 months I started services with Squarespace. As a host, fantastic, the interface is easy to navigate. You have a problem, they\'re there to help you through it. You don\'t understand something, between them and yourself, they have that, “we\'ll learn it together, to find a solution,\" attitude. To me, they\'re family, not just a service, but a home on the net. Thanks, Squarespace!👍👍🕊
Robin Mwesigye 2019-12-30

0/5! Very useless app to be honest. What bothers me is if you open squarespace on your phone\'s browser it forces you to download this app when you try to make changes/edits, no matter how small or insignificant the change is. Honestly, they are just better off saying all squarespace site edits need to be done on a computer instead of pushing an app that gives you false hope and is borderline false advertising. I never ever do app reviews but I felt I had to because of how horrible this one is!
Elena Fowler 2020-12-29

Didn\'t work well on my Android phone (Samsung S8, Android 9). Always telling me an error has occurred or it needs to reload the page there moment I open it. The changes do save if I make it that far, but it\'s always behaving as of it\'ll crash any moment so I just use the desktop site to update at this point.
Max Mo 2020-06-25

I am a big fan of Squarespace and it\'s ease of use over the web interface. There are some small simple features missing in the app that I use regularly, for example, there is no way to change the text format (H1, H2 or H3). There is also a little bug, when opening a blog post via the app and saving it, it duplicates the URL slug. Note: Several other things also need fixing as to date 4.6.2020 25.6 - Still many bugs and missing features, no email support available under provided email.
Ken Frantz 2020-09-03

The app works well, it obviously isn\'t quite as optimized as the official website however. That being said, there are some things in the app that actually seem easier to understand and access. The app is fantastic for quick editing of text and page settings. Where as the website is the best for actually building the pages. The app is mildly laggy and could run smoother, but overall is a good experience.
Craig Andrews 2019-11-23

Worthless!! Went to the website on mobile to update something. Forced to to download this app to make the changes. Get the app downloaded and it says, \"website type not supported by this app.\" Now I am stuck without being to update something for a client for 6-8 hours before I can get back to a PC. Way to go Squarespace!
Adrian Camden 2021-02-28

Using squarespace has been a giant headache. Moving blocks around to get the pages to look right is practically impossible. Nothing is easy with them, one of the most frustrating things in my life. And when I try to reach out to them I get links to videos that appear outdated as what they sure is not what I\'m watching. I do not recommend Squarespace.
Libby Martin 2020-08-02

I am very happy with Squarespace. I love that I can design my own website with ease. Sometimes it\'s a challenge to figure out what I\'m doing, but they have great tutorials that I can follow to make changes. I like the mobile app. It\'s so helpful for when I don\'t have access to my computer. I can easily type up a blog post from anywhere.
David O\' Donovan 2021-01-31

The app is so easy to use, makes quick changes to your website simple and not at all time consuming. This is my first website and first application in this market so I can\'t compare it to any others out there, however I feel so comfortable using this app.