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Description of Star Realms

The hit new Deckbuilding game comes to Android!

Here are some of the things game reviewers are saying about Star Realms:

"My readers are going to have a seizure about how good Star Realms is."

-Owen Faraday, pockettactics.com

“Good on all levels, thumbs up!”

-Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

“This game is superb! I think it’s a brilliant game. Beautiful artwork, second to none. “

-Tim Norris, Grey Elephant Gaming

“What can I say? Star Realms is excellent.”

- Lenny, ISlaytheDragon.com

“I desperately wanted to play again and again. It's just consistently fun every time.”

-The Critical Boardgamer

Star Realms combines addictive Deckbuilding Game play with exciting Trading Card Game style combat!

Designed by Magic Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty (of the Ascension Deckbuilding Game), Star Realms’ amazingly rich yet easy to learn game play will provide endless hours of entertainment.

Free Version.

• Addictive Deckbuilding Game with Player VS Player Combat.

• Tutorial teaches you to play in minutes.

• Stunning visuals.

• Play VS the AI.

• 6 mission campaign mode.

Full Game Additional Features

• Play the AI on 3 different difficulty settings.

• 9 additional campaign missions.

• Battle friends face to face with Pass and Play.

• Online play with global rankings.

• Challenge a friend online.

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More Information Of Star Realms

lable: Card - Games Current Version:5.20220512.1 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Wise Wizard Games

User Reviews


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Ryan G 2020-03-11

Really fun game, played the free version for ages before deciding to upgrade to full version. What I didn\'t understand was the \"full\" version only contains one new campaign chapter, not all remaining 18 chapters, so there is another 17 chapters left to pay for even after paying for the game. In retrospect I would not have paid the asking price if I knew it was only 1 chapter. Yes it\'s my fault for not reading carefully enough. Great game but value for money seems lacking.
Ryan Hayes 2019-09-24

I love the physical game but the app Continuously screws me out of wins. Campaigns and the \"hard\" A.I. are damn near impossible. Every single time endgame approaches, the computer gets the perfect hand to cheat me out of the win ( the most recent one I was up by 80 hp and it some how drew enough to do 68 damage points) The game is broken and needs to be fixed before I can rate it any higher.
Edward Rollins 2019-12-15

I used to play this a lot but new update prevents playing on airplane mode and even when connected has a stuttering effect during gameplay. Will change review if I can play without a connection.
JeffH 2019-05-04

Pretty much the perfect head to head deck building game. I also love the physical card game and expansions I\'ve since purchased. Online play is good (the 48hr turn asynchronous play fits well into life). Matchmaking is not always so great. It can get extremely hard for newcomers to progress past level 5 (losses count against wins and you\'re almost always facing super experienced players). Would be cool if they in cluded the base game of Hero Realms which seems like it could be a skin
Nathan Tolbert 2020-11-01

Receiving data.... This is fun to play, but gets slower and laggier with every release. The newest great change is that you have to stare at a \"receiving data\" screen for 5-10 seconds every time you try to play. I\'m not sure why it needs to download new data every time I play, but it ruins the ability to quickly just pick up and play a quick game during downtime.
Marco P. 2020-09-27

Good game with a so so GUI. This is the first deckbuilder that actually hooked me. Simple to learn but with a lot of depth. The GUI is so so. The 3D style may be nice to look at first but the cards are hard to read on a phone screen and this ruins the user experience as I have to zoom on cards every time. I would like to have a 2D mode that doesn\'t waste so much screen space.
Nate Iverson 2019-07-17

this is a fast paced deck-building combat game similar to magic the gathering without the need to spend hundreds on new cards each time a new set comes out. this client is a faithful, intuitive and easy to use option. There is a fairly large amount of luck involved but the game is well balanced and will often lead to close finishes. many other reviews complain about cost and pay gates, this isn\'t your typical freemium game, money does not buy wins just expansions (cheaper than the cards even).
marc mulligan 2019-08-07

Great game. Easy to play but some of the campaigns can be VERY challenging. Still it\'s a great sense of achievement when you do win as your strategy has to spot on. Only reason for 4 stars is the cost of the add ons and expansions. To get the entire game right now probably costs around £30. Just too much really.
Erik Blomqvist 2020-08-07

I love Star Realms, but the digital adaptation has several issues: Draw card ally abilities are triggered automatically and instantly even though ally abilities should be triggered manually by the player. This makes a lot of combos impossible. Card foils look disgusting and can\'t be disabled. Bases used to have a white highlight when a normal action was available and a red highlight when a scrap action was available. Now it\'s always red. Cards were not loading when playing offline. Else 5 stars.
Lou Carsello 2020-07-10

Great game to kill some time. I just wish they had the boss fight version of the original physical decks. I am talking about when it could be a 5 vs 1 where the 5 players are rebels and the 1 is the \"boss\". As the boss you got extra health and a bigger hand. It is always fun for me to play that way and I just want them to put that in this game.