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Description of Steampunk Tower

Tower defense on the rise!

Take charge of the immense Steampunk Tower and help the eccentric Lord Bingham protect his precious Etherium Mine.

As the Imperial Army’s foot soldiers and mechanical monstrosities march into battle, fortify your epic spire with machine guns, cannons, lightning coil, saw launchers and more.

This app offers in-app purchases. You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings.

""A shot in the arm for the tower defense genre"" — Modojo, 4.5/5

""Simply fantastic"" — Capsule Computers, 9.5/10


Work your way up the ranks through a heroic campaign spanning over 20 battlefields and eleven challenge-based skirmishes. With each major promotion, unlock a new tier to your tower and take that extra firepower into battle.


Lord Bingham is pulling out all the stops to protect his precious Etherium! With the help of his research head, Jane, research new technologies to upgrade your turrets and improve your chances of surviving the Imperial Army’s relentless attack.


They don’t call it Steampunk Tower for nothing. Immerse yourself in this stylized world filled with steampunk designs and a soundtrack made up of jazzy big band compositions.

Game Features:

• Tower defense taken to new levels!

• Stylish graphics and soundtrack inspired by Steampunk

• Upgrade every weapon and lay waste to enemies big and small

• Visually stunning Etherium powers!

Project is growing- we are making the sequel!

visit our site and stay tuned: http://www.steampunktower.com

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.5.6 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:TOO DreamGate

User Reviews


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Trythorn 2017-10-06

It\'s a great game has a decent amount of strategy to it wile not being too hard.One flaw I found is that the amount of tower points you get could be buffed so we could get a bit more when replaying older levels. There is definitely enough tower points for you to progress further if you don\'t buy the wrong gun, but lets face it you will have to experiment to find which one is better. All I\'m asking is for more tower points when redoing older levels because it can really feel like a grind sometimes when you have to replay the old level 13 or more times to buy the next upgrade and it really staggers your progress and makes you slowly lose interest in the game over time Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Zaid Ab Rahman 2017-10-12

Game is not too hard. Easy to control. Slow progress though. No replay value in this game. You get way too little points when replaying a level, so no point farming for points to advance the game.
Mi 2019-08-29

Finished in an afternoon, felt like a demo... No idea why you would need a shop for actual $... Or an add system... The second version want all you data, uninstalled without playing. STOP the obsessive data harvesting, its not funny anymore....
ZedEX 2018-05-09

There has to be more starting cash for new players, or make the money gained on stage 1 fixed at 1k. The issue is, deliberately going for a low score will make the game stuck on laboratory screen since there\'s not enough money to go past the forced upgrade, forcing either purchasing tower points with real money or deleting game data and restarting the game all over again.
Chris Loder 2017-08-22

Great game! Really loved everything from the design of the vehicles and guns to the map screen and so on, really great game! 😁 All I would say is more guns, more vehicles and more levels! Highly recommend!
A Google user 2018-03-22

Quite honestly in my opinion the best mobile tower defense game out there, no annoying adds, very easy to learn and VERY addictive. As soon as I installed it I was playing it for 2 hours straight, it grabs you that easily. Works well and really makes you want to upgrade your towers and progress through levels
Paul Latham 2019-07-31

Thanks for fixing that bug quickly, Great tower defence game with the added mechanic of swapping turrets around on the fly. Look forward to finishing this so I can try ST2 ;)
Jack Shoemaker 2020-10-16

It was a fun flash game, but doesn\'t translate to mobile very well. The Etherium system is unnecessary, the controls are imprecise and the \"storyline\" feels weird and tacked-on.
Imre Brassó 2020-07-24

Decent TD but quite limited. Main concept is to have one tower but this is where the game lacks the most: you can not be creative and tactical because there is no terrain which you have to adopt. Barely any challenge comes along: you just have to build various machines and once in a while they have to be moved from one side to another and that is it. Even the last mission required only 2 superpowers to be used.
BlazingChris Gamer 2020-09-28

i like this game. Exept one thing. You know where u get to a cartain level, a challenge level appears, where you should use only your eye superpower, right? Now that level, CAN YOU PLEASE REMOVE IT!??!? I HATE THAT LEVEL SO MUCH!!! WHENEVER THE SMALL DUDES GET NEXT TO MY TOWER I CANT SHOOT THEM!! WHAT IS THAT!?!? REMOVE IT AND REPLACE IT WITH ANOTHER CHALLENGE LEVEL WHERE YOU CAN USE YOUR EYE AND ATLEAST 2 GUNS!!! AND I DONT WANT A BOT TO REPLY TO ME.!!! I WANT A REAL DEV. OF THIS GAME TO REPLY!