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Description of Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

Live your Star Wars™ dreams as you fight with your favorite dark and light side heroes across iconic locations to become master of the galaxy. Create and customize your dream squad using characters from every era, including new characters from Star Wars™: The Force Awakens, Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story, and Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™. Engage in epic turn-based war, confront giant bosses, progress your characters, and take your game to the next level!


Rebel leaders? Empire stalwarts? It’s your choice as you construct elite light and dark side teams while collecting heroes and other characters from the Star Wars™ universe. Make key strategic moves and pick teammates with complementary abilities to go to war with unbeatable squads!


Defeat opponents and rise to the top as you dominate the galactic hologames in a far-off cantina. Upgrade your heroes’ abilities as you play for even more powerful attacks and bigger wins. Then fight other players in Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arena, and Squad Tournaments to achieve greatness.


Make smart, tactical decisions and equip your heroes with the ultimate gear to enhance their damage in galactic war. Unlock fun abilities to make your team unstoppable as you unleash commanding moves like Luke Skywalker’s Bullseye, Jedi Knight Anakin’s Reckless Assault, and others.


Collect iconic starships and massive Capital Ships to construct your war fleets. Attack all-new challenges, fight through space, and compete in the Fleet Arena to test your prowess. Gather unique upgrade materials for characters, available only as rewards for Ship battles. Each vessel also has its own crew, adding special powers to individual Ships. Recruit powerful characters to create the strongest armada!


Lead Raids with friends and fight against bosses like the Rancor and AAT Tank when you create a customizable Guild. Collaborate with your Guild in Territory Battles where members unleash their entire arsenal of characters and ships against a progressively evolving battlefield. Show your dominance when you face off against other Guilds to conquer territories and top global leaderboards in Territory War.

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:0.26.862975 Publish Date:2021-10-27 Developer:ELECTRONIC ARTS

User Reviews


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Steven Nickens 2021-03-08

Good game... Character shards are VERY slow to appear. I\'ve actually gone days without receiving a single shard for ANY character. If you have patience... This can be a really good game. If not... You\'ll be done before you begin:) Update: This WAS a good game. Seems SWGOH is getting worse and worse. I still play the game (much less) for fun but even my patience has its limits (LOL). Hope I don\'t get banned for expressing my opinions. Oh well. Marvel Strike Force is a far better (and faster) game
Rob Morganbesser 2021-02-26

This is 4 behind the scenes. Starts ok. Then Total PAY4PLAY. Prices r ridiculous. Supply drops = joke since 99% after a while r fairly useless. No special stuff gets dropped. Updating characters & ships, unless you\'re willing to drop serious coin - isn\'t happening. Battles fixed. I\'ve lost when I had twice an opp power. New characters r impossible to get without $. Playing 4 yrs, can\'t get close 2 some char. Don\'t bother trying 2 contact developers - you\'ll never get an answer.
Time Fourty 2021-03-03

Have 2 accounts 1 free to play and 1 pay to win. You have game that teaches children how to gamble. For instance if you spend 5 dollars you can win 10 to 330 shards. The game is way over priced for what it is as a game. Many bugs still not fixed. Chat is the worst. Every reward you can get for free is guaranteed to be the worst or least needed gear, mod, or characters. People pay near 100 a week. Given the option to pay for a Xbox game for 25 or this game for 1k plus. 25 4 Xbox
Spencer Andrews 2021-03-04

There are many pay to win elements, but considering the game is free, its somewhat acceptable. Tge game mechanics itself are awesome, I love it, but the fact that you can ONLY play ONLINE is so very frustrating and upsetting for me, especially if you have limited internet access (like me) you should be able to play this while offline, or in a vehicle, pls do that.
Mark Thorburn 2021-03-01

For those who complain about it being pay to win,it isnt. Progress isnt locked off behind payment,you can get everything for free eventually. You can pay to skip,If you want,like with the hyper drive bundle giving you max level and max leveled op characters but it\'s by no means cheap. With enough effort,and time,you can make it for free. It takes time,yes,but it\'s possible,even if hard.
97phoward 2021-03-08

Game is in a good place. However, being a player less than a year old, the one bigger complaint I have is gear. The gear gate seems to hit one you get around gear 8. At this point, it should be closer to gear 11. Make getting towards g13 and relics still as hard is it is now, but the crunch of some of these important middle tier gear pieces needs a big change to be quite a bit easier. Conquest does not do enough. Alsl, get the gear like Mk4 Stun guns out of that box, no one needs that.
Isaac Raynor 2021-02-24

The game has a certain level of replayability and it\'s fun to recreate iconic scenes from any era. However, if you were to take away the in-game purchases, the game would completely fall apart. That said, the collection aspect is very fun and is the reason I occasionally play this game. A campaign with a story would make it infinitely better. Thanks for reading :)
Jari Vepsalainen 2021-02-26

Seriously the most grinding you will ever do in a game....ever! Unless you\'re willing to pay literally 100\'s upon 100\'s of real dollars, you could play this game every day for a year and still not be full level with the really good characters. It is addictive, and it ends up becoming more of a chore than anything else. But if you like starwars and wasting time...its alright.
Craig Gemmell 2021-03-01

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!, The game is not only \'pay to win\' but its also \'pay to play\' with an energy system that quickly depletes, then you need to wait 12/24 hours for full energy. The first few stages are enjoyable to get you hooked then BANG!, You will inevitably hit a wall where you cannot advance past the players who have paid £99.99 and bought the best units in the game. Bias, unfair and greedy. Do not download. This behaviour and exploitation should not be rewarded
Brennen Schlamp 2021-03-10

A really fun game!! You are able to interact with the galaxy far far away with many characters and lots of different types of battles. Guilds are helpful and add a nice community aspect. Only drawback is that there is a lot of waiting and grinding if you don\'t want to \"pay-to-play\". It would be nice to be able to regain energy a little bit quicker as well.