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Description of Stickman Archery Master - Archer Puzzle Warrior

Stickman Archery Master - Archer Puzzle Warrior

Be an Archer Hero (Arc-hero) and join the battle. Fight enemies, shoot 'em up and become an archer legend.

In an Upsiverse, where everything is illogical, your archer hero - Stickman must survive in a chaos world - ruled by stick enemy, zombies and shadow bosses. All you have is a classic bow, and you need to train yourself to be master with that weapon. But more levels you passed, more legend weapons you could find, and more mystical arrows you could discover on your way.

This game is easy to play, but hard to master. You might overcome really fast at first time, but strong enemies are waiting for you in the next dungeons. And you must be stronger day by day. Unlock new weapon, strengthen them, equip mystical arrows and fight the Shadow War.

Mr Stickman, are you ready to fight ? Are you ready to be a Bow Master and rescue the world. To restore order of the Earth, the world need you Archery Master.

Many puzzles are set up on your way, be careful, use them to destroy stickman enemies, but burn them out if they are dangerous to you. Here are some guideline you should follows:

- Drag and Release the Bow to aim and shoot arrow

- Use boosters to boost up your flow

- Collect rewards, arrows, bow parts, and go

- Upgrade weapons and enjoy the show

P/s: Puzzles are everywhere - Don't miss them!

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.0.17 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:ABI Global LTD

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Krishna R 2020-11-16

Very good game. But when we reach to wave 15 the gameplay just hangs .. I mean the player will be waiting for ever but the enemies aren\'t coming. There some kinda bug there. Please note it. And please do inform after bug fix.
John Way 2020-12-23

Honestly a nice game but more ads than game play. It gives options such as collect regularly or double the collection with an ad, but no matter what you choose you have to watch an ad. I got the where I unlocked its dungeons mode but between every wave was an ad. After that I\'ve had enough and can\'t take it anymore. If you don\'t like loads of ads stay away.
Paul Taressa Jakob Joshua Bazdanes 2021-01-13

Amazing game but just turn off wifi no ads and the game is great they fixed that bug so now its fun but the bows is a little broken and hard to get
B0Z0_Heat 2020-11-23

HI.THISS GAME IS AMAZING SO FUN ADDICTING AND ITS COOL THE BOSSES ALL THE WEPONS.BUT there is 2 FLAWS that u need to fix plz 1.it is hard to get bows to get parts but that\'s not the main thing.2.THE DUENGONS 5 TIMES 5 TIMES I WENT IN TO THE ICE DONGEN AND EVERY TIME AT EXACTLY LVL 15 it would crash like not close the app but just freeze and I waited and waited but it did not work btw I\'m playing on a Samsung galaxy s9 so yea it not my phone.so if u fix these then I will rate 5 stars.THX
Nguyễn Kei 2020-10-26

Nice stickman archer game! Sometimes enemies shoot me with so fcuking high accuracy but I won\'t fall. I am titanium
Laxmipriya Rout 2020-11-01

I really appreciate this game and this is really a a tough one
Shivani Sharma 2020-11-26

Nice game.. addicted best archery game but .. There is a problem with ice dungeon wave 15. It stucks there... No enemy is coming after wave 15 .it shows level max.. i.e 10. Please fix the problem..
Elite Blank 2020-12-05

Its reely good but the reson i give it 4 because when i play 1 player v player when i get 2 kills and my sister 1 it says my sister won but still a preety good game.
Kacy Larson 2021-01-24

I bought the starter pack and all of the items are gone
Doug Westcott 2020-11-15

Play a little then get stuck watching ad after ad after ad. Suuuuuuucks!