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Description of Stellar Age: MMO Strategy

Welcome to STELLAR AGE: an extremely social unique mmo space game. Join the galaxy invasion now: shore up your defenses, spy on space pirates, initiate fleet battles, and dominate the rich galactic empire! Real corporation warfare is on!

Show your strategic and tactical thinking in the incredible REAL TIME MMO STRATEGY!

Try a superb zoom range as you roam the endless galaxy map.


⭐ Produce different kinds of resources to progress as fast as possible

⭐ Level up your buildings and technologies to increase your power

⭐ Improve your defenses, and don’t let your enemies succeed in plundering

⭐ Participate in various daily competitions: quests for leadership, ranking leagues, etc.


🚀 Build a powerful spaceship army

🚀 Work out the strategy: mix and match military and merchant battleships for better success

🚀 Spy on and attack your enemies and set their planets on fire

🚀 Blast space pirates on the galaxy map

🚀 Dismantle destroyed enemy fleets: process ship debris into valuable resources to increase your wealth.


⭐ Chat with players worldwide: a real time galaxy map comprises thousands of solar systems with other players’ planets

⭐ Create corporations to conquer planets you could never hold alone

⭐ Stick together with your space team: join forces, share responsibilities, earn in-game resources and get achievements and special bonuses


- 1 live server for all players

- More than 20,000 solar systems

- Over 300,000 planets

- Dismantling destroyed enemy spaceships for resources

- Unlimited fleet size

- 10 types of spaceships

- 11 buildings with unique features

- 3 space pirate factions

- Online PvP and PvE modes

- Top-notch 3D graphics

- Superb zoom range

Let cosmos become the real home for you, start epic fleet battle and fight in an incredible galactic empire war!

FREE to play! Get it now!

Privacy Policy: https://crazypandagames.com/en/privacy-policy

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Crazy Panda Limited

User Reviews


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Joe Heuer 2019-04-01

Don\'t waste your time or money! This is another game by greedy developers that allow harassment by higher level players (500% higher) against lower level ones that can\'t withstand the repeated attacks. Add to that the constant copy and paste reply of \"We\'re working on improvements\" is pure bs. I take that back, the \"improvements\" are to bilk people for more money. NOTHING is \"balanced\" as Crazy Panda claims. Unless you spend to grow large enough super fast, you\'re just a farm to be harassed.
Tim 2020-03-12

Every update constantly is breaking something. Devs release updates on Friday\'s while people can\'t play and lose everything. Then get told to submit a ticket and wait 2 months for a reply. Game is just a scam.
Eric Bewley 2020-10-20

DON\'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!! This game could be amazing, but the Crazy Panda is a textbook example of poor IT Management, inexperienced software developers, and no quality assurance. Each new version is worse than the last. Nothing gets truly fixed. CP should sell the game to someone who can do a better job. You can\'t trust anything in the game. Your shield may say it has 25 hrs left, then expire 2 hours later. Many exp players have left. Most of their replies to messages are lies.
Joshua Brooks 2019-07-07

Was really enjoying it up until someone will 50mil power attacked me (I had 9 mil power) and reverted me back to where i was a week or 2 ago. Lost days if not a weeks worth of units. No point on playing again knowing I can lose so much so quickly. If you do not pay money to grow, to use the VIP rewards, to recover after being attacked, you will not enjoy this game longer than a few days. Do not recommend
Eric Slater 2019-12-21

Do not install this game. It was a good time killer and I have been playing for a couple years now but this last update really killed the game. The only way you will enjoy the full game is by being a pay to win player. It used to take a good amount of online effort and time to farm up resources to do research or build and now, it will literally take about 10 times as long. So save yourself the time and go find something else similar, there are plenty, and leave this one for the trash heap.
Adam Symes 2019-11-05

Basically tired of adverts that paint a game to be what your looking for. Then you go through download and install and the game is not at all like its advertised. It\'s really sad that developers cant make a game and be truthful about it to get their fan base. Unimpressed and immediately deleted.
Kyle S 2020-07-10

At what point will CP actually listen to what the playerbase wants in the updates? How much P2W mechanics you implemented will only hurt you. The game still, after all this time isn\'t even stable. All you do is copy other MMO strategy games, yet mechanics that you show in your own trailer aren\'t even in the game, adding false advertising into your already ridiculous mix of predatory tactics. The fact that this app is even still on the store is absurd. Not to mention your shady game discord...
Pat Henderson 2020-10-20

You can play without paying a dime but you will NOT get to the top lvls. Dev\'s are here to grab as much as they can. Even if a bug cause you to restart they will not get you back to where you were. They will give you a few buffs and let you spend weeks rebuilding. It is most definitely a pay to win. I didnt like the ideal of a bug causing me to be completely wiped and they devs fix is to give you basically a tenth of what you had if they reimburse you at all. It is a pay to win!!!
Shan Hutchison 2020-09-21

My review for SA. Wow, I am amazed at how arrogant, or stupid, SA and/ or Crazy Panda is. Do not Enter!! The positive reviews are fake (news?) !!! This game does everything but live up to the advertisement. I started on Server 6, 2018. From update 1.17 on, the changes have been detremental to both the players and the game, and judging by the response, from SA, they use bots to reply and post the 5 star 3 word reviews. A shame. Poorly executed overall. Freedom not fear!! Stay safe planet Earth.
Tim Krous 2019-10-13

This game still is spiraling out of control. The main place you can get information about the game, when merges are happening, events etc are in the discord. They have no in game message board. Then they will ban you from the discord if you disagree with them. Constantly changing the discord rules to justify it. Stay far away from this corrupt game. Discord is run by someone with the emotional range of a toddler unfortunately. Also many people are using scripts and SA is doing nothing about it.