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Description of Stack Colors!

Move and stack the right color platforms and finally kick them to get a huge score boost in a satisfying way!

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:4.0 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:VOODOO

User Reviews


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Emily Corilynn 2020-06-21

The game is genuinely fun to play, as you continue the levels change. I\'ve only seen it change twice, but it is still interesting. The game\'s smooth, nothing is repetitive, it\'s really well made! I problem I did find, is that the game won\'t let me go past level 6; An ad will pop up, I\'ll press the X to go back to the game, then all of a sudden, the game stops working. Also, please limit your amount of Ads; at least one every 3-5 rounds. If there\'s one after each round, and it can get annoying.
Connor Harrison 2020-07-29

Overall, it has the potential to be a fun game, but you spend more time watching ads than you do play the game. There is an ad after every level, an optional ad to double your coins, and an ad whenever you accidentally click the update button too many times that you cannot skip or get out of. I can\'t rate a game well that forces you to spend 75% of your time watching ads
Sakina Hirani 2020-12-30

It is an AMAZING game and please trust me when I say that. This game is very easy to play and I just love the sound effects they are really relaxing. This game anyone can play be it kids or adults. If someone asked me I would really recommend it. It has mostly 5 stars which it deserves nowadays everyone game has a lot of ads, this game has less but I wish there were none at all. Could be better. But this is amazing . Especially that it keeps getting hard by colour. I wish could rate 100 star
Dragom 626 2020-12-02

While the game is fun the devs don\'t have the ability to listen to players when they give feedback on their ad model. By time you can watch an ad to double your score for a level you have already seen 3 ads, 2 banner 1 forced video. I wish I could give this app 2 stars but considering I spent more time watching ads then playing the game I can rate the game based on ads as I won\'t pay for something that was designed by someone who should not have had a place in the game making process.
DaHappyMutt 2020-07-10

I saw the ad and instantly assumed it was like the rest of the games that came out from this company. It\'s better than the others but it still has flaws that is having me uninstall it. 1) the angle and movement of the game is glitchy even on newer phones. 2) when the game has lag, it ruins the game completely. You will be in one spot then be running over the wrong color the next. 3) it\'s not fun running through the floor of an elevated area and only getting the coins. The glitches aren\'t fixed.

This application is absolutely amazing and stunning .I saw zero ads till now !this app is complete ... it is just exactly how they show in the ad make sure that you download this application and if you get ads you can turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi and that\'s it. I am speechless!
Lemon 47 2020-07-17

Its okaaaay... but there are way too many problems. 1. There are a LOT of adds. Theres an add about every time you complete a level, and its like the game is trying to trick you into clicking adds all the time. Its I\'m only playing the game 30% of the time 2. The camera angle makes it really hard to understand where you should go, and every time the color changes the camera jerks up. Plus, the drag controls suck. 3. the adds are unfair and sometimes infinitely loop themselves. You cant exit them
james fazzani 2020-10-20

I have no problem with this game. Others say it has about 50 million ads every day, with a 3 star rating or under. The only thing I dislike, are the glitches. But that one problem isn\'t going to put me off this game for life like it will with all the other whimps out there. I have had tonns of apps and games with ads, but the only reason I felt like deleting them is to download other more fun and popular games I see thanks to the games with lots of ads. So, ads aren\'t really that bad after all.
•xXJessicaXx• 2020-08-05

I simply love this game. It is very fun and addicting and so much people just love it so much! It is very fun when the levels go harder. It is simply \"perfect\". But, something i noticed that everybody mentions about this is that there is too many ads! We can\'t play the game unless we watch and ad. I think that makes the game \"Good\" but. You musn\'t leave this like this! You have to fix it please. We just hate when it happens. But atleast it does not glitch for me but still. Please fix 🤜🏻🤛🏻
Lisa C 2020-09-01

This game is super fun and easy it also helps pass time. I really love playing it but after a few days the game started to glitch a little. This would make the tower of bricks fall and you would have to restart,and restarting the whole level isn\'t necessary so it would be great if you could please TRY to do something about that. So that is why I only gave 4 stars . But over all I am going to keep playing and see what the next 10 or 11 levels are like but if they start to glitch I will delete it.