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Description of Star Wars™ Dice

Launch your Star Wars (TM) gaming experience into hyperdrive!

The Star Wars Dice app is the ultimate accessory for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars games, supporting Star Wars: Armada, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Legion, Star Wars: Rebellion, the X-Wing (TM) Miniatures Game, and all iterations of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. This comprehensive application allows you to quickly and conveniently select and roll custom dice for FFG’s Star Wars games, create custom presets, and more.


•Physics-based dice roller for each of FFG's Star Wars game lines.

•Over 20 custom background images

•Choose between 1.0 and 2.0 interface styles

•Adjustable shake sensitivity

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More Information Of Star Wars™ Dice

lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:2.0.2 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Fantasy Flight Games

User Reviews


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Steve Parkin 2017-04-01

At first I was dubious considering the price and I already have dice.. However this is good. Very easy to add or remove dice,, what appears to be unlimited presets, and a few sound/background options, and it turns out it\'s worth it if you don\'t want actual dice. Please support split screen
Jimmy S 2016-11-02

Cheap and Convenient! This app is much cheaper than buying physical dice for EotE (especially since you\'ll probably want at least two sets) and it can cancel out symbols so you can quickly see your results. This really speeds things up in play!
Harold Robbins 2019-09-19

I love the app, but the recent changes stink. You used to be able to change the sound options between Rebels and Empire but no longer can. Users could also use this app for any gaming system, but now can only use it for Star Wars. No more using it for d20 or d10 game systems. Hey developers, we paid for the app, shouldn\'t we as the consumers decide how to use the app?
Dennis Russell 2014-04-20

Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. At first I used this dice app for the EotE rpg. It was great, I love that it calculates your dice roll for you. You can even use standard dice. I soon became addicted and started using the app in everyday life. Should I ask this girl out. 2 success with 4 threat. She said yes but she was a he. Should I ask for a raise. 3 fail 1 despair 2 advantage. I was fired for using the app while talking with customers. The customer bought me a beer. This app changed my life, I think? Let me roll and see. 3 triumphs
Camo Coffey 2015-05-13

Handy app for FFG\'s game FFG never ship enough dice with their games so it\'s handy to have this app on standby. It\'s a little expensive but the interface and graphics are better than most. I\'d still have liked a little more functionality thrown in, like some rules reference stuff, or lists of options for interpreting the various Advantage and Threat dice you\'ve just rolled.
Dana Lamps 2015-06-28

Considering how much it costs to purchase dice and the hassle of preparing them, this app is worth it, you get access to any dice you need for fantasy flight games and for your standard 4,6,8,10,12,20, and percentile dice. Works great on my tablet, worth $4.99.
A Google user 2018-09-30

Nearly perfect before the update, but now has some pretty big flaws. Colours seem overexposed now, making the blue dice look who\'s for example, sound settings are no longer modular (not are there choices for it) and results of rolls are listed very counter intuitively with advantages/threats before success/failure. New wallpapers are nice, but do not really make up for loss of user-friendliness, thus no longer five stars.
Bastian Clarenbach 2017-09-17

Statistics on pools of d6 are badly skewed towards >3. The rest of the app just really nicely done but since it\'s propose is to replace dice, thus random number generation, it fails at that. Send code, happy to help fix it. :)
Matthew Bell 2016-05-28

Really well done This is a great app, really well thought out and has dice to more than just one game. I use it for Edge of the Empire and X-wing
Eric Papke 2019-08-16

great app except they updated and removed the standard dice set. Additionally the user interface is more clunky and complicated to use and there\'s quite a bit of lag and delay when trying to select options. I\'m disappointed that I paid for this and then they changed the functionality of the app.