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Description of Starlost - Space Shooter

Starlost is a top-down space shooter, mixing tower defense, bullet hell, and classic RPG elements with gorgeous 3D graphics. Take control of Axel in an unforgettable epic story mode campaign.


Mine asteroids, research new technologies and build up your ship - choose your loadout, select your abilities and defeat the evil robot hordes in this intense shmup!

• 26 unique weapon types to place over 12 hardpoints

• 19 unique drone types to build and bolster your fleet

• 26 subsystems to perfect your loadout

• Enjoy classic shoot em up gameplay with fresh mechanics

• Trust in Ceres, your mothership, to protect you

• Unravel the mystery of the dormant enemy AI... just what are they?

• Compete for leaderboard rank with hundreds of thousands of other pilots. Can you make the top 50?

Want to chat?

We have a discord channel! Come and say hi, we are there every day :)


You can also like us on Facebook... facebook.com/starlostgame

The sequel is coming. Please be patient and for updates hit us up on Discord :)

Permissions & Requirements

- Write External Storage: Used for saving screenshots in Endless Mode

- Read External Storage: Used by Unity to install the game.

- Runs fine on most devices from the last 5 years. Minimum 2GB RAM.

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More Information Of Starlost - Space Shooter

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.2.06 Publish Date:2022-05-25 Developer:Hoodwinked Studios

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-02-06

Amazing! From the graphics to the gameplay, to the science (even the pseudoscience) behind the add-ons and weaponry, to the tiny details like the little thrusters turn the ship in the vacuum of space.... absolutely fantastic job, Devs!!! I love playing this game for those reasons above and for the fun of putting the smack-down on the hordes and hordes of enemy ships -they just keep coming and coming. Fun fun fun. Love this game. -OnePlus 6T Graphics on HD, very smooth! Zero issues! Great sounds!
sabre wolf 2019-05-28

(Update: Just noticed I left out and/or to the things that would change my mind, and devs, a bug like this doesn\'t deserve sarcasm.) Witnessing a massive bug that just suddenly stopped all of my weapons from firing completely (Bleeders and Railguns), and costing me an hour in survival (Working hard for the end game weapons.) I can\'t recommend this. Was fun while it lasted at least.. (If somehow the devs can credit my profile/save with 40 Million RU, and/or fix the bug. I will change my rating.)
Joseph Price 2019-03-05

Too much freezing of control during battle while enemies still hit AND kill you. Fix that and I will hit 5 stars. I love the game, but some upgrades cost far too much. No. Not using EMP weapons at all. Settings were set low. Your issue... Not mine.
Josh Taylor 2019-06-22

So much damn fun. Mining resources is brutally, nearly indescribably monotonous, but everything else about the game is superb. Story, graphics, UI, music, weapons, upgrades, and more. Everything is really creative and funny. Axel is a goober. Way to leave it open to a sequel! Please, do THAT!
leafy Kille 2020-09-26

One of the best games I have ever found. Has all the most important bits for any space game; lasers, missiles, rail guns, AI\'s and lots of really big explosions! Ads are totally optional even when playing for free and can easily be played with no signal. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars cause it deserves it. Does require a bit of grinding to be able to beat the bosses, but can be cleared in a few days if you put the time in. Hope there is a sequel on the way. Now download and play it!
Ryan Cooper 2019-08-22

First off I feel that 99% of mobile ftp games are just a new skin on an the same game, but I saw this and was thinking it was just the same old same old, yes it\'s a grinding game that you could pay for but not necessarily though get the ad free and you are good, I love the uniqueness of this and hope that the dev\'s keep up the good work there arent any bugs that I have seen even when you are being swarmed by what feels like 1000 other ships and gets your blood pumping. 100% this is my favorite.
Rob L 2020-10-01

This is a fun little game. And its one that lets you just enjoy playing without ads popping up at random. You only see ads if you opt for bonus points which makes the game so much more enjoyable and flowing. Kinda reminds me of retro pc games. A top down space adventure. Theres a basic story enough level differences to keep you engaged. All in all a good single player mobile game worth a look if your bored.
Sam Denham 2020-01-14

I rarely-if ever-give a mobile game a five star rating, but by God this game deserves it. This app was created to be a genuinely good game, and not solely to make money. The game is free and there are ads, but the ads are barely noticeable as they only appear as a small bar at the bottom of the screen ONLY IF you are sitting in either the resource deposit or the repair/refuel station. It\'s genius. The only money you would have to spend is on cosmetics. I gladly bought one for only about $1.50
Yash Nivalkar 2019-06-03

Loved the game. Thanks for the nice story and graphics. It really takes a lot more than just firing and mining. You need to keep changing the setups according to the requirement. Level 3x3 + firing setup of your wish is best for mining. For action I change ship to full battle mode the storage thing really serves the purpose as ship goes to multiple modifications it really comes handy. For those seeking upgrade you should go for higher resources sectors it will help you to get 30m ru at once.
ERROR_CODE 509 2018-11-03

Amazing. Simply amazing. I love the concept, the gameplay, and just the overall feel and playability of the game. The controls are great, it can well on any device, even those with poor performance. You have to grind quite a bit, and the bosses are quite difficult, but it\'s still fun to play. It would be nice if endless mode had slightly better rewards, and if there were upgrades that increased the value of resources, but overall amazing quality. There are a few bugs that I\'ve seen, such as never showing me a single ad, or the missile freight warp gate (hey, it kinda rhymes) re-appearing every time I enter the Hammerhead Reef, but overall great quality. Amazing game, keep up the good work!