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Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja

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Description of Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja

Are you a good ninja?

Have you only learned about these mysterious martial arts from ancient Japanese legends? Don't you think that's the less interesting way? Don't let your daily routine bore you: download the breakthrough action game Stealth Master! Test your professional assassin skills 🔪 and take on the risky challenge of completing bloody missions.

☛ Dive deep into the unique life of the best ninja ever and kill as many bad guys as you can! Countless deadly weapons, plenty of innovative features, and billions of dollars – that's just half of the totally secret world that is waiting for you right now!

To become an outstanding ninja…

Attend the best university for ninjas, write a thesis on how to kill in 5 seconds, and start searching for employers… No, don't worry, it's just a joke! But who knows, maybe that was true way back in ancient times, like 2010. That's not how things work today, though!

In the modern world, future ninjas rely on stealth 🐱‍👤 and download the game for killers:

● Bloody missions that gradually get harder: more bad guys and more "targets". Yes, it will take more time and more effort on your end!

● A wide variety of special features: you can purchase extras like weapons, super abilities, or armor. Buy as much as you can afford – no limits!

● Each individual weapon is unique and has its own style. Some weapons are so good that you can kill several bad guys at once with them.

● Up to all levels within one contract for assassinating the big boss.

● Every contract offers you a totally new and interesting location.

● Integrated "keys": some doors you have to open by yourself. Guess how!

● Oh! There's one important thing you should know: you can easily be killed. Take care!

Another cool plus is that you can change your good looks and become a different hero, and there are 4 characters available. But remember: first, you were born as a ninja!

Is it that real?

Even though it's just virtual reality, it will definitely give you goosebumps!

The tense atmosphere is created with the help of upbeat music, realistic "broken vase" sounds, and game design in the style of "Mama, I'm a criminal". Besides, you'll never know what's waiting for you on the next level…

A little advice for future ninjas.

First of all, the big boss is a target that's not so easy to kill 💣. Be patient and make several attempts! Second, collect as much money as you can (actually, this is just good practical advice). Third, enemies in the game can be easily eliminated with a one shot. Don't waste your precious time on other parts of their bodies! And last but not least: be a good person and only fight the bad guys!

☛ Psssst! Listen to me… Some of your friends are already on their way to becoming a ninja! What are you waiting for? Download the game and start your bloody mission!

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.10.1 Publish Date:2021-11-30 Developer:SayGames Ltd

User Reviews


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Yannan Huang 2021-01-16

This game is actually very fun and challenging, it\'s actually better than the ad!! The joystick stays in its place wherever you had landed your finger, and this game never poses progress even if you close the window. There are appropriate things I can spend my in game currency on that is well worth its price, and the ads are not overwhelming. This game is exactly as advertised, please give it a try
Enkhtogoo Enkhee 2021-02-21

Ok, so almost everybody is frustrated by ads but here is a tip. 1.Turn off ur wifi (or internet) then ads won\'t pop up bc the ads r from the Google play and u need wifi to get it working. 2. This game is offline so it can run without wifi (one thing is u can\'t get an award from extra button with ad in it (my english is bad 😂). And that\'s pretty much it. Hope it helped and keep this game going.
Aditya Iyer 2020-08-12

The game is good early on, but there\'s no added challenge as the player gets better, creating what feels like an extended tutorial. The best example for this is the boss fights, which are essentially always the same, it just takes 3 shots to kill him making the game extremely repetitive. Graphics are decent, there\'s not any glitches that I\'ve seen. But all in all of you want a surface level action game, that just kills time play this. If you want an actually good action game play soul knight!
Kya Saki 2021-02-26

The only reason why I don\'t give it 5 stars is this. Cons: Is that there are just too many ads. Half the time I am watching the advertisement then playing the actual game. Pros: Besides that the game is pretty enjoyable. Love the gameplay. Though there could be more obstacles. Advice to the developers is let us pay a one time payment for a premium no advertising fee with certain benifits. Like $3 or more depending what those benifits are.
Da Bear 2021-02-20

The game has stopped me in mid level to play ads and in between every level. I understand you have to make money but the amount of forced ads is grossly unacceptable. Could be a good game but I\'d rather pay .99 cents to play than be bombarded by this many ads. I know you wont change it so please, dont bother responding. You\'ve already let me down once today, and I would rather not be lied to.
Zako Mako 2021-01-12

Ok so first this game is one of the funest mobile games I have played in a while. I just love it, it has good controls and also has ok graphics. I know alot of people are giving it a 4 star because of the ads but I would just recommend turning wifi off while playing to remove all ads. I have only one problem and that is that this game has had no updates that implement new features I just want the devs to add more bosses, citys and more skins! Either way its a 10/10 very enjoyable.
Edward Google 2020-10-16

Its a fun game, alot of forced adds but you can just turn your wifi off (thats what i do) Ive heard about people getting stuck in an elevator or something, but that has never happened to me. However, sometimes I get a key, then run into a plant prop and the key dissapears, but ive countered it so overall, this was a game I thought I was going to uninstall, but I kept it because it was pretty fun.
Kaleb S 2021-01-24

Great game, great concept, controls are fantastic, but the amount of ads makes it really unenjoyable to play. The levels are so short that watching an ad after every second one takes up like 20% of the time I actually have this app open. Would give 5 stars if there was an option to remove ads in the game, even if I had to pay for it.
I\'m Actually A Panda 2021-02-13

Fun concept, but the ads kill this. After every 10-15s level you get an ad. I get that it\'s a free game and the devs need to make money, but this is too extreme. Ads for extra rewards and at the end of each chapter would be fine, but not this
Juan 12 2020-09-25

It is a fun game but it is extremely basic and repetitive. But that isnt why I gave 2 stars. I think its contract 35 or somewhere near there (it goes away too quickly) on the second or third floor, after you complete the stage, you go into the elevator and it shakes you around and throws you out. Then you\'re just stuck looking at the elevator but you never go up. I\'ve tried reloading and redoing the level but it keeps doing the same thing. Please fix it