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StarMaker: Sing Karaoke Songs APK

StarMaker: Sing Karaoke Songs

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Description of StarMaker: Sing Karaoke Songs

Do you believe there is a hidden singer in all of us?

Bring out the singer in you with StarMaker——The popular Karaoke App featured by Google Play and Apple Store🏆

StarMaker is a popular singing app and music community with 50M+users globally, sing karaoke songs and to be a Supernova through music now!

No matter you like Pop or Hip hop, R&B or folk, just pick your favorite songs from millions of songs, sing along with the high quality backing music and rolling lyrics, edit your recordings with a selection of voice effects and video filters, and share to social platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more.

You can also duet with top artists and sing together with a group of friends, or go Live to broadcast your music concerts and win likes and fans like a super star!


So you want a super hit ringtone but don’t know where to start? Enjoy the download free mobile ringtones on StarMaker and personalize your phone call ringtone from the high-quality song collections.

StarMaker offers millions of free ringtones for your phone. Explore our popular ringtones free section. There you can sing, edit and get the unique and most listened to popular ringtones in 2021. Since it includes not only your own songs, your duets (with friends, family, singers or stars) and other users' work, but also almost all of the hot songs on social medias, this can be your source to find the best special ringtones for free.

Join the hundreds of millions of people who already downloaded this highly popular ringtone personalization platform. One of the largest collections of unique and popular ringtones ever is now available in your pocket!

We have added a bunch of new features for a better singing experience! Such as:

🎤 Pick your favorite songs and latest hits from millions of local and international songs.

🎤 Record your karaoke recordings with various voice effects like Distant, Warm, Vinyl, Party, Fascinating etc.

🎤 Edit your selfie music videos with beautiful filters like Vintage, Paris, Sunset, Urban, Spring etc.

🎤 Use Pitch correction to make you sound like a pro singer.

🎤 ‘Hook’ allows you to sing the best part of your favorite songs! Duet with top artists or friends, make a recording together!

🎤 Join a ‘Family’ community to play with other music lovers who share the same tastes with you, Like,Comment and Gift to find kindred spirit through music!

Pick from all the hit songs now Including:

+ Stuck With U – Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber

+ Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi

+ Lost Boy - Ruth B

+ Dance Monkey - TONES AND I

+ All of Me (Remix) - John Legend

+ Señorita - Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

+ Let It Go - Idina Menzel

+ One Call Away - Charlie Puth

+ Bad Guy - Billie Eilish

+ Perfect - Ed Sheeran

+ Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding

+ Shape Of You - Ed Sheeran

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:8.1.9 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:StarMaker Interactive

User Reviews


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Catherine Henry 2021-01-01

Love this app. Great song selection, feedback from others, you never have to worry, your vocals will not matching the music like it did during recording when you play back the song, as I\'ve found to big a big issue on other apps. It really is a lot of fun, even if you\'re not a great singer everyone is very positive in their comments. I highly recommend.
Stephen Carter 2021-02-11

This is a WONDERFUL app, for anyone and everyone, whether you are a total beginner with a \"tin ear,\" who couldn\'t carry a tune in a bucket, as it were, all the way to the consummate professional singer; a true, accomplished \"star,\" with multiple platinum records on your wall. There is a place for you on this app. join, and immediately find song tracks to sing, record, share or keep private. You choose from hundreds and join a very supportive virtual \"family of other singers, then soar!
muneebahmad butt 2021-01-22

A very good app.. I love to spend my time on this app. One problem I faced here is that while singing in the party rooms, the adjustment of volume is very bad. My voice remains very low at 100 too and I\'ve seen this issue with many other peoples. The volume adjustment feature should be the same as of singing alone. So please check and resolve this issue. Secondly, there should be the feature of saving our songs in our phone gallery. But still this app is very good and so I give it five stars..
Brian Green 2021-03-04

I like the concept of the app overall. It has one major flaw. It takes forever to upload a karaoke cover. I have been trying to upload one for half an hour and the app asks you not to lock your screen or switch apps while it\'s uploading. Regardless the speed of the internet it takes a minimum of 5 minutes to upload and sometimes even more. How does your upload percentage make it to 95% and then go backwards all the way to 60% over and over? Annoying as heck
Stanley TryHard 2021-02-12

I went back to using the app about 5 months ago, after re-installing it, because, let\'s face it, there isn\'t a whole lot of apps that give so much chance to sing without paying. I\'m sure it\'s profitable enough without everyone being coerced into playing. But no app is perfect. New problem: this app signed me out of my auto-signed in account after I updated, and I don\'t have that phone number anymore. Also, I can\'t use s VPN with this app. I wonder why.
Springtrap SaD 2021-02-08

Love this app! Until now, I\'ve been too shy to sing in front of people. Ever since I\'ve started using StarMaker, I\'ve started to feel more confident. Plus it\'s super fun! For anyone trying to decide between StarMaker and Smule, I definitely recommend StarMaker. StarMaker doesn\'t make you pay for Solo mode and certain songs, and it has a really good community. Gifts don\'t really make much sense to me, but they\'re nice, so I can\'t complain. Notifications only work when the app is running? 9/10
YellowMellow Forever 2021-01-17

Very outstanding app. I have tried Smule and other Karoke apps, but this one tops it all. The sound quality is amazing and it loads extremely fast! One thing that I would like to say it was a bit challenging to use the app at first. But, things got easier from there. In general, this apps features, sound quality, and more is definetely an app I would be keeping.
Simmi Dee 2021-01-27

I am fully satisfied user of this app!!! I am not going to decrease my stars!! I have reasoned first it\'s free and has sooo many songs or every song you want sing!!and second (many people have problem that their voice is not matching the track) it has a solution for fixing voice destortion in feedback option, go their and fix it!! So it\'s awesome!! Thank you starmaker and team...☺️😊
Ami Parmilah 2021-02-26

I wonder why since yesterday the quality of the recording is not satisfying. It was good before, but since yesterday the music and the vocal do not match. The vocal appears sooner than the music. Sometimes another music also appear together. And it makes things worse. I can\'t sing anymore with such problem.
Naomi Ca\'mel 2021-01-22

Just tried the app, and it\'s got great song choices, but from the start I could tell I wasn\'t going to be able to use it. I use a Bluetooth headset, and it accounts for the lag, but only after you\'ve finished singing the song. During singing, you can\'t acquire fair points for the effort you\'ve put into the song. After singing, the adjustment is difficult to use. The slider isn\'t precise enough. Please adjust the pre-singing lag for wireless headsets.