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Description of Stellar Hunter

Stellar Hunter is a space-themed RPG with upgraded roguelike elements to make it full of possibilities. You can even clear stages by simply rolling a dice, and the darkened-map with uncertainties inherited from Dungeon Survivor II will surely spice up your experience.

It all begins with a spacecraft crash. You, the only survivor, have to go on an adventure on different strange planets. You could gather your own squad by recruiting alien races, make full use of weapons and skills, overcome all the challenges, become famous and make your own fortune!

--------Game Features--------

● Random Events

>>>Experience upgraded Roguelike!

With upgraded roguelike elements, your luck counts as much as your strategy. You are not only facing exotic alien creatures, but also dilemmas of different choices. Is it a trap or a surprise? You can never tell, but there are always ways to solve them out.

● Assemble & Upgrade

>>>Gather the mightiest squad ever!

At the edge of the universe, there's a secret stellar tavern where you could meet hunters of all kinds. Interact with them and recruit whomever you want; forge weapons and select suitable promotion paths from five classes for them. Build your own perfect squad!

● Win Strategically

>>>Put enemies to rout with your brilliant tactics!

You could only bring up to 4 members with you for each adventure. Choose wisely and select the right weapons, gears, and skills. Make right tactics for different destinations to crush your enemies!

● Explore Undiscovered Galaxies

>>>8 alien galaxies await your exploration!

Every planet has its own secrets and rules. By the time you land on the planet, you’ll be placed in a fully mysterious environment. Wonder what’s happening here in space? Take a step onto these bizarre planets and reveal the secrets.

● Epic & Challenging Battles

>>>Battle against the most dominant Boss in the galaxies!

Gather your squad and get ready for the epic Boss fights. Defeat them and loot their treasures. Challenge the impossible and earn great achievement. Make your own rules and be the only commander of all galaxies!

For more information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StellarHunterEN

Discord: https://discord.gg/Yg6ss4x

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More Information Of Stellar Hunter

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:3.0.17 Publish Date:2021-08-12 Developer:LTGAMES GLOBAL

User Reviews


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Rainbird 78 2021-02-17

Downloader beware! Needs access to your photos. A game should not need access to the photos on your device. Do not trust!!!
Nicholas Sherman 2021-01-27

Within the genre, there are a set number of expectations you just have to have. There is a gatcha, though to this point (4-5 hours) it hasn\'t felt necessary to lean into it. The core gameplay is unique, though I would like it if you could do more with each map exploration (and I understand this is a monetization strategy as you can buy a higher limit) There are a few glaring translation issues, but the art and music are fantastic and the gameplay is far better than your average autoplay.
Dante Vera 2021-01-27

This game is unplayable. it goes to a vertical angle but you can\'t touch confirm on the update note cause it doesn\'t work. already I was expecting something from this game and was hit with disappointment when I couldn\'t get pass the update note and the vertical angle of the angle affecting my view in the game. sorry gonna have to give thumbs down on this one
Romar 2021-01-26

Rich in lore, great art, decent story, fair gacha, hella great music and fun gameplay elements. Nothing to hate at the moment. It\'s the type of game that makes you actually want to read all the dialogue instead of skipping everything like most games nowadays so it\'s pretty great imo.
dfrgregr greqgergq 2021-01-28

This took me off guard. A real quality gem! I lovee the music in the background, great art design. Amazing concept. Everything seems very fair as well, which is perfect. The only problem I have is the errors in spelling, the dialogue with characters and story feels immersive and interesting, you do actually spend time reading as you play because it\'s enjoyable. I love how each character has their own unique dialogue style which suits their background, Sinus is a great example. Outstanding job!
Scoots On High 2021-01-28

Very unique from my other experiences with mobile games. I actually would consider spending money on this simply to support the game alone. (And I rarely spend money on mobile games) If you are hesitant about this game you should at least give it a try. This type of gameplay may not be for everyone but I certainly enjoy it.
pou 1904 2021-01-26

Its pretty interactive and ive played for 1 hr and no ads one of the best games on the app store
Preston Pope 2021-02-01

Game is fantastic overall, only point of contention I have is the spaceship combat. I\'m pretty sure you could just brute force it with auto battles because it\'s entirely rng. Did you charge when the enemy decided to shoot? You lose. You shot when they charged? You win! It\'s basically just a flat stat check. I got to a ship with over 100k health with a level 1 ship. It\'s just tedious dying over and over. The rest of the game, exploring planets, getting crew and weapons, is all excellent.
william nestuk 2021-01-27

I cant use the gamertag that has been my xbox live gamertag for over 20 years. For some reason \"crispy\" is a bad word. I\'m guessing crunchy is out too... So instead of having to handle the one or 2 people who make terrible names you use a program that eliminates all sorts of names that are fine. Sounds lazy to me. Deleting.
Ryan Astillero 2021-01-27

I like the sound track and storylines. I suggest you improve the storylines the feels like cyberpunk in immersion that would be amazing. Love stories should also be put on the game. Overall, game is good and I hope that it would stay like this. Add more calm music.