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Description of Stanford Health Care MyHealth

Accessing your personal health information has never been easier. The MyHealth mobile app from Stanford Health Care puts your personal information at your fingertips to make managing your health care simple, quick, and completely confidential.

With the Stanford Health Care MyHealth app you can:

1. Schedule your in-person appointments or video visits, and eCheck-in for appointments

2. Communicate with your care team

3. View test results and manage medications

4. Inside our buildings, follow step by step directions to your appointment location

5. Review and pay bills

6. Get up to date health information during a stay at the hospital

and more…

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:8.0 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Stanford Health Care

User Reviews


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Rod Arfa 2020-08-07

This app reflects the unrivalled standards of the Stanford Healthcare organization. Its well designed In terms of layout and finding ones data is easy. The only issue is the difficulty in responding to messages as ones writing seems to float somewhere between 2 or 3 pages making it hard to complete the message.
Don Pham 2020-11-29

Everything is sufficient, except for the security of the log-in. Everytime I try to go to my my health. My password doesn\'t work. I know that I write my password down exactly how I out it, but i have to call in to the help desk each time. That\'s a factor to why I missed a important meeting. By difficulty with software. Please correct your app system. DTP-MGD
Paul Carrubba 2019-11-15

Excellent app. All of my appointments are precisely detailed with date, time and office number. All test results are fully available for my viewing. All of my meds are listed with details and dosing instructions. I can refill my prescriptions through the app. The ability to communicate directly with doctors and staff members is easier than most other similar apps. Most importantly, secure and private.
A Google user 2021-01-29

This app is AMAZING! I use it all the time. It has everything right at my fingertips. I can check my doctor appointments, look up my medications, look up test results, read the doctors notes of my visits, and I can send texts directly to my doctor. All of this takes seconds compared to waiting on the phone, leaving a message, and waiting for a couple of days to maybe hearing back from someone. I love it!
Matthew Neil 2020-07-29

Fairly good and user-friendly for the most part except, but a little bit annoying in the billing section. There\'s always a highlighted number there making it look like there is an action item or an unpaid bill even when there is not.
Sarah Tilman 2021-02-17

Tried to log into my health to check in for my appointment, told me I needed to update the app. I tried to update the app, and it\'s completely glitched out and I have now missed my appointment that I\'ve been waiting 2 months for, and am likely going to have to wait 2 more for the reschedule. Really frustrated, and really disappointed.
Chevelle Lamar 2020-11-03

I Love my app BUT this update won\'t complete & now I can\'t get into the original one at all. I followed all the tips/steps ect. But Nothing Helped. I have my chemo appts. 3 times a month, my whole schedule, messages back & forth to staff & test results including important one am anxious about before tomorrows doctor visit. Am So Very Lost.
Randolph Knoblock 2021-01-15

I\'ve had a ABSOLUTELY GREAT experience with the Stanford Health app. It helps me feel that I am actually a big part of my health/treatment plan. From the medical aspect to the financial side. And the self-check in is nice too! Great App.
Mark Miller 2019-09-17

I don\'t usually make app reviews, but this app deserves a great one. Really, I\'m surprised it\'s so reliable! There are so many things that could break, because it has so many good features. But it works consistently! I\'m able to find what I need and begin to feel confident managing my health data. Thank you, development team!
TJ Mills 2020-11-02

App works great to communicate with the doctors and look at tests and messages. I took off one star because the message app doesn\'t automatically capitalize the first letter of a new sentence. This is default behavior for other Android apps.