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Description of Staker

Access decentralized finance and discover great opportunities.

Lock your funds into digital contracts and get rewarded. Users are rewarded based on how long they lock their funds for.

Blockchains are transparent by default and give users new powers. Track your performance, follow the best investors and emulate their strategy in real-time.


- Mobile wallet + smart wallet

- Funding via 3 on-ramp partners

- Staking

- Swapping

- Sending

- Leagues

- Referral program

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.0.43 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:STAKER

User Reviews


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Eric B 2020-12-03

I assumed all the 5 star ratings were just because all the early adopters were hex fanboys... but this app earned its rating. I work in UI/UX, and this ticks all the boxes for a great interface. Plus, this app really adds value by displaying super useful calculations for all of your staked hearts. Great job dev team! Thanks
Benjamin Dickmann 2020-12-07

Pretty straight forward. It\'s fun to check up on statistics in the HEX ecosystem and your own accounts. You can see everyone\'s profile; see the big money move around, how much they\'re holding etc. I like the league ranking system. Everything about HEX game theory and this app is meant to promote patience in investing.
David Feder 2021-02-01

I absolutely love Staker App! It\'s be best way to manage all aspects of your digital portfolio which makes it easy to earn high APY on your investment.
Donnell Victor 2021-02-03

This app. Will be. The catalyst in breaking free the masses from the grasp of an overbearing financial monopoly . Hex is complete. Working. And can\'t be turned off. -High interest -Complete control from the user And one of the best kept hidden in crypto
Motley Investor 2020-10-16

This app is the start of a revolutionary change in the crypto space! Have you wanted to get into hex but it seems to complicated? Staker is the solution! With just a few clicks you\'re beautiful CD Ladder will be built and produce passive income for years to come. Welcome to the Staker Class my friends!
Joe Terry 2020-10-16

HEX is the most important crypto since Bitcoin for accumulating wealth. And HEX works for the little guy and for people all over the world. This is a GAME-CHANGER for people in developing countries. This is important because you don\'t have to be a trader, just a saver and your government cannot debase your HEX currency, so your savings are real and grow predictably. I am so proud to be an EARLY-ADOPTER of HEX.
M Good 2021-01-19

A sleek, visually pleasing app that allows me to check my wallet, monitor the market and evaluate endstake options. I hear their are further upgrades along the way. Looking forward to that! Thanks
Bloo Bum 2020-10-19

Brilliant app. Everything seems to work like a charm. I\'ve been using it every day because I can put multiple addresses on it to track all my stakes.If I need to EES to stake longer before BPD I can see how much I\'m sacrificing in order to gain. I can\'t wait to see what other features they start adding.
JexxaJ 2020-10-16

Welcome to the next evolution in financial instruments. Earning interest on your deposits without having to deal with a bank, brilliant! This app makes interaction with your hex stakes (deposits) so simple.
S Pep 2020-12-24

Beautiful app with some great features. I really like the profile and live feed section. Very intuitive with lots of real time data.