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Description of St. Luke's

Our free app makes it easy to manage your healthcare on the go.


MyChart helps you access your health info. View test results, request prescription refills, track your health and message your care team.


Compare care options 24 hours a day and select the best one for you. Whether you’re looking to check on availability with your family physician, need walk-in care or want to start a Video Visit with a doctor, it’s all at your fingertips.


Browse available appointments and schedule right from the app. Log in anytime to view details for upcoming and past appointments. Take advantage of eCheck-In where available and cancel appointments you can’t make.


Have an issue that can’t wait? The Video Visits feature allows you to see a doctor immediately...another great option for your urgent care needs.


Create profiles for your children or other dependents to access their health information in MyChart. With the ability to add multiple profiles to one account, you can easily manage everyone’s healthcare in one place.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:5.3 Publish Date:2022-02-22 Developer:St. Luke's University Health Network

User Reviews


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Cathy Efkovich 2019-12-17

Can\'t get into my chart. Called tech support which didn\'t help me get in. See everyone else has same problem. Pretty sad when you get an email to find out you can\'t login when you have a procedure coming up in a few days. Don\'t know how important the email is.
Diana Steinback 2019-02-02

I use to be able to get in now it doesnt log in with correct password..locks me out.. repeats letters when typing and all the other issues that others have stated.. very frustrating app not worth even trying.
dkarmydx 2020-10-14

The biggest problem I find with this app is that its message system is flawed. 3 times I\'ve tried sending an explanation to my doctor about my symptoms and the system times out, deletes my message and requires me to sign in and start all over again. Add a draft system or a 10 min timeout because this is plain unreasonable that within 2-5 mins I\'m auto logged out even when I am currently typing within the app. I find that ridiculous and a flaw that needs to be fixed
Judith Williamson 2020-08-10

Fingerprint id rarely works to open, shows up randomly while using app. Can\'t contact specialist but can contact primary doc. E sign in doesn\'t show up at check in at some places. Help people aren\'t helpful. No response to contact us emails Difficult to find visit notes. Like appointment lists.
gene cos 2020-11-06

App. has changed to fingerprint log -in... Great now. Easy to use.
TinaMarie Martin 2021-01-27

Happy with this app. Its nice to be able to access my medical information.
Geoff Plano 2020-10-30

Terrible for so many reasons, login problems every time and winds up with lockout that needs to be manually removed through a phone call, constantly denied access to my chart (the only necessary reason to even use this stupid CRapp) for nonspecific reason just \"unavailable\", updated info takes days to appear from test results to letters. It does remind you when your next appointment is but still can\'t remove the past appointments which may be confusing to some.
S. Pursell 2018-10-06

Got to first screen. And it was doubling and tripling my letters. I was so frustrated with just trying to type in my first name, I said f*** it it\'s not worth the aggravation. Uninstalled immediately
David. .Mulch 2020-06-26

This app is \"still growing.\" It gained fingerprint verification and flowsheet after I installed it. It can sync your appointments, and new messages from your Doctor. I haven\'t used the flowsheet yet but everyone is confident. One major pet peeve is not being able to see the messages that You/ I send out. So keep a desktop presence, or at least a browser shortcut on your Android homescreen. You already picked St Luke, so you already picked this app.
Debbie Lancaster 2021-01-29

I avoid the app. It times out so frequently, usually in the middle of viewing something. Nice to have that feature if it\'s detecting no activity, but it\'s like every minute or two, really? I just sign into the website, at least I know I at least complete a task without having to re-login constantly.